The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 35

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Herrud, the Kingdom of Farrill’s fourth prince, is eighteen years old.

It was time for him to make a decision about who he would marry.

His three older brothers had all married and had children, and they were all involved in their father’s political activities. He was aware that he would eventually be included in this group, but Herrud desired to be more free.

A country he’d never visited, a landscape he’d never seen, and a culture he’d never experienced. Only after he had experienced them would he become his father’s pawn.


I wanted to postpone my life for as long as possible so that I would not have to live in the same situation as my siblings, staring at my father’s face all day.

So I told my father, “I’d like to travel to other countries for a while.” My father didn’t seem to have high hopes for me, and he didn’t tighten his grip on me because I was fourth in line. As expected he quickly agreed.

My relief and joy, however, were short-lived because he instructed, “If you go to another country, make it the Kingdom of Laminbo.”

The Kingdom of Laminbo is mostly arid, with little industry and little to see.


Herrud was disappointed.

“Don’t be so obvious in your disappointment. Those who have visited the country report that the Laminbo Kingdom has been experiencing unusual rains in parts of the capital for several years. Aura was born in that land. Maybe another wizard was born. Go investigate. And if you can bring him/her back, please do so.”

I was surprised that my father would deploy his men to such a poor country.

“Yes, sir.”

After I said that, I went back and investigated the kingdom of Laminbo.

In the Kingdom of Laminbo and the former Kingdom of Shemel, wizards were born every 20 or 30 years since ancient times, but sometimes no wizards were born for many years. It remains a mystery why wizards are born only in that kingdom.

Even if there were wizards, they could only make fire without a flintlock or produce enough water to fill several bath tubs. These abilities were useless in today’s world of advanced weapons and tools.

with the exception of Aura.

People said that Aura was the most powerful wizard of her time because she could create and control large amounts of water whenever she wanted.

She was betrothed to the king and led the army that swept away the Farrill kingdom’s armies before they grew too large. Despite being the country’s patron saint, she was summarily executed. She seems to have been blamed for the heavy rains and flooding, but our secret documents show that she didn’t admit her wrongdoing until the very end. If it really was a natural disaster and not her fault, it was a laughing matter.

Floods occur on rare occasions in desert countries as well. She would have been invaluable in a country without rain. Furthermore, she played a role in the war against our country.

A few years after the foolish king executed Aura, he was executed without trial in a public uprising. A fitting conclusion for a fool.

I have been going around the city every day since my arrival in the Kingdom of Laminbo, listening to what people have to say.

Thanks to my gorgeous appearance, many women, from young girls to old women, became my conversation partners.

“Rain? For the last five or six years, yes. It lightly rains at night. How much is it? Not a lot. It’s already dry in the morning.”

“It appears that it rains once or twice a week. In the middle of the night, it just drips. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Such stories could be heard, but they did not appear to be useful information.

But one day,

“A slum resident told me that it rains several times a week in one section of the slum. Overnight They complain that it makes nighttime laundry drying impossible.”

I headed toward the slum with a thrill of anticipation, only to find that the streets were damp in one section.

(This is the neighborhood with so many run-down houses.

Perhaps because there is no winter cold in this country, every house has gaps. The walls were constructed of sun-dried bricks, and the roofs were a little rough.

I returned to check out the place and sneaked out late at night. I was able to leave the palace without being caught. In my own country, where war was looming, this would have been unthinkable. And the number of soldiers guarding the palace was significantly lower than in my own country.

It was simple to locate the area where it was raining. After all, it was the same block I had guessed earlier in the day.

It rains when I go out in it, but when I look up, I can see the stars. It rains all the time in our country, but it is impossible for it to rain so unusually several times a week for years. I believe the country’s rulers are a bunch of morons for failing to recognize this. That is why this country remains impoverished.

Soon there was a farm.

There was a simple fence and gate, so I walked along the fence of the farm to look around tonight. As I walked, I noticed that the farm had been completely covered by rain. There is no doubt that the rain zone is much larger on the farm.

The farm almost forms a perfect circle.

“I suppose that means the rain falls in a nice circle as well.”

The soil was dry some distance from the farm, but the inside of the farm was as lush and green as if I was in another country. As far as I could see in the darkness, there were many trees planted.

“It must be the rain.”

Unfortunately, the moon is nearly full tonight, and it is completely dark.

I felt something as I walked along the fence to get a better look.

(Is it a human? Or is it a beast?)

Herrud came to a halt and looked around for signs.

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