The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: love the fluff

Unfortunately, the next jewelry store we visited had nothing that I liked, so we decided not to purchase anything this time.

Adult rings with large gems and diamond necklaces are a burden on children’s bodies.

The restaurant served a special lunch for children, and the food was delicious, almost like a fancy version of a “kid’s lunch.”

“Whew~. I’m stuffed. Why don’t we go for a quick walk to freshen up? I think there is a nice garden nearby. Bern? Is there a problem?”

Bern had a difficult expression on his face as he pondered something.

“Oh, no. Nothing. Good. Let’s take a stroll through this garden.”

It’s like he’s lost his mind.

“It’s not nothing. You were absentminded during the meal. What was troubling you?”


“Eh? What about the Jewelry? Are you concerned that I did not select any?”

Should I have chosen something at random, even if there wasn’t anything I liked? But there was nothing in the store suitable for a child.

“No, it’s not. Despite the fact that it is a well-known store, there was nothing that would suit you. I made a blunder.”

First and foremost, I am only five years old. It’s too early to put on genuine ornaments.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just take a walk. The lilies are at their best this time of year.”


On the surface, he appears to be smiling, but his sadness is palpable.

Maybe this self-centered boy dislikes it when things don’t go his way?


“…Is this what you call a well-known café?”

“That’s right. Oh! How adorable!”

Cute cats are gathering at my feet.

Surprisingly, there are cat cafes in this world as well.

When the maidservant told me about it, I felt compelled to take off right away.

Most cafes in Japan charge a fee for a drink in order to interact with the cats, but in this world, you can eat while admiring the cute cats behind a single pane of glass.

You can, however, pay to play with the cats.

Of course, I paid extra to play with the fluffy cats, and I’m currently playing with them. Bern, by the way, paid the fee.

“I always thought cats were fickle creatures who avoided getting too close to people…”

“Some are, but the cats in these places are used to people.”

“But, on the other hand, aren’t they getting too used to it?”

I noticed that a large number of cats had gathered beneath me.

“Isn’t that a good thing? I can fluff them up as much as I want!”

While ruffling the cats’ fur, my face was so loose that I couldn’t recognize myself.

“…As long as Marie is happy, that’s all that matters.”

Bern reached down and grabbed a cat at his feet, but it hissed and jumped out of his arms. Instead, it jumped out of my arms.

Is there anything else like this in the Royal Capital?!

I need to conduct research right away!

Perhaps one day we will be able to love fluffy things in this world as well.

For the time being, let us become member of this fine establishment.

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