The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 66

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“Y-Your Highness?!”

When Hanna saw me coming out of the audience hall, she looked at me with a surprised expression on her face.

I didn’t seem to be able to hide my emotions very well.

Haha… I, who was mocked as a “Cold-Blooded Prince” for never showing my emotions.

“Hanna, we’re going to Liz’s right now. And bring Nora with us. And Yennie… we can’t leave Lady Collete alone…”

“Nora too? What on earth did His Majesty the King say…?”

“When we’re all together, I’ll explain.”

I dashed to the palace’s entrance, while Hanna went to call Nora.

The three of us then boarded the carriage and drove to the Royal Academy.



They both stare at me in silence, looking nervous.

Fumu… I, as the boss, should not worry my subordinates…

“Don’t worry. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“… I understand.”

Hanna replied quietly, but her eyes were clearly relieved.

Nora was relieved as well.

“Ah… I can’t wait to meet Liz!”

I want to meet her and tell her about this!

I’m not sure Liz will be pleased.

Will she crack a smile?

I’ve finally gotten this far…!

When the carriage arrives at the Royal Academy, I slowly exit to calm my nerves.

Naturally, I assisted Hanna and Nora in following.

“Liz is probably taking classes at this time of day…”

“I will call Marguerite-sama, Your Highness…”


Hanna said as she entered the classroom.

“We’ll stay here until they arrive, Nora.”


Nora and I are patiently awaiting their arrival… It’s not often that I get to spend so much time alone with Nora.

Since we’re here, let me ask her about something on my mind.

“By the way, how has Viscount Riche been since then? Are they in any danger?”

“Ah, yes!” The territory is now stable as a result of your highness! It’s only…”

“Has something gone wrong?”

“N-No… Actually, the river that flows from Grosshorn Mountain has begun to flow with gold…”

Nora tells me, looking a little embarrassed.

“Alas… The Marquis of Collengel was originally interested in the gold deposits in these mountains.”

“Haha… Perhaps it was the goddess Dahlia’s way of thanking the Riche family for their valiant efforts to protect their precious mountain from the Marquis of Collengel.

“Ah… Yes!”

Nora blushed and then burst into tears with a smile on her face when I said that…

U-Umu… Did I say something that wasn’t necessary…

“Is there something wrong, Dee-sama?”

Liz, who had come with Hanna, looked at me and Nora with concern.

When she saw Nora crying, it appeared that she had mistakenly assumed that something bad had happened.

“U-Umu… I have an urgent matter to discuss with you regarding my meeting with His Majesty the King. Because it is not possible to do so here, let’s move to another place.”

“Your Highness, I’ve already reserved a room.”

Hannah said it, in my words.

Hannah is, indeed, exceptional…

So we went to Hanna’s room, which she had prepared for us.

After that…


They’re all waiting for me to say something.

That’s right … I’ll tell my precious people who have followed me so far.

Our triumph.

“As you three are aware, I met with His Majesty today—He asked me to make certain that the month-long celebration commemorating the friendship between the Kingdom of Estline and the Carolin Empire goes off without a hitch.”


Liz nodded in response to my explanation.

Well, it’s a foregone conclusion.

“And… His Majesty the King has also informed me—He expects me to be his…… deputy!”


They all hold their breath at the same time when they hear that.

After that…

“Ah… Ah…!”

“Your Highness… Your Highness…!

“Y-You accomplished it!”

They were all in tears at the same time.

Even Hanna, who rarely expresses her emotions.

“Ah…. This is entirely due to the three of you… I owe everything to each and every one of you. Thank you very much. “

I made a deep bow to the three of them.

I’m expressing my heartfelt gratitude to them.


“”Your Highness!””

The three of them were so moved that they jumped into my arms.

I hugged them warmly and enjoyed this joy together.

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