The Royal Guard loves the princess in his heart today – Chapter 4

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A few days after my visit to my sister Sasha, I was discussing with the designer in my room the design of a new dress for my coming-of-age party.

My mother is also present.

“This year’s trendy style is this one, and it is popular to put this kind of design on the hem. I think it’s better to sneak it in rather than to make it too big.”

Looking at the sketchbook and the fabric, my mother, the designer, and I discussed and decided what we wanted to do.

“Has Lady Charlotte not decided on a fiancé yet? If so, you should incorporate your fiancé’s color into your dress or decor…”

“I don’t have a fiancé yet.”

“I see. Then let’s consider Lady Charlotte’s favorite color.”

While discussing the dress, I remembered Sister Sasha’s words from the other day.

My family and my nanny were the only ones who knew about my peculiar constitution. And right after I met Cain at the age of 10, I was so happy that Cain complimented me on my looks that I reported it to my family. As a result, everyone in my family knows that Cain still praises me, and they all say that I should marry Cain.

I can understand why he thought that. I am not very good at socializing because I can hear other people’s thoughts. All human beings have two sides to them, and even if they praise you with their mouths, they may be cursing you with foul words in their hearts. I’ve seen a lot of people like that in the palace, and it’s very hard for me to find someone who genuinely thinks I’m pretty.

That’s why I can trust him. It’s a bit of a stretch. But at the same time, I wonder if I’m worthy of Cain. Cain says I’m cute, but I’m not sure of myself. I’m not a good talker and I haven’t done much socializing, so I wonder if I can fulfill the role of a nobleman’s wife.

If I tell my father that I want to marry Cain, I’m sure it will come true.

But what happens after that? After the marriage, I’ll have to work hard on my own without anyone to rely on.

[Charlotte-chan, she’s not looking well… She always seems to be having fun when she’s picking out a dress. Is there something bothering her? Oh, is she worried about her fiancé!? Who the hell are you to ruin Charlotte-chan’s smile!? I wouldn’t let her make that face if I were him.]

I could hear Cain’s thoughts in my mind, and I couldn’t help but look at him.

[Oh, Charlotte-chan’s looking at me! She’s so cute! Is there something I can do for you??]

I was about to respond to him, but when my mother approached me, I realized.

“Charley, I think this is a good idea. What do you think?”

“Y-yes. I think so too.”

After deciding on the design of the dress, the designer left the room with an appointment for the next round of measurements. My mother followed her out, and the Royal Guards waiting outside the room escorted the designer out of the palace. Cain is about to walk through the door and wait outside the room.



“You’re a legitimate son, aren’t you? You’re not getting married yet?”

“Sooner or later I’ll have to get married, but right now my work is very fulfilling.”


[Oh, Charlotte, is there something else you want to ask me? You look so cute when you’re a little lost!!]

“Is there something on your mind, Mylady?”

In spite of what I was hearing in my mind, Cain was looking at me with sincere eyes, and I decided to ask him for advice.

“I’m almost an adult, aren’t I? I’ve been told that I should get a fiancé soon, but I’m not sure.”

[So, fiancé… who the hell is this potential fiance!?]

“Fiance? Can you tell me the specific?”

“…Getting engaged means you’re going to marry that person, right? Marriage means you’ll be his wife. A nobleman’s wife is supposed to support her husband by socializing, right? I’m not sure if I can do it. I’m not good at socializing.”

“Lady Charlotte, I know it’s not very convincing coming from someone who hasn’t been married yet, but I believe that marriage is not only about a wife supporting her husband, but also about supporting each other! “

Supporting each other…

“You can talk to your husband about things you’re not comfortable with. Ideally, you should marry someone who can help you find a solution to your problems… No, I’m sorry. This is my ideal, so please consider it as just one opinion.”

[I’m embarrassed to have inadvertently described my ideal partner. But I can’t forgive him if he’s not the kind of man who can make light of Charlotte-chan’s problems. No, I can’t bear the thought of Charlotte-chan getting engaged at all! I’m going bald!]

I see. Up until now, I’ve only been thinking about doing my best, but it’s okay to ask for help. I felt as if scales were falling from my eyes.

I wonder if Cain will be able to accept me like this…?

[Charlotte-chan is so cute as she ponders seriously…]

“Thank you, Cain. I feel a little better now.”

“I’m honored.”

[Charl-tan’s too cute… I’m going to die of baldness.]


Cain has a new nickname for me…

And why does he always say, ‘I’m going bald’?

I felt my smile getting wider as I thought about asking my father if I could ask Cain to be my escort.

Since all family members were present that evening except Sister Sasha, I thought it would be a good idea to ask my father about it.

“Father, it’s about the party to celebrate my coming of age…”

“Oh, it’s already three months from now. Are preparations going well?”

“Yes. I’ve already decided on the design of the dress, and I’ve heard that arrangements for the guests and other preparations are going well.”

[As Charey’s father, it would be appropriate for me to escort her.]

“…Um, I’m wondering if I could ask Cain to escort me.”

I ignored the voice in my father’s mind and boldly said it, whereupon he looked very surprised. Then he immediately got a complicated look on his face.


My father thinks that Cain is the right man for me, but he also feels a little unpleasant because I’m his youngest daughter and he loves me very much.

“Charley, you’ve finally decided to make Cain your fiancé!”

Brother Erard speaks from the side.

“Yes, I don’t know if Cain will agree to this, but I felt that I could tell Cain about my constitution.”

“Well… if Charley says so, go and ask him…”

“Please do so. But also tell him that it is okay to refuse.”

The fact that the royal family had asked him to be the princess’ escort meant that he was the best candidate to be her fiancé. At the same time, there is usually no option to refuse. Because the royal family stands at the top of the nobility of this country.

But I didn’t want Cain to be overwhelmed. I just wanted to respect Cain’s feelings.

“Oh, so Charley will finally have a fiancé… Brother Harold and Sister Sasha are married, and Brother Henry has a fiancé. I guess I’m the only one who hasn’t found anyone yet.”

Brother Erard said, sounding a little unamused.

To which my mother replies,

” Yes, Erard, how about that young lady, you know, the one who made her debut last year…”

From there, the conversation turned to Erard’s potential fiancée.

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