The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 73

Chapter 73: What hasn’t changed, that is

Suddenly averting his gaze from me, Julian-sama smiled wryly.

“To be honest, I shouldn’t be meeting with you like this. Even though I knew that, I couldn’t suppress my desire.”


“In the end, I’m the one getting in the way of your happiness.”

I didn’t let Julian-sama, who had taken a few steps back, escape. As I approached him again, he opened his eyes slightly.

“What is it that Julian-sama is carrying on his shoulders?”

“I am a foolish person who only thinks about myself.”

As Wolle Tanatora had also mentioned, he must be under pressure from the king and queen to cancel the engagement with me and get along with Princess Chai.

The Julian-sama in front of me doesn’t seem to have shifted his affection towards Princess Chai.

He might be torn between his position as the fourth prince and his feelings for me.

I regretted prioritizing my own loneliness and pushing him like this.

“It’s really difficult to prioritize other people’s feelings over my own…”


“Julian-sama. I really like you.”

With a bright face, I made my sudden confession, and Julian-sama blinked several times with a shocked expression. From an outsider’s perspective, our appearance must look too different, perhaps even comical.

“So, if it means that Julian-sama can be happy, I will do anything. Really, I’m not lying.”


“I would even die for you, if it’s for your sake.”

I don’t want to die a miserable death alone. I have lived this life just for that one outcome.

But maybe, my heart had already made the decision at that time.

——You’re interesting. You’re not what I imagined.

Since the day when you, at the age of five, smiled at me for the first time, I haven’t changed my mind.

“…That’s right. When I think about it, I haven’t looked for anything else.”

I want him to smile at me.

Something that I desperately wanted and would resort to any cowardly means to obtain, but couldn’t no matter what.

My wish had already been granted a long time ago.

“Alise, what’s going on?”

Julian-sama looked puzzled at my sudden change in attitude. Well, that’s to be expected.

But when I saw his porcelain-smooth cheeks slightly flush with red, I smiled softly.

“I’m fine. I just became honest.”

“…I give up. What should I do?”


While frantically shifting his gaze, Julian-sama was unusually flustered.

I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he looked trying to hide his embarrassment behind a sulky face.

Although none of my problems had been solved, my heart was finally set. It’s surprising how such a simple decision can make me feel so relieved.

As he kept stealing glances at me and blushing more and more, I couldn’t help but find him incredibly cute from the bottom of my heart.

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