The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 36

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Because of the rain that falls on the property, the area around the Serio farm is overgrown with grass and weeds.

This is a well-stocked canteen for the animals of the wasteland, who are in desperate need of water and food. At night, lizards, snakes, rabbits, mice, foxes, and even wild horses and camels congregate in search of grass, rain, or prey.

In a territorial dispute in the forest far west of the capital, a male cougar was injured. Since his injury, the large cougar had been losing the territorial battle and had drifted down here.

This is now the cougar’s domain. He has plenty of both water and prey here.

There were some humans on the farm also looking for prey that day, but they weren’t supposed to be here at night. Because the cougar was afraid of the humans, he let the first one pass before lying down in the grass to let the others pass. However, a human at the end of the line noticed him.

The predator spotted the human and spread the “smell of fear”—the characteristic of animals.

The cougar was tempted by the scent and movement of the human as it tried to flee from him, and he jumped at the human out of instinct. From behind, it bit the human by his legs and pinned him to the ground.


When Mark turned around, he saw that a large cougar had wrestled Meir to the ground and was biting his leg.

“Joachim, after him!”

Joachim pursued the Herrud-like figure, while Mark drew his sword to confront the cougar.


The cougar, still biting and snarling, eventually drew its mouth away from Meir’s leg and backed away, eventually disappearing into the darkness.

“Meir, are you alright?! Stay with me!”

“Your Highness, I’m sorry.”

Meir’s pants darken in the dim moonlight, apparently due to damage to the thick blood vessels. Mark rips off his shirt, ties Meir’s knees together, and encourages him by lending his shoulder as they walk through the fence to the farm building.

“Somebody! Please help me!”

When Mark got within hearing distance, the lights turned on, and a man with a lamp ran toward him. Meir began to tremble, possibly due to excessive bleeding.

(This isn’t good.)

“What’s wrong?!”

“He’s hurt—a cougar attacked him.”

“Isn’t that… your Highness?!”

Serio and Nathan followed, and the three men carried Meir into Serio’s house. Meir was dazed, but eventually hung his head and passed out.

Then the sound of the rain stopped.

Alesia, dressed in her nightgown, came out and brought a white cloth as soon as she saw Meir lying on the couch.

“Your Highness, I’ll use this!”

“That’s… Please. I’m sorry.”

Alesia rolls up Meir’s pants and wraps a white silk cloth around his legs. A few moments later, she carefully removes the cloth, revealing a perfectly smooth leg.

“Wow!” Ethan was surprised, while Serio murmured, “I didn’t expect it to be this good.” Everyone in the room exhaled a sigh of relief. The people on the farm appeared to be witnessing the effects of the silk cloth for the first time.

“How am I supposed to explain this to Meir…?”

Meir is still unconscious.

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Let’s say he was attacked by a cougar and peed his pants,” Nathan explained. “That’s all we can do for now,” and began pulling Meir’s bloody pants down to his underwear.

Hilda and Benita rushed over to assist him in changing into Serio’s trousers. Everyone moved quickly and without a second thought.

“Your highness must change as well, You have blood on you.”

Alesia instructed him to remove his torn and blood-splattered shirt and replace it with Serio’s. Alesia quickly hid the bloodstained cloth and clothing.

A few moments later, the door slammed violently.

“Your highness, it’s me, Joachim! Is everything all right?!”

Mark rushed to the door after hearing a call from outside.

“I’m fine, and Meir is fine—what happened?”

“He got away. I’m sorry.”

“I see. Can you keep an eye on things outside the door? Please notify me if the guy appears. I need to speak with the farm workers.”


“I apologize for waking you up in the middle of the night—someone was actually looking into this farm. We followed him here. He’s a dangerous individual. He could have been looking for this cloth. He was… If his father came out, our country wouldn’t be able to resist.”

Alesia nodded slightly as she listened to the story.

“Perhaps it wasn’t the cloth that he was looking for.”

“How do you know that?”

“If he was probing from outside at this hour, he’s probably unaware of the cloth. If they knew, they would have searched us by daylight.”

Alesia said in a calmer manner.

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