The Royal Guard loves the princess in his heart today – Chapter 5

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Most of the Royal Guards sleep in dormitories on the grounds of the palace. This is because they can be rushed to in case of an emergency. I also have a room in the dormitory, but since my family belongs to an important noble family, my parents have a house in the capital. It’s less than 20 minutes to the palace by carriage, so I visited them quite often.

Today, I was summoned by my father, so I returned to the residence after my shift. Since I was on the day shift today, I came home just in time for dinner, but he said he had something important to discuss with me, so he didn’t even let me change my clothes and took me to his office.

“A messenger came from the palace today.”


“Look at this.”

My father hands me a letter. It’s already been opened, but the wax seal is definitely from the royal family.

A letter from the royal family…?

I start reading the letter, and halfway through reading it, my hands start shaking, and finally I fall to my knees. Still, I reread the letter again and again, and finally I thought I was losing my mind.

“F-Father, I seem to have lost my eyesight and my mind. Can you please explain it to me in a way I can understand? “

“The royal family asked if you could be Lady Charlotte’s escort at her coming-of-age party. The messenger said it wouldn’t be a problem if you refused, but I’d like to know why they’re asking you.”

My father seemed to be calm, but he kept patting his thin scalp, which indicated that he was agitated.

“I, me…, is this a dream? Father, please hit me a little.”

” No, I can’t.”

I hit myself.

It hurts. It wasn’t a dream.

“Cain, are you close to Lady Charlotte!?”

“She remembers my name, but I don’t think we’re particularly close.”

“I guess so. But why you? I’m sure there are other sons who are the same age as Lady Charlotte who could be potential fiancées.”

“Yes, there are. Why me?!”

Father is also tilting his head and stroking his thin scalp.

“So what are you going to do now?”

“Of course, I have no choice but to accept!”

“I know you adore Lady Charlotte, but by accepting the role of escort, you effectively become her fiancé. That means you will marry Lady Charlotte. Do you understand that?

I’m going to marry Charl-tan?

It wasn’t until my father told me that I realized what a big deal this was.

I had been intimidated by the huge role of escort, but there was more to it than that.

Charl-tan will be my wife. When I came home, she was there. I could look at her every day, I could touch her, and if I wanted to, I could do even more…

I got dizzy. I’m going to get a nosebleed… I could bleed to death right now.

The feelings I have for Charl-tan can’t be explained by one word like “adoration.” Everything I do, I do for her, and she is my life.

Knowing that I would never reach her, I managed not to show my feelings, but now that I know I can, there is no reason not to accept the role of her escort.

As I was trembling with joy, my father said anxiously.

“A princess is going to marry into our family… Will we be able to handle it without any mishaps…”

“Father, our family is a powerful, noble family. How can you be so reserved? Your scalp may be empty, but the family’s pockets are not!”

“Shut up! My scalp has nothing to do with the family’s finances!”

“Anyway, I’ll take the offer. Please give them a polite reply.”

I asked my father and left the office to go to my private room. When I entered the room and closed the door completely, I curled up in place.

Ahhhh !!!!!

I writhed and writhed and writhed.

Charl-tan! She’s going to be my wife! Am I dreaming? Should I hit myself again?

I continued to roll around like that for a while, and then I realized something else.

The other day, Lady Sasha was talking about a potential escort.

Was it me!?

I’ve been thinking about her fiancé and marriage for a while now. It’s a lie! Seriously, I was worried about myself all this time!?

…I wonder what she’s thinking. What does Charl-tan think of me?

At least she doesn’t hate me, right? If she didn’t like me, she wouldn’t have chosen me to be her escort.

I wonder why I was chosen. Did I give the impression that I like Charl-tan? I’m sure I can hide it on duty… right? I’m starting to lose confidence… I’m going bald.

I can’t get an answer even if I think about it. For the time being, I’ve decided to indulge in the unexpected pleasure of being Charl-tan’s escort.

Fortunately, tomorrow is a training day. I’ll work up a sweat and calm my mind so that I won’t look like a fool in front of Charl-tan.

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  1. Luckily, even though Cain jokes about going bald as his father is, you inherit (normally) baldness from your mother/maternal side.

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