The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 42

𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐡! 𝐋𝐮𝐤𝐞 𝐯𝐬. 𝐆𝐚𝐥𝐞

“Hey, it seems Prince Gale is having a match.”

“Good grief, the prince’s bad habits are showing again.”

“Poor soul, whoever it is. They won’t be able to stand up for a while. Well, they’re lucky if they’re still alive.”

A murmur spread through the party guests like a wave.

The party venue had now thinned out, and instead, a crowd had gathered in the castle courtyard.

And there, at the center, stood Luke.

“Show me if you really have that much strength.”

Gale, confronting Luke, boasts.

“Refusing is. . . not an option, is it?”

“Of course not. Think you can stay in this country if you try such a thing.”

Gale said bluntly and threw a sword to Luke.

“It’s a real sword, though blunted. We don’t use toy swords like wooden ones in the St. Arrogas Guard. Worry not, my subordinates are excellent healers. They’ll treat you well unless you’re beheaded.”

“. . .Understood.”

Luke picked up the sword at his feet.

“What will be the rules?”

“If you can land even one attack on me, you win.”

Gale cast a spell, and a barrier enveloped a ten-meter radius around the two.

“Use as much magic as you like. If you win, I’ll acknowledge your strength and listen to any wish you have. But if you don’t show me satisfactory skill, don’t expect mercy. I’ll relentlessly pursue you as a fraud.”

Gale’s aura, sword in hand, was so intense that the spectators stepped back.

(This is. . . serious)

Cold sweat ran down Luke’s face as he faced Gale.

Gale was known as a genius once in a hundred years, and Luke had understood his strength when they first met, but the force he felt facing him was on another level.

Just facing him made sweat seep from his entire body.

“This might have been easier than a chimera.”

“What’s wrong, if you won’t come at me. . . I’ll make the first move!”

Instantly, Gale disappeared, and Luke’s body was thrown sideways.

A gust-like slash blew Luke away even as he defended.

“Flame Bullet.”

Gale performed an incantation even though he kept his distance, and around him, over a dozen flame bullets were born.

The fire bullets attacked Luke in erratic trajectories.


Luke tried to defend with magic, but Gale’s sword attack struck.

Gale’s strength was real.

At a distance, powerful attack spells rained down, and in close combat, relentless sword skills attacked.

Luke was purely on the defensive and couldn’t counterattack at all.

“This is hopeless. Prince Gale’s overwhelming victory.”

“Of course, who in this country could beat the prince? It’s an honor just to be a match.”

“But why is the prince having a match with a servant like that?”

“Who knows, probably just a whim. Well, if sacrificing one servant improves the prince’s mood, it’s a small price to pay.”


The onlookers at the match were uttering words of pity for Luke, while simultaneously praising the prince’s strength.


Alma’s voice, like a scream, was not reaching Luke’s ears.

“What’s wrong! Won’t you attack! Is that the extent of your strength!”

With a mocking tone, Gale’s attacks were becoming more ferocious.

(Is this all he’s got. It seems the rumor of this man defeating those guys was a lie. But, as punishment for irritating my nerves, maybe I should break two or three of his limbs)

Gale, having internally confirmed his victory, was unaware of the relief also budding inside him.

Five, ten, twenty clashes, the sword and magic battle continued.

“Hey. . . doesn’t something seem off?”

“Yeah. . . it’s taking a lot of time.”

“Isn’t it rare for Prince Gale to take this much time? Is he playing around?”

“Or rather. . . isn’t he gradually getting pushed into a defensive position?”

Before long, words of confusion began to spill from the mouths of the people.

Usually, Prince Gale’s matches are settled in one or two clashes, and reaching five clashes would earn the opponent words of praise for their valiant effort.

But now, Prince Gale had not been able to defeat his opponent even past twenty clashes.

This was clearly unusual.

And Prince Gale himself was thinking the same.

(Why! Why can’t I defeat him! Why can’t I land a hit on him!)

No matter how many times he cast magic, it was all blocked, and even his lethal sword strikes were completely received.

And then, seizing the opportunity, the opponent would counterattack.

Before he knew it, Gale found himself defending more than attacking.

(Can this guy. . . read my mind. . .?)

Unknowingly, fear had crept into Gale’s heart.

Meanwhile, Luke, while advancing his analysis, was internally impressed by Gale’s strength.

(I’m finally getting a grasp on the analysis. . . but Prince Gale is truly strong)

While he could read the patterns in Gale’s fighting and magic, he still hadn’t found a decisive move to finish the battle.

That’s how flawless Gale’s combat style was.

And there was another concern on Luke’s mind.

He glanced at Alma, who was looking over worriedly.

(It won’t be easy to just score a point and end this. . . right?)

It was hard to believe that Gale, with his towering pride, would simply admit defeat after losing one point.

More likely, he might harbor an unreasonable grudge, like in the previous incident.

And pretending to lose was also not an easy option.

With Gale’s skill level, he would immediately notice any holding back, and in such a close battle, one mistake could lead to serious injury.

Therefore, the match needed to be finished safely without offending Gale too much.

“You. . .! Just fall down already!”

Irritated, Gale overflowed with magical power.

Simultaneously, Luke’s body felt as heavy as lead.

(Is this. . . Prince Gale’s unique magic?)


With a battle cry, Gale swung his sword down.

Luke’s sword met it head-on.




The two swords clashed, echoing a sharp metallic sound.

And at the same time, both swords snapped in half.


A look of astonishment appeared on Gale’s face.

Luke raised his hands.

“I give up. I surrender.”

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