The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 20

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Meanwhile, Mira, the new Supreme Saint in the kingdom of Hallstein on the Nebel continent, was about to begin her first job.

Mira had neglected her duties as Supreme Saint for a week in order to enjoy the pleasures of bed with Crown Prince Hewitt.

Mira visited the temple in the royal palace for the first time as Supreme Saint. The sun had already risen and was about to set in the middle of the sky.

Even though Liserotte came to the temple before the sun came up and cast a spell on the crystal and set the barriers.

“I’m tired. Let’s just quickly set up the barriers and have Hewitt-sama call the jewellers for the afternoon, and the hat-maker and shoemaker too.”

Mira is wearing a dress with a ribbon tied around the middle of the bulge of her bigora sleeves. The collar was richly decorated with white lace.

Mira was wearing an accessory with a square table-cut sapphire.

She wore thick-soled shoes that made her legs look long and skinny, and her hair was in fine curls with jeweled ribbons tied at the sides.

All these things were gifts from the Crown Prince Hewitt.

When Liserotte was Hewitt’s fiancée, Hewitt never even gave Liserotte a pen or a handkerchief.

Mira, in a glittering, fancy dress, holds her hand over the crystal.

When Liserotte visited the temple, she was dressed in plain white cotton. She was not given any other clothing. Plain and simple—that was the image of Liserotte when she was Supreme Saint.

Wearing a glittering dress and a strong perfume scent, Mira looked better at the party than at the temple.

The priests and saints frowned when they saw Mira’s flamboyant attire, but no one could say anything because she was the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

Mira, on the other hand, paid no attention to their looks.

“From today on, I’m the Supreme Saint. Everyone, worship me and make me happy.”

Mira holds her hand over the crystal with a confident face.

Then, the Andvaranaut ring shed a sinister light.

“What…? Wait… What’s this?! What’s is this!!”

From Mira’s stunned body, magic flows through the Andvaranaut ring.

“Huh…! No…! Someone… Someone please stop!!”

A huge amount of magic is flowing through the crystal. Mira’s face twists in fear.

“Gah! “Goho,goho!”!!!!”

Having lost all of her magical power, Mira vomits blood and falls to the ground right where she is.

But even with all of her magical power depleted, it was impossible to create a protective barrier that would cover the entire country.

Equipped with the Andvaranaut ring, which multiplied Mira’s magical power by a hundred, she was able to put up a small ward that barely covered the royal city.

However, this was only the beginning of the collapse of the Hallstein Kingdom.

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  1. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! I was wondering when the story would go back to the collapse.

  2. Korraa says:

    I like how they’re cutting straight to collapse as if there’s no chance that lisorette is coming back. Would hate to see that the king and the prince beg her to come back and she thinking that it’s her obligation, goes back to save the kingdom

  3. Seiffkin says:

    Ohh~ that was a good way to put it. I thought that Mira wouldn’t be able to set the barrier because of lack of magic points, but backlash is a lot better, both by logic and for revenge (since our MC would literally never do anything against her)

  4. Linda says:

    Mira and the prince are starting to receive their just desserts. Love it!

  5. HaruElias says:

    I want fire on the playground, I want chaos for this Chernobyl couple

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