The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The boys’ passionate struggle for Mariel

Was there ever a chance of developing love in the first place?

I only played chess with Prince Edward.

Did we do anything romantic, such as take walks through beautiful gardens or exchange letters?

I dare say he gave me Sealver, but…

Ah, that’s right!

When asked what kind of boy I liked, I replied, “I like a kind man who saves a drowning puppy from the river.”

Don’t tell me he caught a cold after saving the drowning Sealver from a pond.

I heard from his servant how Prince Edward gave me Sealver.

“If I win, call off your engagement to Mariel!”

It’s complicated to be told by someone you’ve just broken up with in your previous life.

“So if I win, you’ll stay away from Mariel forever?”

Bernhardt! don’t get involved in the bet!

“Please wait! I don’t want to be the object of a chess bet! I am not a thing!”

Prince Bernhardt gives me a thumbs-up and smiles.

“Don’t worry, I’ll win.”

Hey! Listen to me!

“Mariel, you don’t have to get involved in an unwanted political marriage. Don’t worry about it. I’m going to win.”

Prince Edward wears a smug expression.

Listen to me too!

My objections were dismissed, and the two boys began playing chess on their own.

Silence reigned as the chess game between Prince Bernhardt and Prince Edward continued.

I sat between them, quietly observing the situation.

Prince Edward is a pretty good chess player, but Prince Bernhardt can also play pretty well.

Moves that seemed bad at first later turned out to be advantageous.

Well, not as good as Marie’s grandfather’s chess skills, but…

Should I bet on something against Prince Bernhardt?

I’ll ask him to play the next time.

No, that’s not it!

Bet on anything, but don’t bet on my engagement.

I’ll give them both a sermon after this game.

The first game ended in a stalemate.

A stalemate occurs when a piece is not controlled and cannot be moved, resulting in a draw in chess.

In this case, the game is a draw in chess.

“You’re good, Prince Bernhardt.”

“You too, Prince Edward.”

They both chuckle at each other.

Did you form a friendship through chess?

“Shall we play the second game?”

“That’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

They’re about to rearrange the chess pieces when I interrupt them.

“That’s enough!”

They both looked at me with blatant displeasure.

“What is it? Mariel.”

“This is a man’s battle; women should stay out of it.”

You are fighting for me!

I bang the chessboard.

“I’ve told you before; I’m not a thing! If you want to use me as a bet, I might go to the monastery and become a nun right now!”

They both look dumbfounded. Of course, I mean it as a threat, but are they convinced? However, entering the monastery after the engagement party would be a major issue.

“”You can’t do that!””

After a pause, they protest in unison. Was the threat effective?

“I will not allow you to enter the monastery; I, not God, will marry you!”

“No! It’s me! “

I knelt; the threat isn’t working; they’re like children arguing over a toy; what should I do now?

I am at my wit’s end.


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