The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 119


The semi-magical creature seemed to be completely unaffected by the magic that was powerful enough to partially destroy the dungeon.

In fact, it even seemed to be growing stronger.

“No, no. . . My magic. . . It’s not working. . .”

Ethel, who was wrapped in tentacles, was lifted into the air.


Tentacles also wrapped around Leslie’s leg as she tried to escape.


The bodies of the two who were entangled by the semi-magical creature quickly turned black.

It was Luke’s sword that saved the two.

“Magic stop.”

The remnants of the semi-magical creature that were entwined around their bodies also stopped moving due to Luke’s magic.

“As I thought, magic that interferes with magical power itself is effective.”

Luke nodded in agreement and turned to Alma.

“Alma, can you take care of these three for a while? I need you to distract the semi-magical creature for 10 minutes, no, just 5 minutes.”

“Leave it to me.”

Alma, who had grown larger, picked up the three people from the 《Blue Sky Hawk》.

“What are you doing! Let go!”

“If you scream too much, it’s dangerous. I don’t have the luxury of paying attention to you.”

Alma, while holding the three, dodged the tentacle attacks of the semi-magical creature.

“Miranda-san, this is for you.”

Luke handed Miranda the sword of Adamant Slime.

“With this, you can withstand the corrosion of the semi-magical creature. Can you support Alma with this?”

“I understand. But Luke, what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to analyze that.”

Luke pointed to the destroyed ancient water gate.

“It’s something left by master, so I might be able to figure out how to defeat it.”

“I understand. . . I’m counting on you!”

Miranda said that and jumped out in front of the soldiers who were frozen in fear.

She cut off the tentacles that were stretching towards the soldiers.

“Leave this to me!”


Luke headed towards the ancient water gate.

The water gate was adorned with complex magic patterns.

It was as if a painter who had fallen into madness had painted it.

It would probably be impossible to analyze everything even in a month.

“But I have to do it.”

Luke held his hand over the water gate and poured in magical power.

“Artificial spirit circuit, open from the first gate to the third gate.”

Luke’s left eye emitted a red light.

The path of magical power flowing through the magic pattern floated up in his head.

The structure and function of the magic pattern, which would take 100 years to analyze for a normal magician, flowed into Luke’s head all at once.

Luke’s left eye analyzed the amount of information that would drive an ordinary person mad.

But Luke’s body did not remain unscathed from the burden.

Blood flowed from his left eye, left ear, and nose.

But Luke didn’t stop.

In fact, there was even a smile on Luke’s face.


“So this is. . . the skill of master. . .”

Now, only demons can use the origin magic, and this water gate has become capable of activating it alone.

The ancient water gate used to take in the magical power of the target as a power source, and with the original magic, it was designed to reduce the opponent to pure magic elements.

Moreover, because it is realized without using magic stones that deteriorate over time, the effect lasts semi-permanently until the magic circuit can no longer be used.

In other words, as long as the water gate exists, it will continue to reduce semi-magical creatures to magic elements semi-permanently.

Such technology probably did not exist even in the old empire.

“With this, I can also. . . artificial spirit circuit. . . open from the fourth gate to the ninth gate!”

Luke’s eyes are increasing in light.

Now, blood was flowing from both of Luke’s eyes, but Luke didn’t even show a sign of caring.

A crack runs in the magic circuit engraved on the water gate.

A new pattern is engraved to bypass the part destroyed by the  《Blue Sky Hawk》 .

“Alma! Bring the semi-magical creature here!”


At Luke’s shout, Alma grabbed the semi-magical creature without a moment’s hesitation.

Even the Demonstration Armor made by Iris crumbles with smoke when it is wrapped around the tentacles of a semi-magical creature.

Still, Alma doesn’t stop.

“Take this!”

While clinging to the semi-magical creature that looks like a mountain of sludge, she forcibly pushed it into the back of the water gate.



Just before being swallowed by the semi-magical creature, Alma, who had deactivated the Demonstration Armor, clung to Luke’s outstretched hand.

Still, the black tentacles stretch out towards the two.

Luke, who rolled out of the water gate while hugging Alma, closed the water gate with his left hand.

“Restart the Gate of Reduction!”

The magic circuit engraved on the water gate ran with light from the magic power poured into Luke.

The tentacles leaking from the crack in the water gate are reduced to magic elements while sparkling.

It was the last glow of the semi-magical creature born from the magic elements accumulated underground.

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