The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 67

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We’ve been working hard to make the celebration a success since I was appointed to act in His Majesty the King’s name.

We had to set up the celebration venue in the main square in front of the Royal Palace, ensure security on the day of the event, coordinate the selection of guests and welcome guests, and control and keep criminals and suspicious people out… The list goes on and on.

During all of this, I got a letter of congratulations from the Marquess of Metzelder, to which I replied with a letter of thanks and a bottle of wine from His Majesty the King’s prized collection.

Gustav, of course, was the messenger.

Gustav was initially hesitant to go because of the celebration’s security, but I believe he was still concerned about the Marquess of Metzelder and the fact that I had asked him so forcefully. He eventually agreed to my request.

I’ve included an invitation for them to attend the celebration together in the thank-you letter, so Gustav can spread his wings with her until then.

And today, as usual, we are preoccupied with preparations.

“Your Highness! Today I am here to report!”

Yennie walks into my office, which has been reserved for my administration.

“Yes. So, how is “she” doing?”

“Yes. As the celebration approaches, she has been in close contact with Otto, as expected. She also appears to have obtained the day’s security list, menu, guest list, and so on. However, all of them are plan-B’s.”

Yennie raised the corner of her mouth as she reported.

Initially, we had two plans for this celebration.

Plan A shows what will actually happen on the day of the celebration, and Plan B is to leak false information to those who are trying to sabotage the success of the gala.

Oscar and the others appear to have gotten their hands on plan B.

“This is an overlay. Now, please continue to keep an eye on her.”

“Yes… However, I am only human (cat). My morale will suffer if I am not properly compensated…”

With that said, Yennie moved forward one step at a time.

a…ah, those eyes…?!

“Wait! I’ve told you before, I don’t accept it!”

“Your Highness… Just once, just once is enough… Just one taste…!

Yennie breathes heavily and unbuttons her blouse one by one.

Kuh! Hanna What became of re-education?!

“Nyafufu…! Hanna is not in the palace because she received incorrect information…”

What!? You’re so well prepared, Yennie!

“See, my breasts aren’t as large as Hanna’s, but they’re still quite large, don’t you think?”

“Eh, yeah! Don’t expose your chest!”

I hid my face behind my hands, unable to look at Yennie, who had opened her blouse to reveal her breasts.

But at this rate, my chastity is jeopardized!

“Come on, Your Majesty… Have some fun with me.”

“That’s it!”


I hear Yennie’s squeal and a reliable voice, so I slowly move my hand away and… it’s Hanna!

“Really, who do you think believes such nonsense?”

“Fugyu?! My ears hurt, Hannah! It stings!”

Yennie’s fluffy cat ears are fully twisted, giving her a distressed expression.

“I’m sorry, Hanna, but you saved my life.”

“No. More importantly, I’m re-educating this thieving cat… so may I have some time?”

“W-Well… As long as it doesn’t disrupt the surveillance…”

“That’s fine.”

“Nyaaaa?! Please! I apologize! Please forgive me!”

Hanna dragged Yennie by the ear out of the office.


“Elder brother, can I talk to you for a minute?”

When most of the party preparations were done, Liz, who was helping me, and I were having a short conversation when Oscar walked into the office.

“…What do you want? I’m very busy.”

“Oh, no. Now that your brother is here, you should be more welcoming to him.”

Oscar says proudly, arms outstretched.

But the fact that he shows up at this time means that he is here to check on the progress of the celebration and also… Well, Liz… I think.

“Well, Elder Brother has really impressed me—He accepted the role of the king’s representative, a position that does not allow for failure. I feel like I’m going to bow my head to you now.”

“What? You came here to do pleasantries?”

I remarked sarcastically.

“No, it isn’t. Just a word of advice for Elder Brother.”

“A word of advice?”

I glared at Oscar’s words.

“Yes—of course, nothing beats a successful celebration, but I believe it is better to plan your personal affairs in case you fail.”

I cocked my head, not understanding what Oscar was saying.

“Haha. Because if you fail, not only will Elder Brother’s chances of ascending to the throne be diminished, but your fiancée Marguerite will be placed in a difficult position, you see? So, wouldn’t it be better to reconsider this situation and take some action regarding your relationship with her right now?”

I see… You came here to talk nonsense like that?

Perhaps Oscar has devised a way to derail the celebration?

“Don’t worry about it. The party will be a success, and most importantly, I will never abandon Liz; only I can make her happy.”

Yes, I returned to death when I saw Liz praying at the guillotine, and I vowed.

I will make Liz happy.

I must not let the celebration fail, as this would directly result in Liz’s unhappiness!

“That’s exactly what it is. It was pointless to be concerned.”

With that, I returned to work without looking back at Oscar.

“Sigh… Elder Brother, I understand, but I hope you don’t have any regrets. Marguerite, I believe you should consider it as well.”

“Fufu… Don’t worry. Dee-sama will definitely make it. Because he’s different from his highness Oscar.”

“… Excuse me.”

Liz returned his sarcastic remark, and Oscar exited, violently closing the door.

At that moment.

“Dee-sama…I can’t help it because I’m so happy!”

Liz hugged me tightly.

I held her close and stroked her gleaming silver hair gently.

“Liz… I realized something. Your happiness is my happiness… And my happiness is meaningless without you.”

“Yes… Yes…!”

“So… I will make this celebration a success and demonstrate to not only the Kingdom of Estline, but also to the Carolin Empire, that I am the rightful next king. For a prosperous future with you.”


Liz’s chin was lifted, tears streaming down her cheeks, and I softly kissed her red lips.

Oscar… I’m still not sure what you’re going to do.


I’m going to crush you.

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