The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Royal Family and My Family│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Our farm continues to produce delicious fruits and vegetables. However, something has changed.

It has been decided that our farm will supply the royal family with fruits and vegetables. At first, Gil-san said, “I want to buy all the produce from this farm.” but we asked him not to do so.

My father appealed to Gil-san that he wanted to use the power of the rain to contribute as much as possible to the health of the people, even though the crop on the farm was small.

“Please prioritize the care of ordinary people who cannot rely on doctors and medicine—this is the wish of my daughter.”

After negotiating with him, my father was permitted to give only five members of the royal family, with the remainder being sold to the general public. This was only possible because of the silk cloth that saved Her Royal Highness from illness.

Every morning, my father would drive the vegetables and fruit to the market in a horse-drawn cart, and the man in charge would only pick up the royal family’s portion.

Ethan spends his days at home doing household chores. It would be a problem if people from the Faril Kingdom, who may have infiltrated the country, saw Ethan, who has been “severely injured”.

Prince Herrud was transported safely, or rather forcibly, to the border. So my house is currently quiet.

However, His Highness “I want to thank you for the silk cloth,” Mark keeps saying, and I keep refusing.

“Alesia, you saved my precious mother’s life: how can I not thank you for that?”

“All I can say is thank you for keeping my secret. And you’ve already thanked me for keeping me safe while the fourth prince was at the farm.”

“You’re stubborn.”

“Yes, I’m stubborn.”

This conversation is currently taking place at our kitchen table. His Highness is eating stewed chicken, spooning a spicy country dish of chopped salted pork and mashed beans into his mouth, and gulping down ponka and hawthorn juice.

The Queen has granted him permission to come here as long as he brings his bodyguards. My parents welcome him, saying, “He is the one who prevented Alesia from being taken away”.

My parents’ fear of the royal family seems to have diminished.

His Highness always pays more for food than usual, claiming, “because I’m making Alesia go through all this trouble.”

(Oh, he can eat a lot. I can’t believe how much food he can fit in there.)

“Sigh. It’s really good. Why is the food so delicious here?”

“His Highness is a picky eater, but it’s rare that he eats so deliciously.”

“Is that so, Gil-san?”

“Yes. Perhaps it will taste even better when Alesia-san cooks it.”


Gil-san looks up at His Highness, who is choking on his own breath.

After finishing all the dishes and straightening his posture, His Highness asked me to do something for him.

“Edna wishes to meet with you—She desperately wants to come here, but my mother will not allow it.”

“You want a commoner to visit the royal palace? But, the recent incident with His Highness Herrud has piqued the interest of the neighboring country. Their attention has also been drawn to the guards who are guarding our fruit in the name of the queen’s favor. I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself.”

“Then I’ve got an idea!”

Gil-san said to me, smiling.

“When you take the vegetables to market, Alesia-chan, you can ride in the royal servants’ carriage with them.”

“But even if I go, I don’t know what to say. Because I am a farmer’s daughter, the topic of discussion is…”

“Edna is surrounded by young ladies who are eager to climb the power ladder—It’s exhausting for her. Edna feels better just being around Alesia.”

I see.

The future royalty (queen/princess) must be flocking to Her Highness Edna with two princes of the right age for betrothal. As a result, she is being used as bait to catch the princes. That breaks my heart. Her Royal Highness is a gentlewoman.

“All right, if you don’t mind me coming.”

“Okay! That’s a relief! Thank you very much!”

His Highness offered me an appointment, which I accepted because I’m always available.

“It’s really helpful. Edna seems to notice that I’m here for some reason. She stares at me on the days I come here.”

“Isn’t it because you eat so much garlic, ginger, herbs, and spices? Perhaps it’s the delectable aromas emanating from His Highness.”

“Ah, that’s exactly what it is. I’ve been careless. And I’d like to accompany you as much as possible. This is my wish, Alesia. I couldn’t shield Ethan. I was aware of the cloth’s existence, but that’s an injury that could have killed him. I can’t let that happen again.”

That is true. I doubt I could have healed him if his head had been split open and he had died right there. Just because silk cloth exists, does not mean we can relax our guard. Even a healing silk cloth cannot bring a dead person back to life.

After using the silk cloth, everyone says, “I am thirsty—I am hungry.” We believe this is because the body is attempting to repair itself by utilizing the nutrients in the body. We must be on our guard because once we are dead, the repair process will not work.

In three days, it was decided that I would meet Princess Edna.

I’m allowed to bring her gifts, so I’ll bring her mulberries as well as a variety of fruits.

I resolved to anticipate meeting Her Royal Highness Princess Edna. To be honest, that royal palace holds too many painful memories for me.

But wallowing in the agony of my previous life will bring me nothing. All of the people who tormented me are no longer alive.

“Yes. I just need to relax and enjoy myself with Her Highness Edna.”

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