The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Dragon Village

According to legend, the elemental dragons lived on a massive mountain beyond the eastern continent.

A fantastic sight is an aurora-like membrane in front of the mountain, like a curtain of light. The membrane appears to be a barrier.

A mountain could be seen rising into the sky after passing through the membrane. The elemental dragons are said to live on this mountain.

I was brought to the dragon’s village as if I’d been kidnapped.

“Well done, Mariel. this is our home.”

In the middle of the mountain, an island floats in the sky. It appears to be Laseid, the Ancient Elemental Dragon Chief’s home.

Except for the chief’s family, others live on the mountain’s slopes or at its base, depending on their living arrangements.

Although the island floats in the sky, it is so lush and green that it could be mistaken for a forest if the entire landscape is not examined.

The houses resemble log cabins, and it’s difficult to believe dragons live here.

I assumed dragons would live in a volcanic crater or a giant bird’s nest or something.

“Oh! Mariel, are you here?”

Laseid emerges from the house and waves.

“Laseid-sama. Did you arrange for Layleigh-san to pick me up?”

“No.He requested that she bring Marie here.”

Bern comes out from behind Laseid.


Bern once challenged Laseid to a fight. It’s no surprise he’s here.

“But why did Bern call me here?”

If he needs me, he can simply use Transfer Magic to travel to the Grand Duke’s residence.

“Let’s talk inside.”

As I hesitated to enter the house, Ruria kicked Laseid in the face and yelled, “Kiiyui!”

“Hey, little boy. How dare you kick your father in the face? You’re such a jerk, aren’t you? Huh?”


Ruria turned his face away from Laseid, who protested.

Ruria arrived late at the Dragon’s Village and kicked Laseid in the face as soon as he saw him. It was a fantastic kick.

Laseid’s face is covered in claw marks from Ruria’s claws.

“He thought Mariel was kidnapped.”

Layleigh-san smiles as she gracefully sips her tea.

Ruria seems defiant towards Laseid, though I can understand his feelings…

“So, Bern, why did you bring me all the way to Dragon Village?”

Bern, who is sitting across from me, nods and places his cup on the table.

“I’m here to make amends for the previous day.””

“Huh? What is there to make up for?”

I’m not sure what he means by “making amends,” but I don’t think Bern has the reason to.

“It’s to make amends for the ornaments I didn’t get you on our first date.”

Oh! Because I didn’t find anything I liked in that jewelry store?

Is he still thinking about it? I, on the other hand, had completely forgotten about it.

I chuckle.

“You’re surprisingly disciplined.”

“What’s surprising?”

Bern rubs his cheeks and smiles shyly.

“I’m sorry to be so blunt, but what does the dragon village have to do with the ornaments?”

“This dragon village is littered with high-quality natural stones. Bernhardt wanted to give some natural stones to Mariel, so I agreed.”

Layleigh-san responded to my questions on Bern’s behalf.

“There’s usually no reason to share it with humans. But It’s our way of congratulating you on your engagement.

Laseid’s face is covered in scratches. It appears that he and Ruria were still arguing.

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