The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 41

𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫

When the band played a heroic tune, the party hall was suddenly enveloped in tension.

“Prince Gale has arrived.”

Whispered murmurs spread throughout the venue.

Everyone’s attention was captured as the door at the back opened.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for gathering here today for me!”

Prince Gale’s voice echoed throughout.

“As you know, our St. Arrogas Defense Force has successfully dismantled the large-scale kidnapping organization that had been terrorizing this city! I organized the St. Arrogas Defense Force precisely for this reason! To protect this city, no, this country from vile criminals. Our squad exists for this purpose. Today’s party is not just to celebrate the removal of a pest from our country, but to declare that as long as our squad exists, there will be no hiding place for villains in this country! Everyone, make a lot of noise and enjoy, and let the power of the St. Arrogas Defense Force be known!”

Applause and cheers filled the venue.

“Congratulations, Prince Gale!”

“As expected of Prince Gale, with you here, the Kingdom of Arrogas is safe!”

“Indeed, a hundred years of peace for the kingdom is virtually assured.”

“We, the nobility, hereby pledge our unwavering loyalty to Prince Gale once again.”

Nobles and influential figures crowded around Prince Gale, heaping praises and exclamations.

For Prince Gale, this was only natural.

Born a prince and a genius magic knight, he had always been showered with nothing but beautiful phrases. Being praised again now stirred no emotions in him.

However, Gale was sensitive to those who did not approach him.

And now, his gaze landed on Luke and Alma, standing against the wall of the venue.

The moment he saw Luke’s distinctive hair, Gale felt his blood stir.

Prince Gale, already displeased with those who didn’t approach him, was particularly disturbed by the presence of these two individuals at his celebratory party.

Gale whispered to a servant standing by.

“Hey, those people by the wall, why are they here?”

“Yes, that is. . . Alma Bastille, the daughter of Rampart Margrave.”

“I know that! Why is she at this event?”

“I’m sorry! But. . . the Rampart Margrave is an important figure in our country, we couldn’t not invite. . .”

(Those secretaries, making decisions on their own!)

Gale clicked his tongue and glared at the two by the wall.

Had he scrutinized the guest list himself, he would never have invited Rampart Margrave and his daughter.

But he had been unenthusiastic about the party from the start and had left everything to others.

Still, if it were only the Bastille family, Gale could have tolerated it.

(Why is that man here.)

Gale had taken an instant dislike to the white-haired man named Luke the first time they met.

He had always hated the name Luke, but upon first sight, his instincts told him this man was dangerous.

Gale’s strength, renowned as a once-in-a-century genius, was not for show.

His confidence that no one in the country could match him was backed by his strength.


Ironically, Gale, possessing true strength, unknowingly acknowledged Luke’s power, which manifested as stress.

Therefore, Gale couldn’t ignore the two wallflowers.


Unknowingly clicking his tongue again, Gale advanced towards Luke, or rather, the two of them.

“That’s some confidence you have. Truly fitting for a prince of this country.”

Unaware of Gale’s feelings, Luke casually observed Gale, who was the life of the party.

“Really, Luke. How can you be so carefree?”

Alma, as if hiding, moved behind Luke.

“I think we’re out of place here. Maybe we shouldn’t have come. . .”

“It’s okay. Maybe the prince has already forgotten about it. . .”

When Luke turned around, sensing someone, Prince Gale stood before him.

“Well, well, Prince Gale. I am honored to be invited today.”

“Why is a commoner like you here?”

Gale spoke to Luke abruptly, without greeting Alma behind him.

“. . .I am accompanying Alma-ojousama as her servant.”

“Good evening, Prince Gale. Thank you for inviting us on such a fine day.”

Alma greeted timidly.


Gale clicked his tongue for the third time.

Trying to control his anger, Gale couldn’t stop thinking about the stalled investigation whenever he saw Luke’s face.

Naturally, his words became curt.

“I didn’t invite you. The secretaries did. As you are part of the Rampart Margrave family, I can’t be rude, but behave yourself.”

“As you say.”

Luke’s composed attitude further irritated Gale.

“Wait a moment.”

Gale stopped Luke, who was about to leave with Alma.

“You’re Luke, right? Is it true that you subdued those kidnappers?”

“. . .”

“Answer me truthfully. I won’t tolerate lies.”

“. . .Yes.”

Realizing resistance would be troublesome, Luke answered with a light sigh.

“. . .Did you also deal with that sorcerer?”


Gale gritted his teeth.

The sorcerer, named Zomduck, was a top-wanted criminal magician nationwide.

Any ordinary magic knight would struggle to capture him, let alone emerge unscathed.

And yet, Luke neutralized him without a scratch. . .


Prince Gale snorted dismissively.

“You single-handedly took down that many? Unbelievable.”

“. . .Prince Gale asked for honesty.”

“Anyone can say anything.”

However, Gale didn’t back down.

He showed a defiant smile to Luke.

“Let’s see if you really have such skills.”

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