The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Bernhard and Mariel’s arranged marriage

Traveling by carriage from the kingdom of Crotalion to the kingdom of Kalkstein takes about ten days.

Because both countries are so large, it would take that long to travel there.

He showed up a week after Otoo-sama informed me of my engagement to Prince Bernhardt. Normally, he arrives via transfer magic, but he took the time to travel all the way here over the course of a week. No wonder why I hadn’t seen him lately.

He’s supposedly here for a friendly visit. However, he came to complete our engagement.

This is extremely bad for me. On a personal level, I could have refused him, but he’s asked me to marry him formally through His Majesty the King.

Prince Bernhard came to my house to set up an appointment while I was trying to figure out how to avoid an engagement.

While my parents entertained him, the maids polished me thoroughly.

I was awakened early in the morning and sank into a half-sleep in the bathroom.

I was dressed, my hair was done, and I was exhausted from getting ready.

Most importantly, I am not allowed to touch my fluffy friends!

Prince Bernhardt is to blame!

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady Mariel, and I’m delighted to finally meet my lovely fiancée.”

He says this with a cheeky smile: This isn’t the first time we’ve met! Why do you act as if you’ve never seen me before?!”

I smile and curtsy while cursing inwardly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Prince Bernhardt.”

“You two look so cute together,” people say, but we’re just a fox and a raccoon playing tricks on each other.

“Mariel, show the crown prince around the gardens.”

Okaa-sama smiles, while Otoo-sama looks wistful.

The guards and maids are close behind as we walk.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be so assertive.”

I pretend to look at the flowers in the garden while sarcastically saying to Prince Bernhardt.

“If I don’t, you’ll keep refusing my engagement, won’t you?”

The fact that you’ve requested an engagement through His Majesty the King almost guarantees it. But I will resist.

“But do you think I’ll accept your proposal?”

“If you and I get engaged, it may bring our two countries closer together after so many years of conflict.”

I knew it was coming, but using the country’s relationship as a shield?!

However, a marriage proposal to Crown Prince Bernhardt could prevent the Third Battle of Kureina.

“Will you promise not to wage war against the Kingdom of Kalkstein if I accept the engagement?”

“Mariel doesn’t like conflict isn’t it?”

“If war breaks out, people will be hurt, and people will mourn the loss of loved ones.”

“As I previously stated, my father and I would like to establish friendly relations with the Kingdom of Kalkstein.”

Nonetheless, he is able to provide assurances.

And the Crown Prince has come personally to consummate the engagement. 

As the daughter of a high lord, I can’t be selfish; I’ll have to give up the slow life I’ve always desired. 


“…Please understand that even if I marry into the Crotalion Empire, I will do what I want.”

“Mariel can do whatever she wants, have as many animals as she wants, even go camping outside.”

To be honest, the title of Crown Princess is far too heavy for me. People wouldn’t let me do whatever I wanted, even if Prince Bernhardt said I could.

Still, I’d rather not have them complain about my way of life. If I get married in a foreign country, should I try to do some mind games for the time being?

“And… If His Highness the Crown Prince discovers true love, I will gracefully step aside, so please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

“True love? What is that?”

That’s what Prince Edward said before deciding on Saint Eliana.

Should Prince Bernhardt change his mind about another woman, I will gladly step aside.

And I will live the slow life with my fluffy friend.

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