The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Around that time, Kasdar

The Demon King’s castle is a castle that stands deep in the forest where demon beasts reside.

Beyond the castle gate and the drawbridge is a door. To open that door, advanced unlocking skills are required.

“Hurry up and open it, Synovidos.”

“Yes, yes.”

Synovidos stood in front of the door for a few seconds, and the heavy door opened with a loud noise in an instant. At that moment, light rushed in like a gust of wind.

As soon as it was unlocked, only the party of the person who unlocked it could challenge the Demon King’s castle for a certain period of time.

“It feels like we’re just keeping the Demon King company instead of defeating him.”

Lala muttered to herself while watching Synovidos, who opened the door to the Demon King’s castle with a familiar attitude. After all, since the founding of the country, someone has been challenging the Demon King’s castle every day, and no one can defeat it.

Next to the cool-headed Lala, Kasdar looked at her cleavage and said, 

“Whether it’s just killing time or not, we’ll gain recognition from the Demon King by achieving something.”

“Yes, yes.”

Lala is only employed as a witch.

And Kasdar is an employer who only wants honor.

So there is no need to question the way the Demon King’s castle is.

Following Synovidos’ guidance, Kasdar and Lala entered the castle. Saint Vivian followed them with clumsy movements from behind.

“Oh, a skeleton knight today.”

In the grand and beautiful ballroom that would be suitable for a ball, the appearance of skeleton knights, which were completely unsuitable, filled the room. 

The type of trap that attacks is random every time they challenge it.

In front of the skeleton knights attacking all at once, Kasdar, with his arms crossed, shouted.

“Lala, do it!”

“I know! Burn them all, Fire of Antares, the one who resists Mars!”

The moment she raised her staff and chanted.

The stardust accessories on her black dress shone with magic, and the amethyst at the tip of her staff glowed.

The flame spread softly, licking everything, and turned all the skeleton knights into ashes.

“. . .Ugh.”

As the cost of the magic chant, she felt dizzy.

Next to Lala, Kasdar jumped out like a wild boar.

“Alright! Let’s go! Follow me!!!”

“Hey, wait a minute!”

Kasdar ran up the main staircase in a swashbuckling manner. However. . .


The main staircase suddenly collapsed, and Kasdar fell.

It was too late for Lala’s wind magic to soften the impact!

Lala looked at Vivian.

Vivian stood with her legs apart, thrusting her hands forward and letting out a relaxed voice.


Vivian’s donut-sized halo shone. Normally, a saint’s ability to soften some kind of impact would have occurred here, and Kasdar would have just rolled on the ash-covered floor unharmed.

However. . .


Snap. Creak, creak, creak.

“It broke,” said Lala.

“It’s a failure,” said Synovidos, who knows where he was.

And Vivian slowly, with her legs apart, ran over.

“Oh no! Kasdar-sama, are you okay??” 

Lala and Synovidos ran towards Kasdar, following her. Kasdar was in a painful state that was almost too cruel to describe, with his body twisted in various directions and rolling around.

“It hurts, it hurts. . .”

He groaned in a pitiful voice.

Vivian twisted her body and shook her big breasts as she looked at him, holding his hand.

“Ahh!! I don’t want Kasdar-sama to die!!”

“If you don’t want him to die, then heal him quickly.”

Lala couldn’t help but retort. Vivian widened her big droopy eyes in surprise and struck an exaggerated pose, activating her saint ability.

“Kasdar-sama~! Please get better soon!!”

A warm, sacred light poured down from the halo.

Kasdar’s body gradually began to heal.

“It hurts, it hurts. . .Heal me faster, it hurts, hurry.”

“Yes! Kasdar-sama!!! This is my full power!!!”


“Kasdar-dono~. Since it’s not Hiira-dono, it’s normal for Vivian-dono to have such abilities.”

“Eh. . .”

Lala couldn’t believe it and looked at Synovidos’ face.

Synovidos shrugged his shoulders and shook his head at Lala’s gaze.

“As a third-rank saint of red bronze, Vivian-dono has very ordinary ability values.”

“Is there really that much of a difference in ability between silver platinum rank and red bronze rank. . .?” 

“Hiira-dono’s silver has a special meaning. Normally, it would be a third-rank red bronze and a second-rank silver, and on top of that, it would all be lumped together as a first-rank gold. However, those with excessive individuality or ability are given silver after deliberation―well, in short, Hiira-dono is [special].”

While Lala and Synovidos were talking, Kasdar continued to groan in pain. Even if he had complex fractures all over his body or something more grotesque, he would recover immediately after eating Hiira’s homemade food. 

Kasdar had also been healed many times when he was injured. Since there was no pain each time and he immediately returned to normal as a matter of course, he thought it was normal.

“Wait. . .How does Synovidos know about the ranking system?”

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