The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 40

𝐅𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐫𝐞𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐨𝐧


A high-pitched scream, like a wail of Greed, echoed through the party hall.

Attendees turned around, wondering what was happening.

“Luke? Impossible! You’re supposed to be dead. . .”

Greed staggered back with a pale face.

“Thanks to you, I’m still alive. Although I might look a bit different.”

“Nonsense! You can’t be! You fell into the valley and died!”

Greed screamed, frothing at the mouth.

Yes, Luke was supposed to have died that day.

The assassin hired to dispose of Luke had appeared with Luke’s left hand as evidence.

━I dropped Luke into the ravine to make it look like an accident, here’s the proof━

Although not finding Luke’s body was a concern, everything thereafter had gone according to Greed’s plans.

After the funeral, Greed had forcefully inserted a forged declaration of Luke’s title transfer, inheriting the Lordship of the Narejji domain and finally achieving his dream of becoming a Count.

His future seemed smooth sailing, eventually moving from a local lord to national politics.

Greed visualized his dream crumbling before his eyes.

“N, Nonsense. . .”

Greed groaned as if squeezing out the words.

“Who are you! You can’t be Luke! You must be plotting to usurp my title!”

People measure others by their own standards; Greed believed everyone else harbored schemes just like him.

“I have no such intentions.”

Luke gave a wry smile.

“Honestly, I don’t care anymore about my uncle taking my title or who was behind the attack that day. Frankly, I’m not interested in titles or lordships, so please, continue without me.”


Greed barked.

His eyes were bloodshot, beyond rational thought.

“Then why appear before me now? You must be up to something! Where is the security team? Arrest this fake at once!”

“Calm down, Lord Greed.”

Turning at the sound, Greed saw Sir Wilfred standing there.

“Sir Wilfred?”

“Is there a problem with my servant?”

“Your. . . servant? Lu. . . this man? Ah!”

It finally dawned on Greed that Luke was a servant of Alma, turning his face ashen.

There was no comparison between Greed, a minor Narejji Count, and Sir Wilfred, the Rampart Margrave.

Greed had just insulted the property of the Rampart Margrave in public.

“Indeed. And, by the way, I am also his guardian.”

“His. . . guardian?!”

Greed’s face broke out in cold sweat.

“I am aware of the history between you and Luke. Yet, out of consideration for you, Luke chose not to return to his territory. I am impressed by his nobility and decided to become his guardian. So, he is now akin to my family. If there’s an issue, I’d prefer it be brought through me first.”


“That. . . that is. . . those. . .”

Sir Wilfred sharply eyed Greed as he became flustered.

“Come to think of it, you just called him a fake earlier, does that mean you are implying I am the kind of man who can be deceived?”

“No, I. . . that. . . I never meant. . . that. . . Yes! I just remembered an urgent matter, so I must excuse myself now!”

With that, Greed ran off, pushing through the crowd.

“Really, what a commotion this turned out to be.”

“Thank you.”

Sir Wilfred smiled at Luke as he bowed his head.

“No need to thank me. What you did for me is nothing compared to this. I thought you would punch him when you met again, but you seemed quite calm.”

“I thought I would do that myself.”

Luke chuckled bitterly.

“When I saw his face, my anger just vanished. It seems he is already a person of the past for me.”

“Hmm, you’ve grown up. But repaying a debt of gratitude is a man’s pride. I can cover for you if you just want to give him a bloody nose; no need to hold back.”

“Please allow me to refrain. I can’t do something so unrefined in front of Alma and Sir Wilfred.”

“Well said!”

Sir Wilfred patted Luke on the back.

“Then, let’s switch our mood and enjoy the party!”

“Prince Gale, it’s time for you to make your appearance.”

“I know.”

Gale answered irritably.

“Damn, I can’t get my hair to behave.”

He repeatedly tried to fix his hair, only to mess it up each time.

He was never keen on this party in the first place.

Although the kidnappers had been arrested, the investigation had been progressing slowly ever since.

During the interrogation, they just kept insisting they were selling to whoever came to buy, with no clue about who was behind them.

Normally, he wouldn’t have time for parties, but the ministers had gone ahead and arranged everything.

“Damn it, this is all because the guards acted hastily and messed things up.”

Gale cursed alone, picturing Luke’s face in his mind.

(Was he right? Would things have been different if I had been more cautious with the investigation. . .)

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

Gale punched the mirror as if to shake off the cloud of doubt covering his head.

“The investigation is stalled because they messed up the scene! It’s all their fault!”

He spat out irritably and turned on his heel.

“Hey, what are you doing! Lead me to the venue quickly! I want to end this pointless farce!”

Gale, followed by his flustered attendant, strode towards the party venue.

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