The Royal Guard loves the princess in his heart today – Chapter 1

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My shoes click and clack as I walk down the corridor of the royal palace.

Behind me are the two Royal Guards in charge of guarding me today, and they are following me without a sound.

As I walked silently toward my destination, I saw my brother Harold coming from ahead. I walked a little closer to the end of the corridor than the middle, and as I was about to bail and walk past him, he spoke to me.

” Charley, you’re going to the library?”

“Y-Yes, Brother.”

“Do you want to borrow something?”

“I got homework from my history teacher.”

I replied, and he glanced at the royal guards behind me.

“Yes, the same as always!”

“Yes, like always.”

He gave me a small smile, wished me good luck in my studies, and walked away.

I said goodbye to him and headed back to the library.

When I got to the library, I found some books I needed for my homework, pulled them out and put them on the reading table. No one else is in the library because it is a royal library, separate from the library that is open to the royal palace staff. I spent about an hour in the library doing my homework and staring at it.

When I returned to my room after finishing my homework, it was time for tea. The maids prepared tea and sweets for me, and I rested.

Mean while the Royal Guards are standing at the entrance to the room.

There is only one piano lesson left. I drink the tea, thinking about what to do after the lesson.

My name is Charlotte. As the youngest of the five princes and princesses, I was spoiled by my parents, brothers, and sister.

However, I am not good at talking and I am shy, so I try to stay away from people outside my family. There is a reason why I grew up this way. It is because I have a peculiar constitution, I can hear the thoughts of others.

I can hear the voices of people within a few meters radius of me.

The closer they are to me, and the more I can hear their thoughts.

For this reason, I do not appear in public or attend tea parties except for official events that I must attend. My family, who knows about my peculiar constitution, allows me to do so. Because of this, I am known as the “White Lily of the Deep Window.”

It is said that I am called that because I rarely appear in public and my silver hair looks like white.

I’m not the kind of princess to be given such a grand name.

I digress. Deciding to do some embroidery after the lesson, I drank my tea and headed for the piano lesson room.

When I entered the room, the teacher was already waiting for me, and we exchanged a few words of greeting.

“Lady Charlotte, let’s start the lesson.”

Since the piano teacher is a man, one of the Royal Guards waits by the door of the room while the other waits outside the room.

I started to play, and soon after, I heard a voice.

[She’s improving a lot despite not being able to play well last week. She need to be praised]

That’s the teacher’s thoughts.

[Oh, is it a mistake so far?]

Usually it’s hard to concentrate when someone’s talking to you while you’re playing, but I’ve been used to that since I was a child, so it’s not a problem for me.

[Ah— I don’t know anything about piano, I’m so bored…]

These are the thoughts of the Royal Guards in the room. I’m sorry you have to be my bodyguard.

Yes, I rarely go out in public and do the same thing day in and day out, so it seems my Royal Guards were picked by lottery.

You can’t stop being my Royal Guards and can’t expect to get promoted.

If he was a royal guard for my brother Harold, the Crown Prince, being the King’s future guard would be the most prestigious job of all.

But I’m the fifth child, the second princess. I’m bound to marry someone outside the palace. When that happens, I’ll no longer be able to rely on the Royal Guards, and I don’t know what I’ll do after that.

“You’ve improved a lot since last week. This part in particular shows the scene very well. On the other hand, this part is…”

The lesson ends with a list of assignments for the next lesson.

As I leave the lesson room, I can hear the thoughts of the Royal Guard waiting outside.

[Cute. Did she get a compliment today? She looks a little happy. Oh, I only got a glimpse of her face! I can’t see her expression from behind. But she’s cute from behind too! A real angel!]

I tried to control my shoulders and managed to return to my room.

The man who had just called me “cute”. was Cain, a Royal Guard assigned to me when I was ten years old.

When he was assigned to me, he greeted me in a formal manner, but in his mind he was thinking of the most absurd things.

“Lady Charlotte, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Cain Zweiss, and I have been appointed to be your Royal Guard. I look forward to working with you.”

[Aaah! How cute! You’re an angel! I love this place!]

When I heard this voice in my mind, I was so flustered that I could not speak for a while.

[Lady Charlotte, She’s not talking… Is she shy? She’s so cute. I mean, is she really the same kind as me? otherworldly being sent by a goddess, like an angel!? She’s too cute!]

I can hear my family saying in my mind, “Dear Charley.” I can understand that. But I wondered what Cain was talking about. I’m just as good looking as anyone else, if you don’t mind me saying so. I’m not particularly pretty, and I’m not ugly. As a member of the royal family, I am well groomed, but I do not have the looks to be admired as pretty or cute.

I managed to shake off the voice in my mind that was calling me cute and pretty and replied, in a low voice, “Thank you.”

In the five years since Cain became my Royal Guard, the voice in my head has not changed.

The Royal Guards work three shifts a day. So Cain is not with me every day, but in the beginning, when he was in charge, I couldn’t help but wonder. I wondered what was so cute about me.

But after five years, you get used to it. I had come to believe that some people thought I was cute, just like some people think a stuffed animal is cute and others don’t.

Cain, who was 17 years old when I first met him, is now 22 years old. Cain is the eldest son of a powerful noble family, so it would not be surprising if there was talk of marriage soon.

If he gets married, will his thoughts be filled with thoughts of his partner?

For some reason, the thought of that made my heart flutter a little.

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