The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: One month later

ーーIt’s been a month since I stormed into the palace.

Now, the number of customers has returned to normal as if the commotion never happened. In fact, it has increased beyond normal.

“I was worried about what would happen, but surprisingly, everything worked out.”

“Oh, Lala-san, I’m sorry for causing you trouble. . .”

The day after we stormed in, the court immediately issued a correction article to the gossip papers, and the honor of the Saint Cafeteria was restored. Moreover, we were recognized as a member of the Capital Commerce and Industry Association, and our position as a splendid Saint Cafeteria was finally established.

After the morning takeout rush.

Lala-san chuckled as she read the article about the Saint Cafeteria in the newspaper while taking a break.

Lala-san and I shared everything that happened that day at the court and the conversation Black Dragon-san had with her.

“[Saint Hiira, who prevented the expansion of the Demon King’s power and promoted a ceasefire, and whose achievements in purifying the pollution of the land near the demon beast forest should be recorded in the founding history as a great achievement]. . .Geez, they say that a lot.”

I also received the newspaper from Lala-san and read the article.

“They still write about Demon King-sama as a villain.”

“That may be inevitable for the dignity of the church and the kingdom. After all, they have been uniting the country against the Demon King’s power as a hypothetical enemy. But our country is peaceful, so even if they try to create a new hypothetical enemy, it’s difficult.”

It can’t be helped. 

I let out a sigh and quietly turned my gaze to Synovidos, who was taking care of the garden. Synovidos was still wearing black clothes and a mask with an old-fashioned tone as usual.

He said, “I don’t feel comfortable in Demon King mode, so I’ll stay as the usual Synovidos~.”

“By the way, Hiira. Another letter arrived from the church.”

“Oh. . .is it about making this shop affiliated with the church?”

It seems that the church wants to bring me under their control, and I have been receiving recruitment letters asking if I want to make Saint Cafeteria affiliated with the church since that day.

“Well, there are some benefits to being affiliated with the church. You can get tax exemptions, and you can openly perform healing acts as a saint.”

“Stop it. You won’t be able to cook your favorite dishes, and the procedures will become troublesome. You might even be taken over.”

“That’s true.”

I chuckled.

This place is only open as Saint Cafeteria because I’m doing it my way without relying on the backing of the church. Now that I have the support of Demon King-sama, even if I have to pay taxes, it’s okay to continue like this. Besides, there’s Lala-san in charge of accounting.

“However, it might be a good idea to proceed with the approval for the second store in the capital.”

“The second store?. . .I don’t have the capacity to make it.”

“Hiira can stay here. The staff will make it.”

Lala-san raised her finger as if to say, “Let me explain!”

“In case Hiira wants to fold this place.” 

“N-No, It fold.”

“Just in case, you know.”

Lala-san emphasized.

“As long as we have permission for the second store, the staff won’t lose their jobs for the time being. I’ve also made connections with the Commerce and Industry Association in the capital and found some reliable people to rely on.”

“Lala-san. . .”

“That’s why.”

With a serious expression, Lala-san held both of my hands.

“Synovidos. . .If you want to set him free, you can escape with him anytime.”


“Even if he’s free, Synovidos is still misunderstood as the [Evil Demon King]. That’s. . .just delaying the solution. Hiira is worried about it too, right?”

Behind her glasses, her beautiful eyes with amethysts seemed to be staring at me.

I tried to laugh it off, but I couldn’t.

“. . .You understand me well.”

“You’re that kind of person. You can’t stand it when someone is drawing the short straw. That’s why you helped me, the staff, and the people of Maytart Village. . .That’s why you must be hurting for Synovidos too.”

Lala-san’s grip on my hand tightened.

“Okay? No matter what happens, I’ll stand tough with the staff. As thanks for what he and Hiira did for me, I want to be a force for the two of them too. So. . .when the time comes to make Synovidos quit being Demon King-sama, don’t hesitate to ask for my help.”

“Lala-san. . .”

Lala-san’s strong words made my heart feel warm.

Before tears could well up, I nodded at Lala-san with a smile.

“Thank you very much! It may still be difficult to become free, but someday, if such a chance comes, I will take action. Please help me then!”

“Leave it to me. Your delicious food will be enough as a reward.”

I’m happy with Lala-san’s mischievous words.

I looked again at Synovidos, who was watering the flowers in the garden.

――The day when I can free him.

It unexpectedly came soon.

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