The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Oh no, should I have acted a bit cuter. . .?

I realized this after smoothly finishing my preparations, smoothly coming to the mountains, and smoothly hunting down the seventh wild boar.

Using my magic, I searched the entire mountain and detected the presence of a strong demon beast, likely a wild boar. Although it was far away, I used my expertise in dark magic to debuff the demon beast and hiked all the way to its location. In the end, Rudy-sama swiftly defeated the debuffed demon beast with overwhelming strength. Finally, I used magic to teleport the corpse of the demon beast, which I had previously set up a teleportation circle for, to the village at the foot of the mountain. Well, everything went smoothly up to this point, like an assembly line.

By the way, the plan is to have the village at the foot of the mountain, which suffered from the wild boar’s damage, handle the disposal of the corpse. Although there will be some work involved in dismantling it, selling the materials should cover the damages.

Yes, everything is going so smoothly, with no wasted effort. 

But maybe it would have created a better atmosphere if I had acted a bit spoiled, like saying how scary the demon beast was or how I couldn’t ride a horse to the village.

I can’t help but feel that everything has been progressing so monotonously. 

But I don’t want to be seen as incompetent. I did everything I could, and it’s just that Rudy-sama and my abilities are too high, turning it into mere work.

And you know, in terms of creating familiarity, I feel like I’ve succeeded. . .No, we have good coordination, but there’s no playful atmosphere that a married couple should have. At most, it feels like a sense of camaraderie among colleagues.

I feel like I should have noticed before reaching the seventh one, but it all went so smoothly that I didn’t have time to realize it.

Anyway, it’s hard to call this a date.

So far, there hasn’t been any thrilling moments or the suspension bridge effect. 

But I did have a heart-fluttering moment when I saw Rudy-sama’s fighting up close. And when he held my hand on a difficult part of the hike, that also made my heart flutter.

On the other hand, I don’t think there would be any heart-fluttering moments from just watching a woman who stayed behind or struggled to climb the mountain. 

Maybe my moments to shine are lacking, or maybe what I’m doing is just too plain. . .

“Emmanuella, even your magic is truly beautiful.”

However, just as I was secretly reflecting, Rudy-sama said that in a somewhat entranced voice while looking at me.

“Oh, um, really?”

Caught off guard by his unexpected comment, I responded somewhat flustered and then tilted my head.

My magic feels more like brute force with my abundant magical power. . .I feel like I’ve only been able to do plain things since earlier. . .Were there any beautiful aspects?

“Yes. Just by watching, one could become intoxicated by your abundant and high-purity magical power. You continuously use advanced magic without being overwhelmed by it, as if breathing. One could say that you possess the aura of a goddess.”

“Oh no, I don’t think that’s true. Your delicate control is more amazing. Since we entered the mountains, you’ve been circulating magic within your body to enhance your physical abilities, right? I don’t know anyone else who can use that kind of magic besides you.”

Instead of feeling familiar, I felt an even stronger sense of reverence from Rudy-sama’s words. So, I quickly denied his words and praised his greatness in return.

Well, it’s actually amazing. Using magic within your own body requires attention to every single blood vessel and nerve. If I tried it, I’m sure my flesh would burst.

“Oh, this is the result of my family, who has always had very little magical power, struggling to fight somehow. . .It certainly seems unusual, but rather than enhancing my body like this and swinging a sword, it would be much more efficient to cast even a single fireball.”

However, he said that with an expression that seemed to convey a sense of disappointment as he scratched his cheek.

Indeed, it may not be the fighting style that many nobles take pride in as a mage, but there’s no need to belittle it.

“Is that so? Magic may be powerful, but it takes time to activate, and my defense is as weak as paper. You cover my weaknesses perfectly. If I were left alone in this mountain overflowing with demon beasts, I’m confident I would die in seconds.”

“I would never give up the happiness of being able to protect you. Even hypothetically, it’s impossible.”

With such seriousness, he responded to my argument, momentarily leaving me speechless.

Rudy-sama always shows respect and kindness towards me. . .

“T-Thank you. Well, Rudy and I have different strengths and abilities, and we complement each other’s weaknesses. So, I wanted to say that we make a good team, like partners.”

“If I can be of use to you as your shield and sword, then maybe it’s better that I can only fight in this way.”

As my voice gradually became embarrassed and lost momentum, Rudy-sama continued to smile beautifully, looking genuinely happy.

Oh, goodness! I have so many things I want to say, like how low my self-esteem is or whether he acknowledged me as his partner or not!

If he keeps smiling at me with such open affection, my heart will be completely filled with ‘Ah, I love you!’. . .!

“Yes, I lost this time!”


Rudy-sama was startled by my sudden exclamation.

“Um, well, by ‘lost,’ do you mean. . .did I do something wrong?”

As he timidly looked at me, I shook my head in a desperate manner.

“No! Rudy was amazing from start to finish!”

“Then, um. . .what exactly is the difference between losing and failing. . .?”

He asked cautiously, and I let out a sigh.

“They say falling in love is losing. So, it means I lost.”

“. . .Huh?”

He tilted his head in confusion, and I couldn’t help but think how cute that expression was. . .As I confessed, I continued to explain.

“I came to this mountain hoping to make you see me in a different light. But in the end, I just confirmed how reliable you are and fell in love with you all over again. So, it’s a failure, and that’s why I lost. Let’s make the next date something different, not an adventure. How about going out together in town and enjoying some shopping?”

“Um, well, why?”

Instead of encouragement, he responded with a question. Did I go too far too quickly?

“Well, um, Lilyria taught me that such things are a common staple for dates. When I asked for preparations before we left today, she was greatly astonished, saying, ‘It’s unthinkable to go demon beast hunting on a date. I can’t believe you were serious. . .'”

The result was a failure.

As I spoke, my voice became more and more dejected, but Rudy-sama shook his head as if to cheer me up.

“No, no, Emmanuella, I’ve seen plenty of your good qualities. I was truly captivated by your magic, and if it means I can easily and surely defeat them, I’ve been considering how I can assist you in the future. . .”

“Well, I’m glad I could be of help to this land and to Rudy-sama.”

When I raised my face with joy at his kind words, Rudy-sama nodded with a serious expression.

“Yes, absolutely.”

“Then, please give me a reward. Let’s go on a shopping date in town.”

As I extended my hand, the cash-carrying me, Rudy-sama looked at it suspiciously.

“. . .Even without my company, if it’s shopping in town, it can be covered by my household’s account.”

“Oh, well, I have my own assets, you know? I don’t worry about money for a day of shopping in the city. I can even treat you to anything, so won’t you come with me?”

As I invited him, Rudy-sama’s angle of his head and his suspicious demeanor deepened. Why?

“. . .Um, well, my city isn’t that unsafe, so there’s no need for an escort. When Emmanuella goes out, we’ll increase patrols and have knights keep an eye out everywhere. That should be enough. On the contrary, there are many people, so it’s better to choose someone based on appearance to carry your belongings. . .”

“Is that about your mother-in-law?”

“Oh, yes. My mother used to have numerous handsome men accompany her when she went out in town. . .”

“Alright, it’s time for the daughter-in-law vs. mother-in-law battle (physics).”


At my resentful mutter, Rudy-sama showed a surprised expression. Oops.

I cleared my throat and tried to cover it up with a dazzling smile.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Right, Rudy? I want you to come with me without worrying too much about being my escort. Let’s enjoy together.”

“Um, well, if it’s just carrying luggage, then it’s a matter of appearance. . .”

“You’re saying appearance matters, and you’re the one who said it. Of course, I’m attracted not only to your appearance but also to your personality and abilities. But you chose me based on appearance alone.”

“Hmm? Um, I don’t think Emmanuel needs a supporting role. . .?”

It’s slightly irritating that he probably thinks he’s ugly, but since that complex seems deeply rooted and will take time to resolve, I’ll leave it for now.

I smirked at Rudy-sama, who became even more perplexed.

“So, Rudy, you think I’m beautiful to the point where I don’t need a supporting role, right?”

It’s embarrassing to be so conceited, but if I ask him like that, thinking that I’m the most beautiful girl in this world, Rudy-sama nodded with a fascinated smile. 

“Yes! Emmanuella is absolutely and overwhelmingly beautiful, unlike anyone else in the world! Your black hair that shines like the sun, your refined manners down to your fingertips, and your elegant smile that exudes charm without being pretentious. There’s no one who wouldn’t be captivated by you.”

I’m glad he didn’t go that far with his compliments. . .!

While feeling on the verge of breaking from embarrassment, I repeated my question to Rudy-sama, who acknowledged my beauty as I intended.

“So, if it’s you, Rudy, would you be happy to walk beside me in town and be proud of the man by my side?”

“Of course. The man who can walk beside you is the luckiest person in the world.”

“If it’s you, Rudy, would you be happy?”

“Of course. I would dedicate all my possessions to have that privilege.”

“Now, you can have it for free. I’m glad you’ll walk with me! So, let’s go out in town on our next day off!”

“Ah, yes. Understood. . .Huh? Um, um, huh?!”

Rudy-sama, who fell into my trap, was now surprised and confused, but I had already obtained his agreement.

If he doesn’t have confidence in being chosen based on appearance, then it’s fine to have him chosen based on appearance. The plan was a success.

“Now, now, Rudy, since we’ve decided on the next plan, let’s finish today’s work quickly! The next location seems to be a little further down to the west!”

“To the west, understood. Um, no, going back to what we were talking about, I’m afraid that walking with me might make you uncomfortable. . .”

“That’s not true, don’t worry. Oh, this way is a bit steep.”

“Take my hand. If you’re worried, I can carry you down if it’s someone like Emmanuella. No, that’s not it. . .”

“Oh, Rudy, how reliable are you! If it really doesn’t work out, then I’ll ask for your help.”

“Please don’t hesitate to ask. So, about that. . .”

Ignoring Rudy-sama, who was persistently trying to bring up the topic, I returned to boar hunting with a smile.

After that, there was nothing particularly noteworthy, and the hunting went smoothly.

I didn’t want to burden him in the mountains, so I endured it, but I wanted to confirm the feeling of his broad and reliable back, so I asked him to carry me when we reached the village at the foot of the mountain. As expected, his back was wide and sturdy, and it was truly dependable. I protected my agreement without retracting it.

It didn’t really feel like a date, but it can be considered a great achievement.

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