The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 18

Chapter 18

In the break room of the Santorina household, where the servants gather.

“It’s been a month since Emmanuella-sama came here and became our Oku-sama. Hey, everyone, just between us, what do you think of Oku-sama?”

“Well, first of all, she’s incredibly beautiful, isn’t she? With that beauty, one would think she’d be full of pride as a Duke’s daughter, but surprisingly, she has a friendly side. . .There’s nothing to criticize about her, it feels like.”

“She has the qualities and grace to be a crown princess, and her magical abilities are extraordinary. She’s almost too perfect. Above all, I knew the previous Oku-sama, and unlike her, Emmanuella-sama doesn’t disregard Danna-sama or openly express dissatisfaction with this household. I’m grateful for that.”

“Oh, yes, I agree. I think Oku-sama is absolutely wonderful. But, well, not just that. . .Lately, I’ve started to wonder if she might have really bad taste.”

“. . .Are you talking about Oku-sama’s attitude towards Rudy-dannasama and the sensibility we can infer from it?”

“Yes, exactly. Oku-sama seems to quite like Danna-sama, doesn’t she?”

“More than ‘quite,’ it looks like she’s in love. And quite passionately, I might add.”

“At first, I thought she was trying to interact out of a sense of duty as a wife, but it’s clear that it’s not just that. . .”

“Danna-sama himself seems to completely believe that ‘there’s no way such happiness would come to me.’ Well, I suppose it’s understandable considering his upbringing with that kind of parent, but he’s really stubborn to the point of being rude.”

“But Oku-sama continues to approach him without giving up. If it were just an act to manipulate Danna-sama, she would have shown some signs of anger or frustration by now. But she only looks a little sad occasionally. So it’s not an act, but rather, she genuinely likes him. . .”

“If she just wanted to manipulate him, she wouldn’t have to go to such lengths. Just a fleeting glance or a slight smile would be enough. Besides, if it’s Danna-sama, he would do anything even without her doing anything.”

“Yes, that’s why I thought, you know, Oku-sama really has bad taste and genuinely loves Danna-sama.”

“It’s not appropriate to call our beloved mistress, who loves our master, ‘having bad taste.’. . .”

“That’s why I said it’s just between us. Besides, what else can we say? Danna-sama is wonderful in every aspect except his appearance, so we overlook that. . .It’s not like that, but Oku-sama is genuinely captivated by Danna-sama.”

“. . .Perhaps, because she experienced betrayal from the Crown Prince, she now finds Danna-sama’s appearance rather desirable and comforting.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, but anyway, I think Oku-sama truly has bad taste and genuinely loves Danna-sama.”

“Well, yes, I think Oku-sama’s feelings are genuine too. And it seems like everyone is gradually starting to think the same, except for Danna-sama.”

“That’s right. That’s why I absolutely think we must not let Oku-sama slip away.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, you know, Oku-sama is a lady who combines kindness, high abilities, beauty, and bad taste as if she were tailor-made for Danna-sama. There’s no one else except Emmanuella-sama who fits that description! We should make it our common understanding that it would be bad if we let her go!. . .That’s why I’m telling everyone this now.”

“Oh, I see. Danna-sama seems to have given up on his own happiness, and we were starting to give up too. . .But if Oku-sama continues to stay in this household, it might be Danna-sama’s happiness after all.”

“I heard that when the previous Oku-sama left, there was a sense of relief like ‘finally, she’s gone.’. . .But we can’t let Emmanuella-sama leave, right?”

“I don’t want to say much about the previous Oku-sama. . .but let me inform everyone that she was always irritable and would whip the servants over trivial matters. It is our utmost happiness that Emmanuella-sama is now the mistress of this mansion.”

“Yikes. Scary. Danna-sama has always worshipped Oku-sama(current) like a goddess. . .but she might truly be the savior of this house. Yes, we must never let her go. Well, all we can do is continue to ensure her comfort as much as possible, just like we have done until now. . .”

“But, until now, we have been careful not to have Danna-sama in her line of sight, but wouldn’t it be better to do the opposite? After all, you know, if you like someone, you would be happy to catch even a glimpse of them.”

“That’s right. When Oku-sama sees Danna-sama, she runs towards him with a smile of pure joy that could be mistaken for a dog or a child. . .”

“While it goes against Danna-sama’s wishes, he himself has said, ‘Above all else, prioritize Emmanuella and support her, even if it means opposing others.’ We will do our best as allies of Oku-sama’s love.”

“Fufu, using the word ‘love’ feels a bit embarrassing, but it’s amazing that we, who serve the Margrave Santorina family, have days where we can strive for such excitement.”

“Since Oku-sama arrived, the atmosphere in this house has become so pleasant. Just having such a beautiful mistress adds a sense of liveliness, but if she is so happy and enjoying love to the fullest, it’s only natural for us to get carried away.”

“And to top it off, her love interest is Danna-sama. It’s a good thing that Oku-sama has such poor taste. . .It seems that tense relationships are common among noble couples. If we had to serve such a family, we would definitely feel suffocated.”

“It’s a blessing. The only problem now is Danna-sama’s stubbornness. . .We must continue to support Oku-sama and encourage her until that is resolved. There is no other choice for us but to be on Oku-sama’s side.”

“Yes, let’s do our best. For the happiness of our master and, incidentally, for our own peace! We absolutely cannot let Emmanuella-sama slip away. . .!”

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  1. Wyntile says:

    The whole hair color thing determining a person’s elemental and power… it makes me wonder if one can’t dye their hair for asethic purposes.

    The scene of Emma doing so in front of others, dying the husband’s hair to black, to prove the point of “hey, your so-called beauty standard hair, it’s color can be easily changed like this anytime! How is it? Your master look bit more handsome to you? That’s why beauty to me isn’t defined by hair, which can easily change COLOR anytime. I define beauty by their face and body structure instead” … is stuck on my head. She’s a reincarnator, why not ask to see if dye exists in this world?

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