The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 104

𝐏𝐨𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐕𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐞

“To Poorman Village?”


Surprised by the unexpected response, Luke asked back, and Kick nodded.

“The effect of Elde is tremendous. Not just orcs, but even ogres and lesser dragons don’t come near. But. . . since they don’t come to us, other villages are getting attacked.”

“That’s certainly true, but. . . is that alright? Won’t it leave our village vulnerable?”

“It’s fine!”

Kick answered firmly.

“The demon beast activity this time is the biggest ever. I’ve even seen demon beasts I’ve never seen before. So. . . I think other villages are in real danger.”

Indeed, Crete Village seemed peaceful enough to not even imagine the demon beast activity approaching.

But Kick was aware that it wasn’t due to their own power.

It was all because Luke had helped them.

It might just be good luck, and a step wrong could have led them to be trampled by demon beasts.

This thought made him restless.

A few months ago, Kick would never have thought of this.

However, meeting Luke, who treated beastkin without discrimination, changed Kick.

It is said that the 《Blue Sky Hawk》 is guarding Poorman Village.

So, no help could be expected.

To Kick, all villages in the forest were now like Crete Village.

All living a poor life.

That’s why he thought mutual assistance was necessary.

“Luke-san, I also ask of you.”

Bolz, who had appeared at some point, placed his hand on Kick’s head.

“I was surprised when he said it, but thinking about it, we in the forest have always helped each other out. So, in times like these, I think we should lend a hand. Consider this the collective will of our villagers.”

“Bolz-san. . .”

“Ideally, we should be the ones going, but honestly, the demon beasts arriving due to the demon beast activity are beyond us. Luke-san, sorry to rely on you for everything, but please help everyone in the forest.”

Bolz knelt, placing both hands on the floor, and bowed.

Kick followed suit.

Luke understood their sincerity.

“Understood. Let’s go to Poorman Village to assist.”


Kick’s face lit up as he raised his head.

“I think you two are right. It’s not just about us being saved. We should do what we can until the demon beast activity ends.”

“Thank you! I’ll guide you right away!”

Luke turned to Alma.

“Alma, will you come with us? I think we need your help too.”

“Of course! Wherever Luke goes, I go!”

Alma nodded with a smile.










Poorman Village, located about an hour’s walk from Crete Village, was in the midst of devastation.

The wooden fence surrounding the village had already been destroyed, and various sizes of demon beasts had invaded.

Emaciated villagers, armed with feeble weapons, were fighting back, but to no avail.

“Damn it! What are the adventurers doing! They’ve let them into the village!”

“They’re only interested in demon beasts that bring in money!”

Echoes of the villagers’ curse-like screams filled the air.

Hikushin was also among them.

Holding an unfamiliar spear, he continued to resist against the demon beasts.

“Damn, don’t let them near the village chief’s house! All the women and children are there!”

Hikushin shouted, but his voice was tinged with resignation.

“They went that way!”

Turning to the warning, Hikushin saw a huge shadow before him.

A Lesser Dragon, standing upright on two legs, as tall as a house.

Stared down by its glassy eyes, Hikushin felt the blood drain from his body.

The urge to turn and run was overwhelming.

But behind him was the village chief’s house.

His newlywed wife had taken refuge there.

She is an exceptional woman who married him, a hoodlum who has been involved in gambling all his life.

The reason why he went to interfere in Crete Village was so that he could start their lives over again.

《Blue Sky Hawk》 offered to cancel his debt if he did what they said.

She is the only one he must protect at all costs.

He thought that if he could at least land one blow, it might startle the creature and cause it to flee. However, he was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t move at all.


The sound of the Lesser Dragon rubbing its forelimbs together echoed around him.

Suddenly, the Lesser Dragon lunged at him.

It was too fast for him to react.

A giant claw, as big as a scythe, was looming before his eyes.

He thought he was done for, but then, out of nowhere, the Lesser Dragon’s body was blown away.

“Are you okay!”

He recognized the voice.

“Y, You are…?”

“You’re still alive! Please step back!”

As the voice shouted, he saw Luke firing a flame bullet from his left arm in quick succession.

The Lesser Dragon was torn apart by the intense explosion and converted into magical elements.

“Luke, take it easy… it’s dangerous here… isn’t that Hikushin!”

“Y, You are…Kick?!” 

He stammered, recognizing the figure emerging from the explosion.

“Luke! There’s one over there!” 

A voice, Alma’s, echoed from the other side of the smoke.

In response, he saw Luke create a ball of light from his left hand.

“Let’s talk later, let’s get rid of these demon beasts first!” the voice declared.

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