The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 102


“Where is the spike bear?”

“Over there! There are three of them!”

“Three of them?! How can spike bears, which aren’t supposed to herd, be together? Is this also the influence of the demon beast’s activity?”

As they entered the forest, a huge black shadow became visible.

It was almost the same size as the spike bear they had fought before.

However, this time there were three.

The spike bears, noticing the presence of the beastkin, charged at them with a roar.

“Here they come! Everyone, be careful!”

Luke stepped forward in front of the poised beastkin.

He was carrying nothing but a paintbrush on his shoulder.

Bolz let out a cry of despair.

“Luke-san, that’s reckless!”

The spike bear attacked Luke with murderous intent.

But its charge suddenly stopped.

It wouldn’t move forward, staying about 10 meters away from Luke.

While growling, it circled around Luke, but its earlier murderous intent was nowhere to be seen.

“What on earth is this. . .”

The beastkin watched in amazement.

“Is this also Luke’s magic?”

“No. It’s thanks to this.”

Luke, shaking his head at Alma’s puzzled face, swung the paintbrush he was holding.

The splash of dye from the brush tip flew towards the spike bear.

The spike bear let out a pitiful cry, rubbing its body on the ground, and ran off into the forest as if fleeing from something.

“Luke-san, what does this mean?”

Bolz was still incredulous, looking in the direction where the spike bear had fled.

“To see the spike bear flee like a frightened deer.”

“This is its original effect.”

Luke held up the paintbrush he was carrying.

“This is Elde, a kind of magic medicine. It’s made from the bark of the Everde tree and the petals of the Crested Daisy. As you can see, it’s a demon beast repellent.”


Bolz’s eyes widened in surprise.

“But, if the spike bear really fled. . . then is it true?”

“I guarantee its effectiveness. I used to use it myself.”

“Luke did?”

Alma looked surprised, and Luke nodded.

“When I was training with master. It was taught to me as a demon beast repellent when I still couldn’t use magic well.”

“Iris? Then maybe. . .”

“Yes, that’s correct. It is said that the Red Horned Princess planted these two plants in this land and left a message not to let these two plants die out to prevent attacks from demon beasts. Since then, we have been following her teachings, planting trees, and growing seeds every year.”

“Everde and Kanmuri Daisy?”

Namil, who arrived late, tilted his head in wonder.

“Could it be that this was also taught by the goddess known as the Red-Horned Princess?”


“Yes, that’s right. The Red Horned Princess planted these two plants here, instructing us to never let them die out to protect from demon beasts. Since then, we have followed her teachings, planting trees and nurturing seeds every year.”

“I thought so.”

Luke nods emphatically.

“It’s likely that the method to make Elde was known a thousand years ago. Over time, only the method was lost, and only the part about Everde and Crested Daisy repelling demon beasts remained.”

“I see, that makes sense. There have been fluctuations in demon beast activity over the past thousand years, with periods lasting several decades without any occurrences. It’s not surprising that the method was lost during such times.”

Namil nods, impressed.

“But this Elde has incredible effects, even keeping spike bears at bay. It might truly be able to prevent demon beast activity.”

“Of course, it won’t work against dragon-class, but it can keep ogre-class away. Its efficacy remains even when dried, so it should be enough during periods of demon beast activity.”

Namil bows deeply to Luke.

“Thank you so much. To be taught such things. . . Luke-san, are you perhaps the reincarnation of Red Horned Princess?”

“I’m honored to hear you say that. But I still have a long way to go to even come close to master. . . I mean, the Red Horned Princess.”

Luke scratches his nose shyly, and Alma leans in towards him.

“Hey, do you think the Red Horned Princess is really Iris?”

“Probably. Elde is a magical potion originally created by master.”

Luke recalls the time when Iris taught him how to make Elde.

―It’s worth remembering. Even those without magical power can spend the night without being attacked by demon beasts ―

Iris said this while demonstrating how to make Elde.

―There are only two ingredients, both easily obtainable. Last time I taught this, I was greatly thanked. They even called me a goddess―

It never occurred to Luke that he would end up in the place Iris told about.

Luke couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of fate.

But this reinforced his belief that Iris was not just a threat to the world.

She might have even been worshipped as a goddess in some eras.

Probably in other places as well.

“I’m getting more and more curious about master. What she did in this world, what she left behind.”

Alma nods in agreement to Luke’s words.

“Right, with such power, she’s not just some erotic demon.”

“Erotic. . .”

With a wry smile, Luke turns back to the beastkin.

“Anyway, the efficacy is clear, so let’s quickly mass-produce Elde. We should still be in time to counter the demon beast activity!”

“””””Oh!” “”””

The cheers of the beastkin echo through the forest.

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