The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Her nightmares

It was a gamble whether the power would really activate or not. After all, since the power can only be used once, there was no way to test it.

“I will definitely find a way to do it.”

As I looked at Lady Quatra, who was being sunk into the blood by the hands of the guards, I appealed to her. No matter how many times I said that I was not her enemy, Lady Quatra did not understand.

Maybe I was strange wanting to save the person who tried to kill me. But at that moment, I wanted to do it.

The dead cannot be saved, and I cannot interfere with her personality. Even if I release her from the prison, the situation will not be resolved.

So I thought, why not turn back time? If I use my power as an executor and reverse it while leaving our memories intact, we should not follow the same path.

If she could safely marry His Highness Julian, then I wouldn’t have to become his wife. It doesn’t mean I would end up with Mian, but that is fine for now.

“Lady Quatra. Next time, may you have a peaceful life without envying others——.”

I never thought it would actually work. I was skeptical about the idea that only women of Slophone descent possessed this power.

I hope Lady Quatra is doing well. I prayed that she would be able to retain her memories, but there was no way to confirm if that was actually the case.

From here on out, I had no choice but to entrust it all to her.

Afterwards, I went through my life a second time, following the same path as before. I was happy that I could build memories with Mian again, and I cherished our ordinary days while watching his every move.

And then, an unexpected event occurred in my life, which had been going smoothly up until then. It happened when I was ten years old.

“Chai. Go and find out what kind of person Stratis’ fourth prince is.”

Even among the nations renowned for their beautiful women, my mother, the queen, was exceptional in terms of her beauty. But for me, that was just one of the factors that added to my fear.

I couldn’t go against my mother.

I don’t know why he enrolled at Timberth for this life, but mother has already counted Julian, His Highness, as one of my prospective marriage partners.

“Why… can’t Lady Quatra make things work out?”

Perhaps the distortion of the human heart is just not easy to fix. If they keep repeating the same mistakes despite experiencing such things, there may be no hope for them.

“You don’t look happy, Princess Chai.”

“I told you to stop calling me that when we’re alone.”

At ten years old, it was the time when potential engagement partners appeared for both of us. Mian, just like in our previous life, gradually distanced himself from me.

But this time, I was a little more proactive.

“I feel really depressed when I think about living without you from tomorrow.”

“Chai, you shouldn’t say things like that. Timberth is much more prosperous than here, and it will certainly be a valuable learning experience.”

His argument was valid, but that’s not the kind of thing I wanted to hear.

“It’s still lonely without you. Are you really okay without me, Mian?”

“Well… even I get lonely.”

Mian’s shyly blushing face is so adorable, and just this simple interaction fills my heart with happiness.

“I’ll buy you lots of souvenirs.”

“More than that, I just want you to come back safely.”


In my previous life, I was never told things like this. Slowly but surely, a desire begins to bud within me.

“When I return home, the first thing I want to do is see you.”

“But you haven’t even left yet.”

“Hey, promise me that you’ll wait for me to come back, okay? Don’t forget?”

I puff out my cheeks and lean in closer. I can see his face flush again.

“Forget? No way, that’s impossible. I’ll be waiting for your return.”

“It’s a promise, Mian.”

Even though I want to touch him, I know I’m not allowed to. But just seeing him smile like that is enough to make me happy.

Yes, that alone makes me happy.


“No… it’s a lie. I refuse to believe that Mian is dead.”

Please, someone tell me this is just a bad dream.

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