The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: let’s go to the dragon village

It’s been a while since Bern returned to the Crotalion Empire on the regular route.”

“Ruria, Luna, Sealver, it’s a beautiful day. Shall we have lunch in the pavilion?”

They each replied with, Kii~yui!”, “Nya”, “Kwoon”.

Blanc (the owl), by the way, is nocturnal and thus sleeping in the room.

“Well, fufufu… Let us go ask Sofia.”

I was walking through the gardens with Ruria and the others when―

A dragon with a blue and silver mane covered in white scales appears out of nowhere.

As I was stunned, a voice rang out from the dragon.

“Mariel, I’m on my way to pick you up!”

The voice of the dragon sounded familiar.

“By any chance, Layleigh-san?”

“Yes. It’s me”

I’ve never seen Layleigh-san’s Ancient Elemental Dragon form before, and it’s stunning.

She’s not as tall as Laseid. But she is still a dragon, so she is quite large…”

“What do you mean by picking me up?”

“We’re going to the Dragon Village. Come on, ride with me.”

Dragon Village, the ancient elemental dragons’ home?

How did that come about?

When I was confused, Layleigh-san took me in her mouth and put me on her back.

“Eh? Waitt!”

On the spur of the moment, I let out a stupid scream.

“Ruria should learn to fly. Okaa-sama is unable to help you due to our laws, but you know where to go, don’t you?”


Ruria cheerfully responds to Layleigh-san’s inquiry.

“Kiiyui!” she appears to exclaim “I’ll look after it!”

But what exactly does Layleigh-san mean?

Layleigh-san soars with a flap of her wings.

“Hold on tight, Mariel.”

“Hey! Wait a second! If we’re going to the Dragon Village, I need to get ready!”

I need to inform the others that I’m leaving. And I’ll need to prepare a gift…

“I’ll have someone leave a message for you later. Okay, we’re off!”

I’m suddenly overcome with a sense of flight. It’s nothing like the sensation of flight you get when you fly an airplane or ride a roller coaster.

Because the air resistance is incredible!

“Hiyaaaa!!!!! Layleigh-san! I’m having trouble breathing! I can’t do it!”

As I grab Layleigh-san’s mane, I scream desperately. I’m desperately trying to hold on.”

“Oops. I’m sorry. I’ll raise a shield.”

The air around me has changed. The air resistance is gone, and I can breathe normally as if I were on the ground.

I took a deep breath to catch my breath.

When I look back, I notice Ruria’s small figure. He’s flapping his wings as fast as he can to keep up with Layleigh-san.

“Lulia! Are you all riiiiiiight?!”


Ruria’s little hand is waving. He appears to be doing fine.

Speaking of which, I left Luna and Sealver behind. They’re intelligent enough to return to their rooms on their own, but…

Layleigh-san promised to deliver a message for me, but I need to return before it’s too late.

Speaking of which, where is the dragon village?

Maybe it’s not that far away, considering Laseid and Layleigh-san’s casual visits.

“Where is the dragon village, Layleigh-san?”

“It is referred to as [the end of the world] by humans.”

The end of the world?!

It’s a massive mountain that appears when you cross the straits between our continent and the continent to the east.

I’ve never seen it, but the eastern continent’s popular belief is that you can’t see the top from the ground, and anyone who climbs the mountain never returns.

It is said to be beyond the reach of humanity and not within the realm of human territory.

The Dragon Village is in such a location?!

“Isn’t that a long way away?!”

“We can be there in a flash if you’re an Ancient Element Dragon. Don’t worry about anything. I’ll take you home.”

That’s not the point!

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