The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 20

Chapter 20

For a while, Rudy-sama and I wandered around various shops here and there without any particular purpose.

We visited a wide range of places, from slightly high-class boutiques on the main street to market stalls and even a slightly shady shop in a back alley. Well, the shop itself looked shady, but it turned out to be an old magic supplies store that was quite impressive inside, thanks to Rudy-sama’s guidance.

In each of the diverse shops we visited.

“Is that young lady over there with the Lord the Madame? My, my, what a beautiful lady! Congratulations on your marriage!”

“Oh, Oku-sama has a discerning eye despite her youth. Not being deceived by appearances and recognizing the greatness of our Rudy-sama!

“My, how close you two are. . It makes us so happy too.”

“Our proud Lord, strong, fair, kind, and capable, seemed to have been worried that he wouldn’t be blessed with a good woman. . But if he can marry such a wonderful lady, then everything he’s done so far has been rewarded.”

“Rudy-sama, being able to marry, especially such a beautiful person, and above all, seeing her so incredibly happy. . .It’s, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?”

The people who admire Rudy-sama, seeing us holding hands and being close, were excessively delighted.

There were even people who seemed so moved that they became teary-eyed and snotty, making me momentarily worried if they were tears of frustration from a secret rival who had been aiming for Rudy-sama. But I think they were just genuinely happy. Probably.

We were treated with various services as congratulations, and it became clear just how beloved Rudy-sama is to the people here and how desperate they thought his marriage would be.

Well, it’s understandable that they would think that way, even if they believe that such a wonderful person, who is undoubtedly a good lord, wouldn’t be blessed with marriage due to his globally unfavorable appearance. It’s true that being engaged at the age of 28 is relatively late for a noble, but as a man, it’s not strange to get married at this age.

I feel a bit uneasy for some reason.

Well, it’s probably because Rudy-sama is such a good lord that everyone has been eagerly waiting for his happiness. I’ll think that way.

“Come to think of it, not a single person has ever insulted me as the ‘wicked woman who bullied the beloved child.'”

As we walked back to the main street, I suddenly realized this fact and it naturally slipped out of my mouth.

Rudy-sama nodded slightly and smiled gently as he opened his mouth.

“Rumors couldn’t sway anyone because the real you is so wonderful. The people in this town have interactions with our servants, so they must have understood your true nature. Besides, our territory doesn’t receive much protection from the so-called guardian dragon, so the faith in the goddess of love and her temple is weak.”

“Ah, now I kind of understand why Rudy occasionally says dangerous things about the temple. . .”

“No, I don’t mind going against anyone or anything for your sake, no matter what it is.”

Love is so heavy.

Rudy-sama asserted with a serious expression, and I also became expressionless.

If he loves me that much, I wonder if he can believe me unconditionally when I say ‘I love you’. . After all, it’s me who’s saying it.

“. . .I feel a bit tired.”

“Oh, we’ve walked quite a bit. It’s nearby. . Ah, I’ve heard that the café over there is very popular among young women. Shall we go in and take a rest?”

I’m tired mentally, though.

However, the café that Rudy-sama pointed out immediately was indeed a charming place, and on the open terrace, young ladies were enjoying colorful cakes.

“. . .Ah, the classic date activity, right?”

I unintentionally muttered, and Rudy-sama tilted his head in confusion.

“Classic date activity. . .? What do you mean. . .”

“Alright, let’s go. Let’s go right away.”

At times like this, it’s best not to say unnecessary things.

If I were to say something like, “Let’s have a feeding each other session,” Rudy-sama would surely feel embarrassed and definitely wouldn’t come along.

“No, I’ll wait outside. It would be a bother for other customers if someone as ugly as me entered such a glamorous place. . .”

What a surprise. I was rejected even before revealing the true nature of the feeding each other session.

Despite me pulling his hand firmly, Rudy-sama, who just stood there without exerting any particular force, doesn’t budge.

“There’s nothing ugly about you, and even if there were, everyone is too engrossed in the cake to pay attention to who’s sitting next to them. It’s alright.”

“The staff will notice. You might be denied entry.”

“That wouldn’t happen in this town. . Well then, how about this? Let’s do a taste test. Look, I’ll eat a pastry made by someone unknown.?”

“Indeed, a taste tester is necessary. Understood. I humbly accept that role.”

Love is such a heavy burden.

When I tried making an incredibly demanding request, it was immediately accepted.

What on earth am I to Rudy-sama on the inside. . .

Well, as the presumed villainess, I’m someone who can handle poisons and curses, and I can easily detect them just by their smell, so there’s no actual danger to Rudy-sama.

But still, I wish Ruth-sama wouldn’t accept without hesitation, even though he shouldn’t know that fact.

Margrave, please take care of yourself. . .

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