The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 43

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Herrud’s group returned to the palace, escorted by Mark and the guards.

“Well, Your Highness, we will make an application and return for a visit tomorrow morning.”

With a faint smile, Herrud entered the room assigned to them. Mark discussed the situation with his parents after confirming this.

“Mark, you did an excellent job. They could have gotten in by force.”

“I let my guard down. At the farm, I had guards on standby, but I didn’t expect them to move so forcefully.”

“Your Majesty, not only Alesia but everyone on that farm saved my life. I beg you to protect them.”

“Verna, your benefactor is also mine. No, she is a benefactor of this country, in my opinion. Especially with such power. We must safeguard them at all costs.”

Following much deliberation, it was decided that Mark would accompany Herrud on his tour, escorted by ten guards. King Isayal suggested informing the Minister of War and the Prime Minister of Alesia’s power and better protecting her, but Mark said, “That will have to wait for now” and bowed his head.

Mark was worried about what the Prime Minister and the Ministers would think and do if they found out about Alesia’s power. Alesia’s power is extremely enticing. They must have a plan in place to control them in the event that the powers that be in this country seek Alesia’s power for themselves.

It is too soon to tell. A cloth capable of eradicating life-threatening diseases and injuries is a pipe dream come true. Everyone is desperate for life. Those with money and power, in particular, because the only things they are not free of are disease and life expectancy.

Later that day, Mark went to the farm to inform them that Herrud and his group would be touring the farm the next morning. Serio, Alesia’s father, responded with a grim but determined expression.

“I’ll tell Hakeem and Chana to take a day off tomorrow.”

“That would be extremely helpful—and Herrud has no idea whether Alesia or Ethan is to blame for the rain. What are your thoughts on this?”

Alesia looked at Ethan with a surprised expression, as if Ethan hadn’t expected to be targeted.

“Do we have to assume adults are excluded?”

“Yes. The fact that he visited this farm as soon as he arrived in our country suggests that he had received information from Farrill’s spies. It should be noted that the rains are from recent years.”

“…If I have to answer for the rain, I will be honest and say that I am the cause of it, because I cannot implicate Ethan.”

Mark was even more uneasy because Alesia was as calm as ever.

“Alesia, I’ll be there with my bodyguards. We can’t be too cautious, but we also can’t be too pessimistic.”

“Yes, Your Highness. I look forward to working with you. And I have a suggestion.”

Alesia expressed her (plans)thoughts to Mark, who listened to her and said, “That is a good idea. Make certain you do.”

The following morning.

The farm’s adults took time off from work to welcome Herrud and his group.

Last night, the silk loom, woven cloth, and silkworms were hidden in Isabelle’s house.

“Hello, I’ll be here for a while, though I’ll be accompanied by a rather over-the-top security detail.”

Herrud arrived at the farm with a beautiful and friendly smile.

Except for Alesia, who stood behind the adults with a gentle smile on her face, all of the farm workers greeted him with awe.

“I’ll have the young lady and the little boy take me on a tour of the farm.”

” Yes, Your Highness.”

Alesia politely replied, and Ethan silently followed her.

Herrud was in a good mood the entire time, looking around the farm and asking Alesia and Ethan questions. Behind him were Herrud’s bodyguard, Mark, and Mark’s bodyguard.

Herrud looked at the farm’s vegetables and fruit and said, “This is another great crop,” but refused to eat any of them. Though not visibly, Mark and Alesia were relieved that the rain’s benefits would be unknown.

Herrud’s visit lasted only about an hour.

Herrud abruptly ordered his guards to leave as they were about to return to Alesia’s family house, and his tone changed dramatically.

“So? Which one of you is causing it to rain?”

Ethan froze at the unexpected question. He looked at Alesia and then down at the ground. Alesia, on the other hand, maintained her smile and asked, “What are you talking about?” She turned to face Herrud, who was staring at her.

Herrud, who had been staring at her, smiled cheerfully.

“So you’re the one—aren’t you causing it to rain? It’s pointless to try to hide it. My country doesn’t have a water shortage, but you’re quite lovely, so I might as well keep you around.”

Herrud placed his finger on Alesia’s chin and turned her face upward as he spoke.

Alesia’s smile faded, and she returned a blank stare to Herrud.

“I like that you’re feisty~”

He said this before grabbing Alesia’s arm and pulling her to him.

Mark cut him off with a “Stop!” and Ethan approached from the opposite side of Mark, with Herrud in between, both attempting to stop him.


Herrud kicked Ethan in the chest with the sole of his shoe, right in front of Mark. He didn’t even bother looking at Ethan.


The large Herrud kicked Ethan in the chest, slamming his back hard against the edge of a wooden bench near the entrance.

“No, Ethan!”


Screams from Alesia and shouts from Mark echoed.

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