The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 22

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“You stupid son of a b*tch!”

“Gubebugoooooooooooo !!”

As he entered the throne room, Hewitt was struck by the king’s waiting for him with a mulled wine.

Hewitt’s body rolled three and a half times before crashing into the floor.

The king is old but tall and still practices sword fighting with his soldiers. Hewitt, on the other hand, is a frail, scrawny scion who skips classes in swordplay and sticks fighting under false pretenses of sickness.

It’s no contest. He was hit by the king’s big fist, and a star flew in front of him.

“You broke off your engagement to Liserotte while I was away and got engaged to the worthless Mira on your own! And you gave Mira the Andvaranaut ring that I was going to give to Liserotte!”

The king had deep wrinkles between his eyebrows, a blue streak on his forehead, and yelled at Hewitt.

Hewitt, who had been scolded, held his beaten cheek and was trembling slightly with a pale face.

“F-Father… You were too kind to Mira. You loved Mira too…”

Every time the king saw Mira, he praised her as a young but hardworking saint, a wonderful, witty girl, and lovely.

“I was just giving her a compliment because she is Liserotte’s sister! You’re following me up with that misunderstanding! That useless saint! If she wasn’t Liserotte’s sister, she wouldn’t be worthy in my sight!”

The king spat and cursed Hewitt.

He was so furious that he wanted to slay Hewitt if he were not his own son.

“Why did you give Mira the rare Andvaranaut ring?!!”

The king grabs Hewitt by the collar.


Hewitt guarded his face with his own arms, thinking he would be beaten again.

“Once the ring is fitted, it will not come off even if you die!”

“I-I-I-I-I’ll pay for it!”

“Pay for it? Do you know how much it cost to make the Andvaranaut ring?


Hewitt exclaims stupidly in response to the king’s question.

“Three years’ worth of the national budget!”

“What…! Three, three… three years of the national budget…!”

Foolish Hewitt doesn’t know how much the state budget is, but he knows his allowance isn’t enough.

“I gathered a hundred of the best scholars from home and abroad, spent three years of the national budget to create the Andvaranaut ring, and then you gave it to a useless little girl while I was away!”

The king was so angry that he gave Hewitt another blow in the solar plexus.


Hewitt cries out, holding his stomach.

“Liserotte has 10,000 times more magical power than an ordinary saint! The plan was to attach the Andvaranaut ring to Liserotte, increase her magic power by a hundred times, and create barriers over the Nebel continent!”

The king began to talk about his plan to use the Ring of Andvaranaut.

“The cost of making the Andvaranaut Ring was paid for by other nations on the condition that we place barriers all over the continent! When Andvaranaut was completed, we would demand a large sum of money from each country for the use of the barriers!”

The king wrinkled his brow and clenched his teeth.

“What do you think will happen when other countries find out that Liserotte is gone and the Andvaranaut ring is now useless?”

Hewitt cannot answer the king’s question.

“The king will be approached by an IOU from a foreign dignitary demanding the return of the money spent on creating the Andvaranaut!”.

“Oh, no…!”

“Until now, we have made treaties in our favor on the basis of establishing barriers all over the continent! If other countries know that Liserotte is not here, There will be war!”


The clumsy, stupid, bird-headed Hewitt finally understood the gravity of the situation.

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  1. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. Korraa says:

    Holy canoli this escalated reaallly quickly. I thought it’d be something like them getting overrun by demonic beasts or something but a war? That’s crazy. Man Hewitt messed up real bad here

  3. Kiki says:

    But the king is at fault, restricting the saint’s life, not allowing her to go out of the castle. Additionally, his plans were to turn her into a moneymaking thing for profits, probably without her knowledge.

  4. Berpol says:

    Thank you for your work.

    What the king did right:
    He cut off the supreme saint from her surroundings (not right for the saint but tht’s just one person).
    He had a good plan and made a good investment for the future.

    What the king did wrong:
    He fathered a talentless idiot AND didn’t produce a replacement.
    He made that idiot his crown prince.
    He didn’t install guards that hinder the idiot in producing desasters.
    He gave that idiot access to everything.
    He loves that idiot enough to not execute him for high treason.

  5. Seiffkin says:

    Hooooooly …. 10,000?!
    This kingdom is ruined… my bad for the king. Behead him!

  6. Linda says:

    XD! This is exactly what he deserves… and the king as well. He should not have been selfishly making deals and treaties with other countries on Liserotte’s expense.

  7. HaruElias says:

    The situation is worse than I thought lol The stupid Prince has screwed up all the king’s work. The chaos this generated was beyond my imagination.

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