The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 46

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Eitana, the head chambermaid, raised her brows slightly at her planner. Her Highness Edna’s friend is visiting the palace today.

She is the daughter of the queen’s favorite farmhouse.

She gently suggested that a commoner befriending Her Highness Edna might be a bad influence, but the queen replied, “No problem at all, she’s a clever girl.” With a smile.

Eitana, on the other hand, decided that Mimir, who was in charge of Edna today, would not be in charge of today’s reception, but that she, the head chambermaid, would.

(A peasant is a peasant, no matter how clever she is, and she may be rude to Her Highness Edna.)

Eitana was ready to do this when she noticed Alesia coming through the kitchen door with the vegetables and fruit as planned.

When Eitana greeted her, Alesia gracefully bowed and greeted her with a downcast expression, a lovely gesture.

“Thank you so much for having me here today. My name is Alesia. I will do everything in my power to be respectful to Your Highness.”

It was as if a pebble had been thrown into Eitana’s heart pool when she heard her voice greet her.

Hadn’t she heard the same voice somewhere before?

(How is that possible? This young lady appears to be a teenager. There’s no way we had a conversation a long time ago.)

So she smiled professionally and led Alesia to Her Highness Edna’s room.


As I led her to the room, I observed the girl named Alesia casually walking behind her as we turned each corner, but I did not recognize her figure at all. When I showed her to her room, Her Highness Edna seemed very happy as she ran up to me and hugged her. I rarely see her with such a bright smile on her face.

She spoke to Alesia in a low, relaxed tone, as if they were sisters rather than friends of the same age.

Her voice really sounded familiar, but I chose not to pay attention, assuming I was mistaken.

“Here’s your tea.”

The finest tea is fragrant and expensive, and it can only be found in the royal palace or the homes of high-ranking nobles. I expected her to be surprised by the taste of the tea, but Alesia was simply enjoying it with grace. Alesia must have noticed my gaze because she turned her head toward me and smiled again, saying, “It’s very delicious,” with a downcast expression.

“However, the tea I drank at Alesia-chan’s house was superior.”

“No, that’s just regular tea for regular people—It’s not the same as this high-end item.

“The tea at Alesia-chan’s house was excellent. It was smooth, had a lovely color, and had a pleasant aroma. so much so that I wished you would give me some of your tea leaves.”

Alesia chuckles.

That is not a possibility. It was simply a unique tea from a peasant’s home.

I was standing by the wall, looking away and only hearing their conversation, when I felt an eye on me and turned to face them again. But the two of them were happily chatting.

Was it all in my head?

Her Highness inquired about Alesia’s jewelry preferences, to which she replied, “I don’t have any jewelry, so I don’t have a preference.”

“Not even one? Then please accept one of mine!”

This is not good. This is not good. A commoner cannot accept jewelry from a princess. I was about to stop her, but Alesia flatly refused.

“I’ll just accept your thoughtfulness, Your Highness. I won’t be able to visit you again If you give me jewelry. Some people may believe I’m here for the jewels.”

“Ignore such people!”

His Highness sounded unusually angry.

“No. I don’t want Her Highness to say anything bad about someone for my sake. Besides, even if I was given jewelry, I wouldn’t be able to wear it. I only go to the grocery store or the library afterall.”

I see.

Like the queen had said, she seemed to be a clever girl. I expected her to be dazzled by the jewels and gladly accept them.


Eitana approached them with the teapot to make them a second cup of tea, and for the first time up close, she saw Alesia’s face.

She almost dropped the pot when she looked into Alesia’s starry blue eyes.

However, the body of a veteran who has been working in this field for several decades supported the teapot without my conscious effort and I did not drop it.


“Thank you very much, Eitana-san. The tea is delicious.”

That voice.

And how could I forget those enigmatic eyes? blue as the summer sky, with gold stars strewn about.

Now I understand why I thought I heard that voice before. It was the exact same voice as Aura-sama’s. a voice that is deep, calm, and gentle.

the same tone of voice.

The same eyes…

The person’s face, body, and hair color were all different, but this was Aura-sama.

That’s what my instincts tell me.


Eitana hid her inner turmoil by squeezing her fingers, which trembled when she wasn’t paying attention.

She leaned back against the wall, trying to hide the fact that she was about to fall to her knees.


(Oh, God. Did she know everything? Is she testing me?)

The one and only major blemish on my life, which I lived with the utmost integrity.

A memory I could never tell my parents and siblings about, and one that has haunted me for decades.

It’s still my nightmares that wake me up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat.

The thought of a girl with the voice and eyes of Aura-sama standing in front of me after all these decades.

The two girls’ conversation continues while I try to suppress the fear that would cause me to sit up if I weren’t aware of it.

“Well, something else will do, then.”

“If you insist, I’d like to read a book in the royal library.”

“E~eh, then I wouldn’t be able to chat with Alesia-chan.

T-That’s right…

The topic had already shifted.

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