The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 23

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“Guardian! Are there any guards?!”

The king yells.


Two guards come in.

“How’s Mira doing?”

“She coughed up blood and collapsed, so she’s resting in her room.”

The guards tell the truth.

“Wake her up and make her enchant the crystal right now! Let him continue whether she vomits blood or not! If she collapses, pour water on her to wake her up! If she runs out of magic, let her convert her life span into magical power! She’s young, she still has a lot of life left!”

“M-Mira is going to die!”

Hewitt turns pale and clings to the king.

“This happened because Mira stole Andvaranaut’s ring, which was meant for Liserotte! She must take responsibility! If you insist, Hewitt, I will put your magic power into the crystal as well!”

“I-I can’t let you do that… Please forgive me, Father…!”

Hewitt easily backed down out of self-pity.

Hewitt’s magic power is less than that of a normal person, and even if he put his magic into the crystal, it wouldn’t do him any good. The king knew this and said nothing more.

“Then call the Duke and Duchess of Niclas! They may know where Liserotte is! And make them take responsibility for Mira’s scandal! Mira stole the Andvaranaut ring, which cost the state budget three years! I will seize all the property of the dukes!!!!”

“”Yes, sire.””

The guards salute and leave the room.

“I hope Liserotte still has feelings for the Duke and Duchess. We’ll use them as bait to lure Liserotte out! Until then, well keep them alive!”

The king does not know that Liserotte is no longer in the Kingdom of Hallstein or even on the Nabel continent.

And the fact that it will never be possible to bring her back…

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5 responses to “The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 23”

  1. kirindas Avatar

    I’m glad that the King ended up just as scummy. Less reason for Liserotte to regret leaving the country.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. Emeraldmimi Avatar

    I get the feeling she would go back. Maybe not out of love, but out of a false sense of responsibility. She has that genuinely “good” kind of character and I hope she learns to love herself too.

  3. Seiffkin Avatar

    Okay… (deflating motion)
    The king isn’t clear. Fire in the hole!

  4. The king is a bigger fool than I thought. Liserotte no longer has a family connection with the Duke and Duchess of Niclas. So, he definitely wasting his time… trying to use them against her.

  5. HaruElias Avatar

    “Once upon a time there was a kingdom…” end

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