The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Chai Slophone



I called out his name with my sweetest voice, but his facial muscles revealed his lack of interest.

“Is it okay for you to behave towards me like this? Do you not care what might happen to your beloved Lady Quatra?”


“Don’t make that scary face. If you just listen to what I say, I won’t cause any harm to her.”

No matter how much I whispered, his expression remained the same. What a boring man he was. I hate men like him.

I used to be a very good girl. As the fourth princess, I didn’t have much freedom, but I never gave up.

That was because Mian was by my side. He was my precious childhood friend. I cherished him from the bottom of my heart. Mian was the son of Count family, but his mother and the Queen, my mother, were also childhood friends, so he often came to the palace to play. That’s where I met him and fell in love.

We probably cannot be together. He is the third son and I have no way to marry into another family. I will either have to become a bride to a more powerful family in the country or be married off to a prince in some other country.

“This power is useless.”

A special ability possessed only by direct female descendants of the Slophone family. However, the conditions for manifestation are limited, and it cannot be used for selfish gain.

All I can do is watch Mian marry someone and have children, living a happy life. No matter how many times I cry myself to sleep, that fact never changes.

“Why… Why you and not me!”

Her beautiful face contorted with jealousy, and she glared at me while shaking her amber-colored hair. She was just like me. If Mian were to have a lover, I wouldn’t have the confidence to not become like her.

Aliseteen Quatra, blessed with beauty, talent, and a prestigious family, still couldn’t achieve the one thing she desired the most.

I’m sure I will be forced to marry Julian Da Stratis, the fourth prince of the Luvalantia Kingdom. His perfectly sculpted appearance was unnerving, like a lifeless doll.

Lady Quatra often cursed me, accusing me of stealing something from her, but I didn’t understand why she thought that. It was Lady Quatra who used underhanded tactics and even tried to take my life. She brought about her own ruin, and yet I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“Why do you smile at that woman?”

She has never received a smile from him. He has never been kind to her, let alone told her he loves her.

Perhaps it only appeared that way to her eyes, clouded with jealousy.

…Truly, what a pitiful woman.

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