The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 34

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Two months have passed since the queen’s recovery.

The mood in the palace is cheerful.

Prince Mark has just finished reading and signing a document containing the most recent developments in neighboring countries. His Majesty, his father, gave it to him and told him, “We should keep this in mind.”

“The reason why our country is being overlooked by that country is probably because we are so poor.”

The Kingdom of Farrill is a northern power with abundant forest and water resources.

The Kingdom of Farrill has been focusing on strengthening its military for the past 20 years or so, and since the current king took over, it has grown into a massive country, taking on neighboring countries one after the other.

There will inevitably be places out of sight as the country grows, but the Farrill Kingdom has four princes, all of whom are regarded as outstanding. The kingdom is now divided into four districts, each ruled by the king and three princes.

“What is the fourth prince’s purpose in visiting our country to study?”

If a great nation asks, “The fourth prince will be staying for a while; please look after him.” We have no choice but to refuse as a weak country.

Last week, Prince Herrud arrived in their country with only eight guards. In the royal palace, he does not appear to socialize much. It’s concerning that they still don’t know why he went on this trip.

He is 18 years old, the same as Prince Mark, but he appears three or four years older due to his large build. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and a handsome face, as is common in Farrill’s northern kingdom. The women who work in the palace seem to make a lot of fuss about his appearance.


Prince Mark noticed movement outside the window. When he looks around, he sees a tall man moving through the garden’s trees and disappearing into the darkness. For a brief moment, the bonfire lit up, and he saw what appeared to be a dark gray hooded cloak. Most likely, Prince Herrud.

“Where is he going at this late hour without an escort?”

(It’s fine if it’s just a walk, but if it’s not, it’s a problem.)

Prince Mark quickly rises and exits the room.

Outside the room, two guards stood silently looking at him.

“Come along with me.”


They dashed down the stairs and out the hall window, taking the shortest path to the garden. The guards trailed silently behind. They muffled their steps as they followed Herrud at a quick pace and noticed the tall figure of Herrud ahead of them.

They maintain a certain distance when pursuing. Herrud moves through the deserted streets in the middle of the night, as if he has a specific destination in mind. Through the residential areas of the aristocracy, through the business districts, past the settlements of the commoners, Herrud now passes through the so-called “poor district”, where the rents are low.

An uneasiness settles over Mark.

That “farm” up ahead. Maybe Herrud is trying to get to that farm.

“No, a newly arrived prince from another country would not go there… I hope not.”

But Herrud is quick on his feet, and he’s already at the farm as soon as he crosses the poor quarter.

The night rain has arrived. A lovely, gentle rain. For years, it has been known to rain in this area, and the farm owners stated that they would take advantage of it. A nationwide survey was conducted when the rains were mentioned, but the cause of the rains was not clear. The area was too large for anyone to believe it was man-made.

“The slightly lower topography probably makes cold, stagnant air settle in the air, which leads to light rain.”

The scholar stated, “I doubt that even Aura, which was of unprecedented strength, could have done such a thing—If you magically sprinkled an area that large every night, it would shorten your lifespan. It also rains on the slums, the aristocracy, and the business districts. There is no reason to magically rain on them to reduce your life expectancy every night.” Was the answer.

Mark had noticed that both the buried farm and Alesia and her family’s farm used rain gutters, but the surrounding slums and farmhouses had been using rain gutters to store water for some time. It appears that he is the only one who sees parallels between the buried farm and Serio’s farm.

Herrud soon found himself in front of the farm gate. The farm’s gate is a simple, handmade wooden gate with an inside canopy. By reaching out from the outside, anyone can open it and enter.

“That was reckless. I’ll have to notify them that it needs to be rebuilt.”

As he thinks so, he sees Herrud here late at night. However, the fence that surrounds the farm is so open that anyone with ill intent could enter from anywhere.

(We need to do something; it’s not safe. That silk cloth must be on the farm.)

Herrud takes a step back and looks at the farm. To avoid detection, Mark and his two guards hide behind the houses in the area.

Herrud walks around the farm, keeping his distance from the farm fence. He eventually arrived on rough terrain. Herrud continued on, but Mark paused. On the left side was the farm, and the rest was dry wasteland—there was no protection ahead. It’s a dark night, but he’ll probably see them if he looks back.

(What is he going to do in the wasteland?)

As they stand in the shadow of the last house, Herrud is walking along the fence of the farm, keeping a certain distance from the farm. His figure becomes smaller and smaller.

“All right, let’s go.”

“But we’ll be in plain sight.”

“Don’t worry about it. If he ever gets into the farm, I’ll be in big trouble.”

The moon is as thin as a thread tonight. Herrud walks alone in the dark without the light of the moon to guide him.

But, upon looking into it deeply, he’s walking around the rain’s boundary right now.

(As expected, he…)

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