The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 103

𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐭𝐲

The demonic beast activity persisted for about a week around the summer solstice, with beasts continually emerging from the demon realm during this period.

Merchants also avoided approaching Mercapolis during this time.

However, the area around the village of Crete was as calm as a lull.

This was not because the villagers were negligent in their vigilance; rather, despite the demonic beast activity, not a single beast appeared.

“I never expected it to be this effective. . .”

Namil looked up in surprise at the wooden fence surrounding the village of Crete.

The fence was painted bright red with Elde, as instructed by Luke.

It wasn’t just the fence; the walls of the houses and the surrounding trees were also coated with Elde, making the village’s perimeter appear as if it were engulfed in flames.

Thanks to this, no demonic beasts appeared at all.

Occasionally, creatures approached but quickly retreated back into the forest upon recognizing the Elde and the armed beastkin.

“It seems to have worked well.”

“It’s more than just working well. I regret not realizing this sooner.”

Luke sighed deeply at Namil’s words.

“If we had known this earlier, how many lives could have been saved. . . But it’s no use talking about that now. Let’s be thankful for the peace that Elde has brought us. And to Luke-san, who made it happen.”

“No, this is all thanks to the master. . . By the way, may I ask you something?”

“Certainly. I’ll answer anything I can for Luke-san’s sake.”

“Could you tell me about the Red Horned Princess? Anything you know will do.”

Namil raised an eyebrow at Luke’s unexpected question.

“The Red Horned Princess? Of course, but. . . It’s more of a local belief that we beastkin worship. I wouldn’t think it’s something that would concern you.”

“No, it’s actually very relevant.”

Luke continued, shaking his head.

“I’ve been training under a certain demon for a while. And it seems that this demon might be the goddess you beastkin worship, the Red Horned Princess.”

“Training under a demon?! As a human?”

Namil was surprised, but soon nodded in understanding.

“Well, seeing your abilities, I have no choice but to believe. If that’s the case, I’ll help as much as I can. Would you come to my residence for further discussion?”










“However, it’s already a thousand years ago, and there’s hardly any literature left that can be called documentation.”

When Alma and he went to the mansion, Namil came with tea and a tattered scroll.

Namil began to speak while offering tea to the two of them.

“The Red-Horned Princess appeared out of nowhere, and our ancestors treated her so well that she took a liking to this village and lived here for a while. She, being of demonic lineage yet with low magical power, imparted various knowledge to us. This includes Everde and Crested Daisy, as well as this Relib tea.”

The Relib tea that Namil offered had a faint purple color and a unique aroma and flavor.

Drinking it left a refreshing tartness followed by a comforting aroma lingering in the nostrils, a truly mysterious tea.

“As I mentioned before, when the Black Spotted Fever spread throughout this region, it was the Red-Horned Princess who saved us. Seeing us, persecuted due to the deadly disease, she wandered into the mountains, and since then, the disease abruptly ceased.”

“So, was the cause of the Black Spotted Fever in the mountains?”

Could the Black Spotted Fever have been a curse from magic or a demon beast?

Or was it a type of mineral poison only found in the mountains?

“I don’t know. Following the Red-Horned Princess’s warning, the mountains became off-limits, and no one has set foot there. Especially for us beastkin, it’s a major taboo.”

Luke asked, and Namil shook his head and sipped the Relib tea.

“This Relib tea is made from the leaves of the Relib tree planted by the Red-Horned Princess. It’s said that we beastkin didn’t suffer from the Black Spotted Fever thanks to this tea, and we continue to drink it as a tradition from that time.”

“Such a thing. . .”

Alma looked at the tea in surprise.

“It is said that the Red-Horned Princess left suddenly one day, just as she had arrived. However, we beastkin still believe that she will return someday.”

Namil said this and smiled at Luke.

“If you have trained under the Red-Horned Princess, it’s almost like a dream come true.”

“No, I’m still far from my master. But thanks to that, the possibility that the Red-Horned Princess is my master has emerged. I plan to confirm this when I meet her next.”

“What! You still have contact with that demon-sama!”

“This is a secret, though.”

Luke smiled and gestured with his index finger at his mouth.

Namil nodded deeply.

“Indeed, just the existence of a demon being confirmed shakes the entire continent. It’s not something you can talk about casually. Understood, I will keep this matter confidential.”

“Thank you.”



At that moment, a knock was heard at the mansion’s door.

Upon opening the door, there stood Kick.

Cloaked in a bright red outfit dyed with Elde, his face also smeared with Elde.

He had been surveying the surroundings of the village until now.

“I’ve just returned from patrolling the surroundings. Nothing unusual.”

“That’s good to hear. Please remind everyone to stay vigilant.”

“So. . . um. . . that. . .”

Kick, having reported to Namil, lingered, twisting his body as if he wanted to say something.

“Kick, if you have something to say, don’t hesitate to speak up, okay?”

Luke understood from the fleeting glances that they were meant for him.

“Luke-san. . .”

Eventually, Kick raised his head and gazed directly at Luke, as if he had made up his mind.

“Please, I beg you, help Poorman Village.”

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