The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Bernhardt’s Sense

The first date I was taken on was to [Pee de Merveille], a store.

[Pee de Merveille] is a popular boutique among ladies of noble birth.

The fabrics and laces used for the dresses are all of the highest quality and very expensive.

This would have turned Marie off; after all, she liked the cheap clothes from Target and Walmart.

But now I’m the Grand Duke’s daughter. And engaged to the Crotalion Empire’s crown prince. Let’s be dignified.

By the way, we’re incognito today.

Well, you can tell by my attire that I am the daughter of a wealthy family, and I will not be turned away.

When Bern and I entered the shop, an elderly woman who appeared to be the shop’s owner approached us with a panicked expression.

“I made a reservation.”

“Thank you for visiting our store. Please allow me to show you to your dressing room.”

He made a reservation beforehand?!

The owner’s expression suggested he knew who Bern was.

We were led into a room that was far too opulent to be a dressing room.

“I’ll make the tea for you right now, so please be patient.”

The owner quickly left, and I stared around the room in awe.

The interior is elegantly decorated. It’s an aristocratic dressing room.

I had a custom-made order at this shop in my previous life, but I had to have it shipped to my house. It’s my first time inside.

“Your Highn.. Bern… why did you make a reservation?”

“The first thing I wanted to get for my fiancée was a dress and ornaments that fit her perfectly.”

Well, actually the first gift was a kitten, Luna. It doesn’t seem to count, but it was before we got engaged, so I’ll let it go.


“Oh, I made a reservation at the jewelry store.

He also made reservations at a restaurant.

Noblewomen prefer to be escorted and lavished with luxury. Is he truly seven years old?”

“Is there anywhere else Marie would like to go?”

“I’d like to go to a store that sells pet supplies and camping equipment.”

“… Let’s go another day. What else?”

I wanted to buy some souvenirs for Ruria and others, but I was turned down.

Well, he said we’ll do it another day, so let’s give up for today.

“Well, then I’d like to go to a cafe. There’s a really popular spot right now.”

“What’s the store’s name?”

Bern summoned the squire who was waiting outside the room after I told him the name of the shop.

He will apparently also make a reservation at that café.


A variety of colorful fabrics were laid out in front of me, but my eyes only flicker.

You can tell it’s a high-quality item. It feels wonderful to touch.

I would have been overjoyed if it had been the old me.

“Marie, which color do you prefer? You won’t be like a Golden-throated Canary if it’s that one.

Bern muttered as he picked up the yellow fabric at the end.

What exactly is a golden-throated canary ? Is it the yellow fabric?”

“Because the little lady is very cute, she looks good in any color.”

The owner gives me a friendly smile. She is an older lady who is both elegant and friendly.”

“I want a design that is as light as possible and is simple to move into.”

I’ll have to wear a corset tightening dress at some point.

But, when you’re a girl, at the very least, you should wear a dress that allows you to move.

“I see. you like things that are practical. Then this might be good for you.”

Bern listened to my suggestions and worked with the store owner to find me a dress.

It appears to be a practical dress with an elegant design.

Bern has a good sense of style.

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