The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Lala’s anxiety and resignation, and.

The content he spoke of so naturally was top secret information strictly managed within the church. All saint management was done within the church, and the fact that only a few people in the royal palace and parliament were aware of it could shake the foundation of the country. Even a little girl like Lala could understand that.

“That’s a secret.”

Synovidos murmured softly with a voice that was somewhat smoky, and gently smiled with his finger on his lips (it was unclear whether he really smiled because he was wearing a mask).

“Oh, by the way, it seems like time is up.”

“Eh, what?! Are you kidding me?!”

Lala noticed the faintly shining body and screamed.

There was a time limit for the challenge of the Demon King’s Castle. All trials, including the starting hall, must be cleared within a certain period of time, or you will be expelled due to time-out.

“Lies, it can’t end with just the starting hall, this is the first time. . .”

The transfer was instantaneous. Before they knew it, the four of them were back outside the castle, at the demon beast forest station.

Kasdar’s back of the hand, still lying on the ground, was shining.

There was the date and the total number of challenge attempts written in magic characters, as well as the words, [Out of the question].”

For the Kasdar Party, it was the worst record.

“Ouch, I can finally walk.”

As Lala turned pale, Kasdar was finally able to stand up with the help of Synovidos’ shoulder and walked unsteadily. 

“If Vivian isn’t used to it, then there’s no choice but to go back.”

“Are you giving up already?! Let’s do it one more time.”

Ever since Hiira was expelled, Kasdar hasn’t even reached the level of the Four Heavenly Kings.

This was the first time something like this had happened since Lala joined.

“Shut up. I have an appointment with a journalist for my autobiography tonight. Let’s go back quickly.”

Kasdar clicked his tongue at Lala and Vivian jumped out, emphasizing her chest and linking arms with Kasdar, cutting off Lala who was about to say something.

“Kasdar-sama~ I’ll do my best~♡.”

“Yeah. Let’s train a lot tonight~♡.”

He was such an easy-to-read man that his eyes became blatantly perverted just from that. 

Lala followed the three of them, feeling uneasy and frustrated.

(Admittedly, Kasdar has a great achievement in injuring the Demon King, so I don’t have to take it seriously. . .but, isn’t he a little too relaxed?)

Lala had the urge to quit for the nth time since being hired by the Kasdar Party.

A perverted rich kid. A useless saint who blurs colors. A creepy ninja that no one understands. It was a full house as a reason for changing jobs.

――However, there was still a reason why Lala couldn’t leave.

(If I leave this party, I’ll be marrying a rich old man. . .I have to carve out my own life during the grace period. . .)

Lala’s bright red hair was blown by the wind.

As she held down her hair, a flyer suddenly flew towards her and hit her hand. 

“What’s this. . .a notice about a cafeteria opening?”

There was a cute handwritten message that said a cafeteria would be opening at this carriage stop. It seemed like they would offer takeout, bento boxes, and daily specials.

“There are even crazy people who open shops near the Demon King’s forest.”

The land near the Demon King’s castle is said to be polluted. Even though everyone knows it’s just superstition, they don’t want to get close to it when it’s called dirty.

To open a restaurant in such a place, of all places. And the security isn’t very good either.

(“A girl” who can open a shop in a place with poor security and pollution. . .?)

Lala briefly remembered that petite, friendly, and simple village girlーーor rather, saint.

(Maybe. . .no, it can’t be)

She shook off her bad feeling. They had coldly turned her away, so she shouldn’t be in a place like this anymore.

Lala was always irritated by that smile and overly kind personality. 

Even though she wasn’t suited to be a saint, she had stronger supernatural powers than anyone else.

(With Vivian and all, are there a lot of weird kids who become saints?)

“Hey, Lala! We’re leaving you behind!!”

“I’m coming right away!”

In response to Kasdar’s angry voice, Lala ran with her magic high heels.

She felt a sudden fatigue and hunger.

(Her food was so delicious.)

But she had already driven her away.

She must not think that she misses that smile and homemade cooking again.

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