The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Lala and Black Dragon


Lala and the Black Dragon were sitting knee-to-knee, talking in the Saint Cafeteria.

For the Black Dragon, interacting with someone other than the Demon King seemed enjoyable, and he happily answered the interview questions in his young male form.

Even in his human form, he was a man with a body about two sizes larger than Lala’s.

“I see, I understand.”

Lala summarized the truth she had heard from the Black Dragon, holding a notebook in one hand.

“Synovidos is the Demon King. The Demon King’s real name is Shinobu Bitou. He was a man with Saint abilities. He cooperated with the first king to unify Draco Cocoon and became the Demon King by making a contract with the Black Dragon. But. . .due to the flow of time, he was eventually labeled as the ‘Demon King of Draco Cocoon who was conquered by the first king.'”

“I see.”

By the way, since they had made a master-servant contract, the Black Dragon Seemed unable to say the name of the Demon King – Shinobu Bitou – out loud.

Even when explaining it to Lala, he explained it like, “The ‘B’ in beer, the ‘T’ in Thomas. And. . .”

Lala understood the story, but still had a question.

“But he had Saint abilities, right? Why doesn’t he have a halo?”

“I ate it when we made the contract.”

“You can eat it?!”

“The taste is completely different depending on the quality and strength of the magic. The halo of the Demon King tasted like dashi made from wakame seaweed. I wonder what Hiira-chan’s halo tastes like.”

“Don’t eat hers, please. . .” 

Hiira had said before that the halo was a delicate part that would be uncomfortable if touched by others.

How much pain did the Demon King have to endure to have it eaten?

Lala closed her notebook and sighed, 

“So, for the sake of the country, he even made him eat the halo and have been unlucky all along. . .”

“Yeah, Hiira-chan and Demon King-sama are so alike.”

“Really. Listening to the story, in the end, that demon king seems like he’ll forgive the kingdom.”

The more they listened to the story, the more unreasonable it seemed.

“Well, he’s someone who endures too much when it comes to himself, but this time he has a purpose to protect Hiira-chan. He’ll come back after settling things properly.”

“That’s right. Hiira will do anything for self-sacrifice, but she’s a child who can stand up properly to protect someone. I’m sure Hiira will be okay.”

“On the other hand, he can’t stand up unless it’s such a time~.”

“Really, that’s true.”

“It’s dangerous~.”


Lala, who relied heavily on Hiira at the party, and the black dragon who ate the halo of the Demon King and formed a contract.

Both felt guilty for burdening each other’s lives and smiled wryly as they looked at each other.

“Oh, right. Hiira made some pancakes and left them in the fridge. Let’s eat them together.”

“Wow, sounds good.”

“Don’t just sit there. Help me with the preparations.”


Lala knew that it wasn’t the time to joke around while eating the pancakes that Hiira had made and left for them. However, having the luxury to laugh allowed them to think about various things.

Eating something sweet naturally brings a sense of ease and laughter.

By the way, what they were eating was a simple and sweet dessert made by rolling a thin layer of sweet dough cooked on a frying pan and sprinkled with honey, chocolate sauce, or sugar. Lala wanted to eat it like a black dragon, all sticky and sweet, but as an office worker, she had to restrain herself. So she just put a little honey on the sweet dough, folded it in four, and put it in her mouth.

The bitter green tea made from high-quality tea leaves went well with the sweet dessert.

“By the way, I heard that the birth of a saint is also one of the blessings of the earth, but why does Hiira’s saint ability come from wheat flour?”

“I don’t know. No idea.”

It was one of Lala’s biggest questions. But the black dragon said with a nonchalant face.

“You don’t know even though you’re the earth.”

“I’m sure it’s not me. I think it’s Demon King-sama’s wish that naturally intertwines with the land’s magic power and produces an effect.”

While picking at the thinly baked dough and eating it, the black dragon narrowed his eyes.

“It’s sweet.”

“What is the wish of the Demon King Synovidos? Tell me.”

“Well, the ability to produce wheat flour that can be quickly baked and eaten to regain strength, even for people who have lost everything, is highly valued in the land devastated by war.” 

“. . .So, the wish was for someone like Hiira to be born, so that the people wouldn’t go hungry under the Demon King Synovidos?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Beasts and humans alike, good food is essential, you know, the basics. I understand that much too.”

“Indeed. . .”

Hiira’s cooking was always simple and gentle in taste.

She always made everyone happy by quickly preparing meals for them.

As she shone her halo and sprinkled flour, enjoying cooking, she felt like she knew the origin of happiness.

“Maybe the reason she can’t use fire magic for cooking is because she wants to sit around the table with the people around her.”

“Hey, aren’t you overthinking it?”

“Don’t be rude and interrupt! I said something good!”

“Hahaha. But that’s not the truth, you know.”

After drinking her tea and thinking for a while, Lala spoke to the black dragon.

“Hey, Black Dragon.”


“If Hiira and Demon King Synovidos are in trouble, please protect them without hesitation.”

Opening his glittering golden eyes wide, the black dragon tilted his head.

“Of course, I’ll do that, but why are you suddenly saying that?”

“Hiira is protecting me and the staff’s livelihoods, right? So maybe there are times when she can’t just cut that off and run away. But. . .I’m doing my best behind the scenes to make sure that even if she closes the dining hall, we’ll be okay. So even if those two hesitate or resist, they must be protected.”

The black dragon smiled, showing his fangs. 

“Understood. If it’s a request from Lala-chan, a fellow villager who still remembers me, I’ll be happy to listen.”

“Thank you.”

Lala smiled and looked up at the sky.

“. . .I wish they would come back soon. I want to talk about our plans for tomorrow and beyond.”

“Yeah, that’s right. We’ll eat everything!”

“Black Dragon, don’t eat too much!”

The two of them were waiting for the Demon King Synovidos and Hiira.

They laughed again, hoping to open the dining hall soon.

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