The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Maybe Synovidos, you. . .

“Thank you, Synovidos. Thanks to you, I was saved.”

I expressed my gratitude to him, the masked man who covered his face with black clothes.

He, who was thin and long, shook his hand sideways in response to my gratitude.

“What are you saying? It would be irresponsible for me, who recommended you to leave the party, not to support you afterwards. If there is anything I can do to help, I will lend you a hand.”

Synovidos was still kind as ever.

It’s embarrassing to rely on him even after being expelled, but for now, I’ll rely on him. And I swear to repay his kindness properly.

“I’m sorry for relying on you so much.”

“It’s also a pleasure for the one being relied on to be relied on honestly. It’s even more delightful if the person is Hiira-dono.”

“Thank you. . .”

After Synovidos helped me, everything went smoothly.

I quickly completed the procedures after returning to the capital, and within a week, I received permission to operate from the royal palace. Since Synovidos had been with me all the time, the conversation was very smooth.

I couldn’t thank Synovidos enough for taking care of me even after being expelled from the party.

“Alright! Next is the construction of the cafeteria!!!”

I headed to the planned site for the construction of the cafeteria near the carriage stop of the Demon King’s forest.


What I saw there was a two-story cafeteria that had already been constructed and was shining brightly, with a congratulatory wreath hanging on the door.

“W-wait?! What happened?!”

“Well, I wonder what happened~?”

When I looked at Synovidos, who had accompanied me, I felt like he was avoiding my gaze inside the mask. . .

I could only be bewildered as Synovidos tried to distract me by whistling.

“What? Synovidos, do you know why this is happening. . .?”

Suddenly, I smelled the scent of magic coming from the newly built cafeteria.

It was a unique magical scent that was moist, sweet, and somewhere masculine with a strong depth. 

It was a scent that I had become accustomed to smelling in this forest for the past few years.

“. . .It’s Demon King-sama.”

I looked up at Synovidos again. He stopped whistling and looked down at me seriously.

There was also a faint scent of Demon King-sama coming from him. It was a remnant of the magic he had absorbed.

“Synovidos, you. . .”

I didn’t know what expression he had behind his mask, but I had a clear conviction.

“What is it?”

He waited for my words in a calm voice. I spoke in disbelief.

“Could it be that you. . .?”

――The day after it was decided to open the cafeteria, Demon King-sama immediately became involved and made the cafeteria. 

――Synovidos was the only one other than the villagers who knew about that story.

This was really something.

“Thank you, Synovidos!”

I couldn’t suppress my overflowing emotions. I held Synovidos’ hands and stretched to look up at him.

“You told Demon King-sama that I would open a cafeteria here!”

“Yes. . .. . .yes, indeed! That’s right!! You understand completely!!!” 

“Geez! You’re so dense! If you’re going to tell Demon King-sama, tell me first~!!”

“Ahahaha, ahahaha!!! *cough* *cough*.”

“S-Synovidos is laughing too much, he’s choking!”

It was funny to see Synovidos laughing hysterically, and I joined in. He probably tried to take care of everything without me noticing.

“Synovidos, thank you for helping me again.”

I straightened my posture and bowed to express my gratitude to Synovidos. When I smiled up at Synovidos, who was tall and slightly hunched, his movement stopped for a moment.

After a pause, he replied in a gentle voice.

“Hiira-dono is an important person. I want to help you in any way I can for your new beginning. I’m sure. . .Demon King-sama feels the same way.”

“I see. I’m always being helped. I have to thank Demon King-sama too.”

“Hehe. I’ll tell him when we meet next time.”

“Wait, Synovidos, can you really meet Demon King-sama so easily?”


Just Kasdar reaching the Demon King’s throne room caused a big commotion, making headlines in the newspaper as a rare achievement after decades. Even when I was in his party, I could only reach Demon King-sama once a month, if at all.

So, being able to meet him so easily. . .could it be? 

“Is Kasdar’s Demon King challenge going well with the new addition of Saints-san?”

“Oh, that’s not going well at all.”

Synovidos shrugged his shoulders dramatically.

“Not well at all?”

“Indeed, indeed. Thanks to that, I have time to help Hiira-dono with her fresh start. To be honest, it’s a fortunate situation for me.”

“I see. . .”

So, things aren’t going well without me.

“. . .Are you worried about Kasdar-dono?”

“No, not at all.”

I shook my head at Synovidos, who asked me as if he was trying to pry.

“It may be a cruel thought, but he needs to struggle a bit. He’s a Count’s son, even if he’s the second son. As someone who may stand above others in the future, he needs to change his mindset a bit more. The people around him can’t stand it anymore.”

“That’s good to hear. . .If Hiira-dono wants to reconcile, then. . .”

“You’re kidding. It will never happen.”

“Haha, that’s a quick response.”

Synovidos chuckled behind his mask at my words.

Thank you for worrying about me, Synovidos.

“Anyway, let’s focus on the procedures. With this, can we open the cafeteria next week?”

“Yes! We have to prepare ahead of schedule!”

After that, Synovidos helped me with various procedures and even escorted me to my room, which I was renting from the village chief. 

I was able to work until the sun went down, thanks to Synovidos being with me.

“Thank you for today, Synovidos.”

“Hiira-dono. If there is anything that bothers you, please rely on me anytime.”

“Thank you. Please give my regards to Demon King-sama.”

“Understood. Well then, .”

Synovidos showed a hint of a smile behind his mask and then disappeared into the darkness as if melting into it.

I stared at the spot where he disappeared in the corner of the room.

As soon as I was alone, I suddenly remembered that noisy fiancé.

“I wonder how Kasdar is doing now.”

I wonder if he’s properly conquering the Demon King’s castle?

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