The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 118

𝐃𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞

Luke and Alma, a semi-magical creature towers in front of Miranda’s eyes.

Even though its tentacles have been cut off, there is no visible damage to its body.

No, it may not even be aware that it has been cut.

“What are we going to do? We can’t escape at this rate.”

Miranda’s voice is trembling with tension.

But Luke was calm.

“No, let’s see this as an opportunity. If we defeat it here, we can stop the spread of the black spot fever.”

“. . .You’re quite something.”

Surprised by the unexpected words, Miranda momentarily gapes, then breaks into a smile and picks up her sword again.

Thanks to this, the unnecessary tension in her shoulders is released, and she is able to calmly observe the situation.

“Luke, you’re right. To stop the black spot fever, we have to defeat it. It’s simple when you think about it.”

“Ugh, I don’t feel like fighting it, even with armor. . .”

Despite her grumbling, Alma is also preparing for battle.

“Alma, if you attack it physically, you might end up like Gustav or Runker. It might be better to use a weapon.”

“So, so? Then I’ll use this.”

Alma, seemingly relieved, picked up the war hammer left by Gustav.

“Let’s try to immobilize it for now. You two focus on defense and attack when you can!”


Luke thrusts his left hand forward and begins to chant.

“Restraint Crush!”

A rope of magical power entwines the semi-magical creature.

“Can you do it?!”

“No. . .this is. . .”

Miranda, who was shouting happily, had a grim expression on her face.

There was no response at all.

It was as if they were trying to tie up mud with a rope.

Probably, even if they strengthened the restraint, it would have no effect.

Suddenly, the semi-magical creature’s entire body shook violently.

(The attack is coming!)

Luke’s left eye issues a warning.

The target is probably Alma, who is protecting the soldiers and the  《Blue Sky Hawk》  behind her.

“Alma! It’s coming your way!”

The tentacles of the semi-magical creature attacked Alma, who had raised her shield at Luke’s warning.

The shield that received the semi-magical creature’s tentacles began to turn black in no time.

“Alma! Let go of the shield!”

“This. . .!”

Alma, who had collided with the semi-magical creature as if to body slam it with the shield, swung her war hammer at the shield she had let go of.

The impact transmitted to the ground created a huge crater centered on the semi-magical creature.

The war hammer shattered into pieces, unable to absorb Alma’s power.

“How about that!”



Alma’s attack was powerful enough to pierce the earth, but there was no visible change in the semi-magical creature. 

It continued to advance, pulsating eerily as usual. 

“What’s going on?! There’s no effect even with that?!”

The semi-magical creature vibrated its body again and extended its tentacles towards Alma. 


With a flash of spirit, Miranda cut it off with her sword. 

“Severance Barrier!”

Luke’s barrier magic trapped the semi-magical creature. 

The barrier was in contact with the semi-magical creature, scattering sparks. 

“I probably won’t be able to maintain this barrier for long. We need to find a solution before then.”

Luke held his hand over the writhing remnants of the semi-magical creature at his feet. 

“Flame Bullet.”

Even when hit with a flame bullet, the remnants did not burn, but only increased their movement. 

“It seems that half-hearted magical attacks not only have no effect, but also only give power to the semi-magical creature. So, we only have physical attacks. . .”

“But physical attacks are not easy either.”

Saying that, Miranda’s sword, which she had brought out earlier, was already in tatters after just one blow. 

“Even a sword with anti-magic effects is in this state. We won’t have enough weapons no matter how many we have.”

“We might be able to defeat it with a saturation attack, but then we would have to destroy the water source. . . This is a problem.”


As Luke and the others were worrying, a war cry echoed from the back. 

When they turned around, they saw soldiers charging towards the semi-magical creature. 

“It can’t move! If we’re going to defeat it, now’s the time!”

Runker, who had somehow recovered, was leading the soldiers. 

Leslie’s support magic enveloped the soldiers. 

“Attack power increased fivefold! With this much power, we can handle a demon beast like that!”

“I’ll blow it away with my maximum magic, along with the barrier!”

Ethel began to chant. 

A vast amount of magical power gathered in Ethel’s hand. 

“Don’t do that! If you do that. . .!”

“Grand Explosion!”

Despite Luke’s warning, Ethel’s attack magic was unleashed towards the semi-magical creature. 

An impact wave pierced through the dungeon with a deafening noise. 

The soldiers were all blown away by the impact. 

“Ethel! What are you doing?! If you had left it to the soldiers I enhanced, it would have been fine.”

“Shut up! If we dawdle, the barrier will be broken! In situations like this, speed is life, speed!”

“What are they doing. . .”

Luke could only hold his head in his hands at this. 

“That mud pile, I’ll smash it with my magic.”

Ethel, who was about to step into the smoke nonchalantly. 


When Luke’s voice echoed, a black tentacle that stretched out from the smoke wrapped around Ethel’s neck.

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