The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 44

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“Ethan!” “Oh my god!” “Noo!”

Several people screamed at the same time.

Ethan was unconscious and had his back turned at an unusual angle. When Alesia noticed this, she attempted to run to Ethan, but Herrud grabbed her arm and wouldn’t let go.

“A commoner who tries to harm another country’s royalty should not complain about being killed, right?”

Ethan’s parents scream and rush to Ethan’s rescue while Herrud is surrounded by Mark’s guards.

Herrud’s guards rushed to him at the same time, their swords poised to be drawn at any moment.

“Oto-san, bring Ethan home!” quick!”

As Alesia’s screams reverberate, the adults rush Ethan inside.

“Prince Herrud, Do you think you can get away with hurting my people?”

“Is it my fault that a peasant kid tried to jump at me?”

“His spine was broken! The boy had no weapon!”

“Why should I care about one or two peasants? But I like this girl so much that I’m taking her home. Is that alright?

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

“You cannot.”

When a calm, dignified voice is heard, Herrud, who had his back to the farm’s entrance, quickly turns to see Queen Verna standing calmly with dozens of guards.


“This farm’s fruits are my favorite, Prince Herrud. The young man you just kicked was a valued employee here. That boy was fortunate to survive, but he will never be able to walk again. Now we have a problem. It is no longer possible for you to stay with us after such an outrage in our country. We request that you return to your home country as soon as possible.”

“Oh? Are you allowed to say such a thing? With all due respect, Your Majesty, I don’t think you understand the situation of a weak country.”

Then Queen Verna laughed, revealing her white, thin neck.

“Oh, dear. Have you forgotten that our king is descended from royal Balwalas? If you want to conquer this land, you must defeat not only Laminbo, but also the kingdom of Balwala. Fourth Prince Herrud, has your father agreed to this?”

It is a statement that bluntly asks, “Do you, the fourth prince, have the authority to start a war involving the three kingdoms?” Herrud seemed to understand the queen’s words correctly, but he swallowed his words in frustration.

“Now! Please bring His Herrud to the royal palace! And take him straight to the border!”


Herrud was surrounded by knights as he left the farm. The queen, Alesia, and Prince Mark rushed into the house.

“Ethan! Are you alive?”

A moan came from behind the adults’ backs.

“Ugh. Yes, I’m still alive, but…”

“Ethan! Ethan!”

Ethan is slouched on a couch, staring up at Alesia and the others. His body was wrapped in a white silk cloth.

Alesia ran up to Ethan, hugged him, and began to cry.

“Uwuuu… thank God “it” worked in time.”

“I’m glad I was prepared. But, I didn’t expect him to kick me without even looking at me. I broke my spine, didn’t I?”

“I’m glad. I’m glad. We wouldn’t be able to cure you if you were dead! What were you thinking? You’re such a dummy!”

After Alesia said that, she started to cry.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lost my temper when he said he was going to take Alesia away.”

“I’ll never forgive myself if you die! Ethan’s an idiot! Ethan’s an idiot!”

Serio then stopped Alesia by patting her on the back.

“Just forgive him; Ethan is self-reflecting.”

“Yeah, I’m reflecting on myself. And then there’s the agony of having your spine broken… No, there are no words to describe it. I’ll never forget that sound. The pain was like being hit with a huge force all over my body, let alone a broken spine.”

“You deserved it!”

“That’s too much, Mother!”

Ethan’s mother was also upset and crying.

“We must protest against Farrill.”

Everyone nodded in agreement when the queen spoke.

Alesia and Ethan had discussed the matter the night before, and before Herrud’s visit, they had all wrapped silk cloths around their bodies. The silk cloth was proven to be effective in most cases, but once you were dead, it was impossible to bring you back to life. So, while everyone else was taking precautions, Ethan forgot about himself and went up to Prince Herrud.

“I know you think you’re okay, Ethan, but your life expectancy has been shortened. I don’t know if things would have played out this way if you’d been cut off at the neck.”

“It’ll be troubling if you die.”

As the Prince and Queen said this, Ethan and the adults lowered their heads in horror.

“Just to be safe, Ethan will be kept out of sight for a while.”

Ethan’s father, Nathan’s, words compelled him to say “Yes!” Ethan’s face became sad, but no one offered to assist him.

Alesia cried so hard that her eyes swelled up and refused to open the next day. When she remembered that scene, the thought of losing Ethan, who meant as much to her as her little brother, made her sob uncontrollably.

She also remembered that it was the two members of the royal family, whom she had avoided for fourteen years, who had protected them.

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