The Royal Guard loves the princess in his heart today – Chapter 3

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My name is Cain Zweiss. I’m the eldest son of the Zweiss family and a member of the Second Princess’s Royal Guards.

I attended a knight’s school because I longed to be a knight since I was a child.

After graduating from the knight school at the age of 17, I was assigned to the Royal Guard because I was good at guarding people.

There, I was assigned to guard the second princess, Lady Charlotte, who was 10 years old at the time.

According to the senior members of the Royal Guard, the 2nd Princess rarely went out in public, was shy and quiet, and mostly just stood there when they guarded her.

That is why they say she was a lottery ticket. I too took the words of my seniors to heart and thought It was just a second princess.

However, all such thoughts vanished the moment I met Lady Charlotte. Here’s what I was thinking the moment I saw her.

(Aaah!!!! How cute! What an angel! I love this place! She’s so cute!)

Yes, Charlotte was very cute. Who said anything about winning the lottery? You’ve hit the jackpot!

Even though she was only 10 years old, Lady Charlotte had a calmness that didn’t make her feel like a child. Her skin was white and clear, her eyes were bright and downcast, and her little hands were well-behaved on her lap.

Since that fateful day, every day has been a pleasure for me. On the days I was responsible for Lady Charlotte’s guard, I was excited from morning to night, keeping my face expressionless but always praising her in my heart, and on the days I was not responsible for her watch, I spent my time imagining how she would spend her time.

As I praised Lady Charlotte day after day, I began to call her “Charlotte-chan” in my heart. Rude? It’s up to me what I want to call her in my heart!!!

Three months before Charlotte-chan’s coming-of-age party, the first princess, Lady Sasha, gave birth to her second child.

Lady Charlotte has three brothers and a sister.

From top to bottom, Sir Harold is 27, Lady Sasha is 25, Sir Henry is 22, and Sir Erard is 20.

Lady Sasha is married to the son of the Prime Minister, and she gave birth to a boy when she was 20, and a girl this time. Charlotte-chan was going to see Lady Sasha with the Queen, and I was chosen to accompany her.

Since she hadn’t gone out in a long time, Charlotte-chan wore a dress that was a little more glamorous than usual and a wide-brimmed hat.

I waited beside the carriage and extended my hand to Charlotte-chan.

(Aah! Charlotte-chan’s dress looks so pretty today! so beautiful! Her normal plain dress is nice, but this dress is good for a trip!)

I close the carriage door tightly and signal to the guards. With our horses, we will guard the front and rear of the carriage.

It’s only a ten-minute ride away, though, and we reached the Prime Minister’s residence in no time.

At the residence, we were divided into two groups: those who waited by the carriage and horses, and those who followed the Queen and Charlotte-chan for protection. I, of course, belonged to the group that followed Charlotte-chan.

I will have to watch Charlotte-chan’s every move.

As soon as we were ushered into the room where Lady Sasha and the child were staying, I took my place next to the door.

Congratulations on the birth, Sasha.”

“Congratulations on the birth, Big Sister.”

“Thank you, mother, Charley.”

Sasha holds the baby in her arms and gives it to the queen. The queen is holding the baby lovingly.

“Hold her too, Charley.”

Charlotte is also holding the baby, but I can see that she is very nervous compared to the Queen.

“Isn’t she cute?”

“Yes, very much. She’s going to be beautiful just like Big Sister.”

The peaceful family talk soothed my heart.

(The baby is cute, but Charlotte-chan is the cutest. Speaking of babies, Charlotte-chan’s baby would be absolutely adorable. I want to see it…hehehe~ Wait… Charlotte-chan’s baby means that Charlotte-chan is going to marry someone… oh my god! Charlotte-chan will marry someone. I will cry. I will go bald. I will quit my job. I will return to my estate!!!)

The three of them drink tea inside. The maids quickly prepare the tea.

“Sasha, where’s Paul?”

Young Master Paul is Lady Sasha’s older son.

“It’s time for the tutor now. He will be here shortly.”

He’s only five and he already has a tutor? It’s not easy being heir to the prime minister’s household.

“Hey, Charley. How’s he doing? Is he the same as ever?”


Him? Who’s he!!??

I was about to turn my whole body towards Charlotte, but I struggled to keep my composure.

Is there someone he cares about?

As far as I can see, Charlotte-chan doesn’t seem to be meeting anyone in particular. Does she have a potential fiancé that she’s been corresponding with!?

“It’s nice that he thinks that much of you. You should marry him!”

“That’s… well, I’m not sure yet…”

“He’s a good man, and he has Charley’s best interests at heart.”

” Yes, but…”

“Why don’t you ask him to be your dance partner for the coming of age party!?”


Shouldn’t you ask His Majesty or Sir Erard to accompany you to the party!?

Asking someone to be your escort is like asking him to be your fiancé! Charlotte-chan, when did you meet someone like that….

(It’s not good; it hurts to cry just at the thought of her having a fiancé.)

“I don’t want to pressure you, but if you’re lax, the other ladies might take over.”


“Sasha, Charley has a lot on her mind, so don’t push her too hard.”

(What’s Charlotte-chan worried about!? I hadn’t noticed that at all… oh, Charlotte-chan’s anxious face is so cute.)

After that, they talked about a young lady getting married and the latest styles of dresses, and when Young Master Paul arrived, they had a little tea with him, and then the Queen and Charlotte-chan went back to the palace.

I was so curious about Charlotte’s partner that I couldn’t sleep that night.

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