The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 120


Luke, having confirmed that the water gate was fully activated, suddenly collapsed.

Alma hurriedly supported his body.

“Luke? Luke!. . . You look terrible. . . Hang in there!”

While turning pale, she wiped the blood that had stuck to Luke’s face.

“I’m fine. . . I just lost a bit of strength.”

“Are you okay!”

Miranda then rushed over.

“Miranda-san, you were safe too.”

“Rather, isn’t your situation more serious? So, how did it go?”

Luke gave a thumbs up to the worried Miranda.

“The semi-magical creatures have returned to their magical elements. We should be fine for the time being.”

“. . .You mean, you repaired the ancient water gate?!”

“No, I couldn’t repair it, so I just made it work within its operable range. I’m relieved it went well.”

“Well, isn’t that amazing enough? I can’t even imagine how amazing it is.”

Miranda looked up at the water gate in surprise.

The water gate continued to flow clear water, faintly flashing the engraved magic patterns.

Luke put his hand on the water flowing from the mouth of the water gate and nodded.

“It seems that the contamination of magical elements has also disappeared. At least, the black spot fever will not spread any further.”

“I see. . . I’m glad. . .”

Miranda breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh, is it over? What happened to him? Did you defeat him?”

“. . .Lord Clavi.”

Seeing Clavi, who had come staggering from behind, Miranda made a disgusted expression.

“Um, um, you guys did a great job. As expected of the people I had my eye on. I’ll let you off the hook for the rudeness earlier.”

Clavi, wiping his sweat, grinned.

“That’s right, you guys came to this city to do business. This is certainly a big contribution to Mercapolis. Alright, I’ll acknowledge your business dealings.”

Luke sighed heavily.

“Lord Clavi, that’s enough.”

Miranda interjected with a disgusted look.

“Don’t think that what you did will be forgiven. Once the black spot fever subsides, we’ll thoroughly wash you, including the water purification plant, so be prepared.”


Clavi is visibly disgusted by Miranda’s words.

“Of course. Your instruction to the 《Blue Sky Hawk》 to destroy the ancient water gate is a significant act of rebellion against this state. Just because you’re a council member, don’t think you’ll get off scot-free.”

“Don’t. . . don’t mess with me! How dare you say such a thing to me. . .”

Clavi is completely furious.

His bald head is bright red, and several veins are bulging.

However, Miranda doesn’t seem to be disturbed at all.

On the contrary, she seems to be enjoying it.

“I’m not messing around. With so much evidence left, don’t think you can escape. Or are you going to make us disappear right here and cover up the evidence? With those three behind you.”


“The three of us?”

When Clavi turned around in surprise, only the three of the  《Blue Sky Hawk》  were there.

The soldiers were nowhere to be seen.

“It seems they went back because the semi-magical creature disappeared and the area was unsealed.”

“Luke, isn’t that person quite unpopular?”

“K. . . Kuku. . .”

Clavi could only tremble.

“Ah~! What is this!”

A loud voice echoed there.

When he turned to the voice, Ethel was looking at her face with a hand mirror.

There was a blue-black streak from her neck to her cheek.

It was the mark of being wrapped by a semi-magical creature.

“No way! It doesn’t come off even if I wash it!”

She knelt by the waterway and splashed water many times, but the blue-black bruise didn’t seem to come off at all.

“Me too.”

Leslie’s face had a bruise in the shape of an X.

“Damn, that disgusting creature! Leaving something like this!”

Runker had it around his right arm and eye.

“No way, what’s that?”

Alma was surprised and covered her mouth with her hand.

“Probably when they were being absorbed by the semi-magical creature, the magical elements integrated with their bodies. I think it will disappear eventually. . .”

“Hey! That’s true, right!”

Hearing Luke’s words, Runker snapped at him.

“This bruise will really disappear, right?! Absolutely?!”

“W, Well, I don’t know exactly. . . but I don’t think the magical elements will progress any deeper into your bodies. . . so they should eventually fall off as dead skin. . . shouldn’t they?”

Luke replied with a shrug, his face grimacing.

His shoulders were trembling slightly.

“Hey, Luke. It’s rude to laugh.”

Alma also had tears in her eyes from holding back too much.

As for Miranda, she was completely laughing, though she was trying to suppress her voice with her back turned.

“Grrr. . . Damn it! I shouldn’t have come to a place like this! I’m sick of this musty place too!”

Runker shouted with a red face and left.

“Ah, wait a minute. We can’t go back to town looking like this.”

“Exactly, it’s not beneficial at all, it’s just a minus.”

Leslie and Cecil followed him.

“. . .Don’t think you’ve won! Don’t think a lowly guard like you can do anything to me!”

Clavi, who had been watching the three of them leave in a fluster, left a parting shot at Miranda and followed them.

“Well, well, is that what the top merchant and council member of Mercapolis says?”

Miranda sighed deeply and shrugged her shoulders.

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