The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Saint cafeteria, starting with the takeout menu

So, I immediately started preparing for the opening of the shop.

The signboard had big letters that read “Saint Cafeteria,” which was drawn by Synovidos.

“I think it’s easier for customers to come in without worrying about the impurities of the land if they know that a saint is running the place.”

“I’m a little embarrassed, but I agree with Synovidos’ opinion! Let’s go with the “saint cafeteria” name!”

The restaurant was a two-story red brick building. The front had a terrace seat that opened to the herb garden, and there was an entrance beyond the porch made on the side of the garden.

The first floor was entirely a dining room, and there was an island kitchen in the back. Behind the kitchen’s back door, a stable door, was a backyard that had become a small vegetable garden. It was still newly built, so I had just planted seedlings, but I wanted to make it possible to harvest some ingredients here in the future.

And the second floor, which could be reached by the stairs next to the kitchen, was my room.

There was a guest room, a bath, and my bedroom. The rest was still empty.

The bright floral curtains and the trees in the garden were just like the ideal home I had always imagined.

“It’s like Demon King-sama knew my wishes and made this house for me. . .”

Maybe Demon King-sama also likes this kind of house.

We have similar tastes.

And Synovidos came to help me with various things because the Kasdar Party was free. Even though I had put up a barrier, he stayed in the guest room to sleep because he was worried about me living alone. 

I don’t really understand it, but apparently he has excellent crime prevention measures with ninja techniques. I’m grateful.

“I’ll help as much as I can. It might be dangerous for a girl to be alone.”

“Thank you for everything, Synovidos.”

By the way, there was originally a rest area at the carriage stop. The shop was run by a master who lived in Maytart Village, and I made sure to greet and talk to him.

“If Saint-chan runs the cafeteria, we can focus on other tasks and alcohol. Let’s work together.”

The master kindly accepted the cafeteria after his family’s illness was cured by the udon I served the other day. It seems like a good idea to differentiate and collaborate with each other’s customer base, as it is a social gathering place for men who enjoy alcohol and cigarettes.

The target audience are the tired adventurers.

[I want a bento that will give me energy during work.]

[I’m tired and hungry, so I want to eat something and go back to the capital.]

Those are the people we are targeting.

At first, the cafeteria started with takeout and bento menus, but after two weeks of opening, with the introduction of the master who had built a relationship of trust with the adventurers, the menu we offered was selling out every day. 


Saint wakes up early in the morning.

The first shared carriage from the capital arrives in the morning, so I make daily assorted bread to match it.

As soon as I put the products on the terrace of the shop, adventurers come to take a peek.

“Saint-chan, what’s on the menu this morning?”

“Yes! There are three types today: bacon and orc bacon egg sandwich, bread with gratin inside, and plain bread with nothing in it.”

“Oh, gratin bread sounds good. I had it the other day and it was delicious.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Saint-chan, it smells good again today.”


It’s still an unstable situation to buy ingredients in the capital and cook, as I can’t predict the number of customers or their needs. So, the main menu is made with my own flour. The strategy was to have people try various side dishes with bread, observe their reactions, and get them interested in my cooking.

“Saint-chan, three breads!”

“Yes! Oh, bacon egg sandwich, only two left!”

“One gratin bread!”

“Yes! Synovidos, please get the stock from the back!”

“As you wish, my lady~.”

The carriage arrives and everything is sold out in no time.

The bread wrapping paper is used as a flyer, so the bread itself becomes an advertisement.

“Phew, we sold out again this morning.”

When I smiled at Synovidos, who was helping me, I felt like he smiled back behind his mask.

“I thought I would be bullied like on the first day of my expulsion because I used to be a saint of the Kasdar Party. But surprisingly, things are going well.” 

“That’s because of Hiira-dono’s charisma. Everyone probably noticed that she was being bullied by him.”

“There are even people who say things like ‘She started this business because she was abandoned, I support you.’ It’s a grateful thing.”

I was worried because I was attacked right after being expelled from the party, but my worries have been unfounded so far.

We are planning to start serving in the cafeteria starting next week. I’m confident in my cooking skills.

“Well then, I’ll be going now. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Thank you for staying overnight and helping out, even though you’re busy.”

“No, no, it’s because I’m worried about Hiira-dono waking up alone. It’s just my self-satisfaction.”

With that, Synovidos tried to leave in a cool manner. Before he disappeared, I hurriedly stopped him.

“Oh, wait! I have something to give you.”


I stopped Synovidos and handed him a package in a paper bag from the back.

“This is the usual thank-you bread. It’s a trial product, so I’d be happy to hear your feedback.”

“I’m grateful for everything from the accommodation to breakfast.”

“Also, if it’s okay with you, I have a favor to ask. . .”

I handed him a flyer and a letter about the opening of the cafeteria.

“If you meet Demon King-sama, please give this to him. It’s a thank-you for giving me this beautiful place with a magic kitchen, and I haven’t been able to thank him yet.”

“I’ll make sure to tell him.”

Synovidos nodded softly and put the flyer and letter in his pocket. Then he disappeared.

――And then, at night. 

I was sitting on my bed wearing pajamas and polishing my halo when suddenly, Black Dragon-san came to my room window.

“I’m hereー!!!!!”

With his black hair that had gold mesh, Black Dragon-san naturally peered in through the window. Today, he was not naked but wearing leather pants and a leather jacket that shone black on his muscular body. He was shining brightly even at night.

“What?! Wha, wha, what??!?!?!?!?!!”

“Maou-sama wants to see you. Get on my back.”

“Like this?! Wait, let me change.”

“Just come on. He’s wearing pajamas too.”


“That’s what I said, so don’t worry and get on.”

“O-Okay. . .”

I was carried on Black Dragon-san’s back and he transformed into his original form and ran through the night sky.

A pitch-black forest spread out below us. The sky was dazzling with a full moon, and the stars were shining so brightly that they seemed to overflow.

We arrived at the balcony of the Demon King’s castle. Demon King-sama was already standing there alone, looking up at me.

――not in pajamas.

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