The Royal Guard loves the princess in his heart today – Chapter 2

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Today’s dance lesson is with my second brother, Brother Henry, so I walked down the corridor of the palace at a quick pace because I didn’t want to make him wait too long after the previous class.

[Ah, Charlotte-chan is a bit cute in her haste. But is she going to fall!? Is she going to be okay!? I’ll catch you if you fall!!!]

Somehow, in Cain’s mind, I had come to be called “Chan”. It’s okay because he doesn’t really say it, but it’s a little embarrassing because no one else calls me “Chan.”

Maybe it’s because of these thoughts that, just before the room where the lesson was supposed to take place, I got my feet tangled.

I’m going to fall! I thought, but the shock I expected didn’t hit me. Instead, I felt a pressure in my abdomen.

“Lady Charlotte! Are you okay?!”

I hear Cain’s voice in my ear. It seems he got me. He helped me up, and I thanked him with a pounding heart.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“No, I’m glad I made it.”

[Aaahhh! I touched her! She’s so soft, Charlotte-chan! Lovely and light! But, is she eating well? Has she lost some weight!? Cute!!]

…The pounding in my chest is probably because I almost fell.

That’s what I thought when I walked into the room.

Usually, dance class consisted of tap dancing to the beat of the teacher, but today there was an orchestra because Brother Henry was there. It was a small group of about five people.

I danced with him to the music as if it were a real performance. Brother Henry is 22 years old now. He’s not married yet, but he has a fiancée. He has danced at many soirées (evening parties) and can lead very well.

“Charley’s birthday is in six months. Who will accompany her?”

“I haven’t decided yet. It will either be Brother Erard or Father.”

When a nobleman turns sixteen, he (she) makes his (her) debut in society, and for his (her) first soirée, he (she) must ask his (her) parents and siblings, or his (her) betrothed, if he (she) already has one, to accompany him (her).

Although I rarely go out in public, I am still royalty, and there will be a party for me when I come of age. The most important nobles, sons and daughters of the time will be invited.

I don’t have a fiancé yet, so I have to ask my brother Erard, who also doesn’t have a fiancé, or my father to accompany me.

[I also want to dance with Charlotte-chan. To think I would allow Charlotte-chan to dance with just any guy! I’m going bald just thinking about it!]

I turn around and look at Cain from the side. His expression is that of a dutiful soldier of the Royal Guard, and I can’t imagine him thinking of such a thing.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if Cain likes me in a romantic sense. I am beginning to wonder. But from what I hear in his thoughts, I can’t decide if it’s more like loving a favorite doll, romantic love, or a sisterly feeling.

Brother Henry whispers to me at close range.

“Cain is looking at you with great interest.”

I think it was normal when I saw it earlier…

“Well, as far as I can tell, it’s jealousy. What a petty person who is jealous of dancing with siblings.”

Is that so?

As we danced, I gave Cain a few glances, but when I looked at him, his face was expressionless.

After a few dances, we took a short break, and I sat down on a chair at the end of the room. The dance lesson was quite a challenge as I had to wear a beautiful party dress and high-heeled shoes.

“Charley, why don’t you dance with another partner for a change!”

As Brother Henry suggests, It’s true that I’ve only danced with my teacher and brothers so far. It’s better to dance with as many people as possible, because at a party you can meet new people. I’m the star of the show, and I can’t afford to be a bad dancer.

The teacher agrees with his suggestion.

“Well then, how about Sir Royal Guard over there?”

[What!? Me!!!!???? Oh no, really!? I can’t believe I’m going to dance with Charlotte-chan. Am I going to die today!?]

“Cain, you’re a nobleman too; you can dance!”

“Yes, I learned all about it.”

[Ahh —My hands are starting to sweat!]

Cain comes through the door, beckoned by my brother. I stand in the middle of the room, and Cain stands in front of me.

“I am honored to be your practice partner, Mylady.”

[Cute, cute, cute!!! Charlotte is so close, so cute! Her eyelashes are so long and her skin is so smooth and nice to touch].


The music starts to play, but Cain’s thoughts are too loud for me to concentrate.

[Her hands are so small! So cute! I can see her cleavage looking down at her from this position. No, let’s focus on the dancing. Charlotte-chan, your movements are a little awkward. Are you nervous because you’ve never danced with anyone before? Is that it!?]

I couldn’t listen any longer and squeezed Cain’s hand as we danced.

I looked up at him, wondering what kind of face he was thinking of, and his eyes met mine, and he smiled at me.

I could feel my heart starting to race.

Oh, that’s right. The voice in my head is so disappointing that I often forget that Cain has a good face. He has a straight nose bridge and somewhat narrow, kind eyes, and is well liked by the royal maids.

I danced, hoping that Cain wouldn’t hear my heart pounding, and that was all I could think about.



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