The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Mariel and Bernhardt’s engagement party

Engagements concluded between countries are usually performed by a representative.

As a result, it is not uncommon for the couple to meet for the first time on their wedding day.

The engagement party will take place at the Royal Palace of Kalkstein this time, though it may be sudden.

The Crotalion Empire engagement party will take place at a later date.

I discuss Luna with Crown Prince Bernhardt in the carriage on the way to the royal palace for the engagement party.

“Your Highness, the kitten you gave me is a Zouyu, a beast that is said to appear when a virtuous ruler appears. Congratulations.”

“Zouyu? Is that the beast that appears on the eastern continent? That kitten?

“If you ask me to return Luna, I won’t.”

“It was a gift to Mariel. I’m not asking her to give it back.”

Will it be the emperor? Or the crown prince? I’m not sure which one, but the appearance of the beast indicates that the Crotalion Empire will thrive.

“How did you figure out the kitten was a Zouyu?”

“Laseid-sama told me.”

“Yeah. If Laseid told you, then It must be true.”

The ancient elemental dragons’ eyes are known as [Dragon’s Eye], and they have the unique ability to see the abilities of living beings.

Is he able to see something like RPG status or something similar? Is that so? That’s not fair. I want that kind of ability, too.

If I chant [Appraisal] or [Status Open] in Japanese, will I be able to see them? I’ll try it next time.

My engagement to Prince Bernhardt is being held in a chapel of the royal palace, with royalty and dignitaries in attendance.

The hurriedly planned engagement party, though brief, went off without a hitch.

As we are still young children, the engagement dinner was an intimate affair between the royal family, the Grand Duke, and Prince Bernhardt.

I have a strange feeling that Prince Edward has become involved with Prince Bernhardt.

They appear to be having a friendly conversation at first glance, but Prince Edward’s smile is unnatural.

“By the way, is Prince Bernhardt a chess player?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m good at it, but I can do it well enough.”

“Do you want to play against me?”

“No problem.”

Prince Bernhardt is nonchalantly dealing with Prince Edward.

After that…

The incident happened when the children were alone.

“Prince Bernhard, let us bet on who will be with Mariel!”


Prince Edward raises his finger and challenges Prince Bernhardt to a game of chess.

It’s a stretch, but he’s a prince and the crown prince of a great country. That’s perfectly fine.

The only issue is that I’m the bet!

“Oh? Betting for Mariel?”

Prince Bernhardt’s brow furrows.

“Mariel wanted me to be her fiancée, but Crotalion took her from the side!”

Edward! What do you mean?!

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