The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 19

Chapter 19

It had been a little over two months since I started living in the Margrave household, on a certain day in August.

Today, finally, is the day for our promised date to stroll around the town. 

Due to various reasons such as me being able to participate in demon beast hunting after our last date, both Rudy-sama and I being busy, and our schedules not aligning with the weather, it got postponed until today.

In the morning, I put on the simplest knee-length dress and lace-up boots to avoid attracting too much attention in the town. I descended the stairs.

In the hallway just before reaching the main entrance, Rudy-sama, dressed relatively casually, was waiting.

“Sorry for making you wait. Good morning, Rudy. I love you.”

“I haven’t been waiting for long, so don’t worry. Good morning, Emmanuella. You look incredibly beautiful today as well. Your simplicity allows your true beauty to shine without any need for tricks.”

“Thank you. Rudy, you look wonderful too.”

We exchanged smiles, but it’s not like he accepted my feelings.

We’ve just gotten used to my words of love and Rudy-sama’s compliments. It has become a routine greeting.

Oh well, Rudy-sama is so stubborn.

In these two months, every time I expressed my love or said that I liked him, he would respond with things like “So, what do you need?” or “You don’t have to worry about me” or “Haha, that’s impossible” or “I will gladly follow any orders you give, but. . .What exactly are you aiming for?” He only returned words that denied my feelings.

Since the other day when the butler scolded him, saying “Isn’t that disrespectful to Oku-sama?” he hasn’t argued back, but probably, he still doesn’t believe me.

He still keeps his distance from me and maintains his low self-esteem. He can’t sense even a trace of confidence that I love him.

However, the attitudes of the servants, including the butler, have clearly changed. Lately, they have been remarkably cooperative with me.

Rudy-sama’s schedule, which he used to not share unless asked, is now automatically shared with me. Meals are set at the same time and place. They even encourage Rudy-sama to use the main entrance, increasing the opportunities for me to meet him.

They were already kind to me, but now, even regarding Rudy-sama, who used to show kindness that was out of place, they seem to move according to my will. I feel like I’m being spoiled even more.

Perhaps the misunderstanding that I was a wicked woman approaching Rudy-sama has been cleared up, or maybe he has come to understand that I’m just as Lilyria said, “not really thinking about anything.” Like how foolish girls are cute.

With the moat being filled smoothly, it’s about time for the main castle, in other words, Rudy-sama, to give up.

With that determination in my heart, I set out to the town with Rudy-sama.


Margrave Santorina’s territory is flourishing to the extent that it rivals the capital city.

Walking along the bustling main street, where various shops catch my eye, I can’t help but have that impression. 

Hmm, something feels off though.

Gathering my courage, I quietly ask Rudy-sama.

“Hey, Rudy, this town has relatively good public safety, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct. We have increased the number of patrol officers in the town today, and my knights are accompanying us at a non-intrusive distance. I believe there won’t be any issues even if Emmanuella walks alone.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Besides, you know, I’m a skilled magician, right? I can now use magic to create a barrier that prevents malicious entities from entering. And even if I constantly maintain it around me and Rudy, it doesn’t tire me out or anything.”

“I see, that’s wonderful. In that case, we can consider ourselves fully prepared.”

Rudy-sama nodded with a genuinely delighted expression, but that’s not what I meant.

“Yeah, so, I don’t think there’s a need for you to be in the position of my diagonal front, so to speak, as a sort of escort. . .”

I hope he understands without me having to spell it out.

As I gently conveyed my thoughts, Rudy turned to me with a bright smile.

“Understood! I will join the knights and switch to being an escort from a distance!”

“That’s not it! Why does it have to be like that?! It’s fine if you escort me or hold hands, or even better, like that couple over there, link arms and stay closer to me, by my side!”

Why does he try to create distance instead?

As I blurted out amidst frustration, Rudy-sama seemed flustered as if he had no idea what I was talking about. He really lacks awareness of being loved.

“Um, but, if I get too close, it might make Emmanuella uncomfortable. . .”

“That’s not true. I feel lonelier when my husband walks away.”

“As for security. . .Ah, well, we are fully prepared, but if we hold hands, for example, it would make it difficult to carry things. . .”

“Then I’ll carry them too. Besides, we don’t have anything to carry right now. Oh, I just can’t figure it out!”

While Rudy-sama continued to argue, I closed the distance between us and intertwined my hand with his, as if jumping into his hand.

“. . .Ah, um, well, it’s, um, not that it’s gross or anything. . .”

Blushing, Rudy-sama looked down.

Even though we are technically a married couple, it’s embarrassing to see him so flustered just from holding hands. It makes me feel embarrassed too.

My cheeks are hot. And when he mentions it again, there’s something that starts to blur in my hand.

“Well, um, I think it’s mutual when it comes to sweaty hands, so let’s not worry about it. It’s not gross or anything. It’s a special date after all. Well, if you don’t like it, I can let go. . .”

Suppressing my embarrassment, I expressed my honest feelings, and Rudy-sama quickly raised his face and vigorously shook his head.

“No, it’s impossible! It’s the greatest honor and happiness! Emmanuella’s hands are small, smooth, and if you say it’s okay to hold them, I don’t want to let go for the rest of my life. . .!”

He’s so straightforward with his expressions of affection! It’s embarrassing! He doesn’t have to go that far!

Well, I must admit that Rudy-sama’s hand feels sturdy and has a touch that is hard to let go of, more than I imagined. 

But whether I can say that without feeling embarrassed is another issue, right?!

“. . .However, once we taste this kind of happiness, it becomes terrifying afterward, and above all, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. . .”

While I secretly struggle, Rudy-sama becomes dejected and makes a somewhat timid statement.

I tightly grip his hand again and start walking.

“If it makes me uncomfortable, there’s no way I would hold your hand. It’s fine. I won’t let go for the rest of my life. Even if you say it’s terrifying afterward, I intend to be with you forever.”

“. . .Since you said you don’t need an escort and I don’t seem to be useful as a luggage carrier, at least let me do my best as your wallet.”

He’s still saying it!

Involuntarily, I glared up with a sharp gaze, and Rudy-sama, walking beside me, had eyes so poignant that it made my heart ache.

“So. . .please, don’t abandon me.”

In response to the warmth of the hand that firmly grasped mine and Rudy-sama’s earnest plea, I unintentionally nodded in agreement.

Well, whatever his intentions may be, if he continues to stay by my side, for now, I’ll consider it a good thing. . .

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