The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 21

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The Crown Prince Hewitt, who was in his room, was astonished to hear the news from the chief priest.

“Mira collapsed in the middle of setting up the barrier?! The barrier was only done in the capital?!”

Hewitt’s face turned pale.

“Why! Mira was wearing the Andvaranaut ring , which multiplied her magic power by a hundred! If Mira, who has more magic power than anyone else, wears the Andvaranaut ring  and holds her hand over the crystal, she can easily create barriers all over the country!”

Although Mira was not as powerful as her sister Liserotte, a former Supreme Saint, she had more magical power than most saints.

“Even if Liserotte had more magic power, it was only a hundred times more than Mira’s, right? Andvaranaut’s ring, which increases the amount of magic, should have been enough to make up for it!”

“With all due respect, I can only say that Liserotte-sama had more than a hundred times the magic power of Mira-sama.”

The young high priest’s face was pale and his body trembled.

The chief priest, the other priests, and the saints all thought that Liserotte’s magical power was about a hundred times greater than that of Mira.

It was not expected that Mira, even equipped with the Andvaranaut ring, would not be able to put barriers in the whole country.

“This is ridiculous…! How much magical power did Liserotte have…!”

Hewitt regretted that he had ordered Liserotte’s expulsion.

“If this is the case, I shouldn’t have refused when Liserotte asked me to stay in the country and put up the barriers!”

Hewitt bit his lips.

“But it’s been a week since Liserotte left the royal palace, and until now the barriers have been fine!”

“My guess is that the barriers have been maintained for the past week because of the residual magic that Liserotte-sama poured into the crystal…”

“This is bad…!”

Hewitt muttered to himself, sweating from his forehead.

Thanks to the barriers, the Kingdom of Hallstein was never afflicted by demons or threatened by invasions from other lands, and was able to keep the peace.

“All priests and saints, put magic into the crystal! Reestablish the barriers!

“Yes, sir!”

The chief priest bowed to the prince and left the room.

Before Liserotte became Supreme Saint, a hundred saints enchanted the crystal.

After Liserotte became Supreme Saint, she was able to put barriers into the crystal by herself, and her predecessor was relieved of their duties.

Since she alone did the work of a hundred saints, Liserotte’s magical power was considered a hundred times greater than that of ordinary saints.

But the saints before her had worked with their lives on fire and their life spans shortened.

When they were told by the king that they were to be relieved of their duties, they were grateful for their longevity. But the king, fearing the disclosure of his secrets, imprisoned them in a remote palace, where they lived the rest of their lives in dark, cramped rooms.

Only the king and the previous chief priest knew that the saints had sacrificed their lives to put magic into the crystal.

The chief priest today does not know that the previous saints had sacrificed their lives because it was not passed down to him when he was replaced.

Liserotte hasn’t been informed of this either. If she had known, Liserotte would not have left this country, leaving behind his sister.

“Reporting! His Majesty has returned! Your Royal Highness is asking you to come to the Throne Room as soon as possible!”

Hewitt’s face changes from blue to white at the words of the guards who entered the room.

Hewitt muttered weakly, “It’s over…”

The king, who had gone to a neighboring country to attend an international conference, has returned home.

The priests and saints present are unable to ward the city as it was. They don’t have enough magic power or numbers.

Hewitt was completely at his wits’ end.

But the situation was far beyond Hewitt’s expectations.

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