The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 68

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Even though it is late at night, I think to myself in the royal palace garden, as the celebration commemorating the friendship between the Kingdom of Estline and the Carolin Empire is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

So far, we have done everything we could.

All that remains is for tomorrow to arrive…haha, I never thought that this “Cold-Blooded Prince”, who had no feelings, could make me so excited.

“I hope Liz is having pleasant dreams…”

I looked up at the tower in the royal palace where her room is located.

It all started with her prayer.

My quest to become King.

Back to life, I met Liz again, the Marquis of Friedenreich, Hanna, Nora, Gustav, the Marquess of Metzelder, Yennie… I’ve made a lot of new friends.

I could never have imagined myself in this way in my previous life.

And then…


Liz came.

“Haha… You can’t sleep either?”

“Yes… I couldn’t sleep because tomorrow is the big day, the day that will ensure your ascension to the throne…”

“I see—Liz, please come here.”

I sat her down next to me on the edge of the fountain and pulled her into my arms.

“Do you feel cold?”

“Yes… It’s so nice to feel Dee-sama’s warmth…”

“I see.”

Then there is a brief period of silence.

Liz and I no longer need to exchange words to feel each other.

The clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince and the clumsy Marquess.

“Liz… I love you…”

“Dee-sama… I love you too…”

I pressed my face against hers.


I kiss Liz’s lips.

But I guess I was too excited. I was inserting my tongue into her lips.

“Ohhh… Chupu… Ssshhh, ssshhh…”

Liz also, albeit awkwardly, intertwined her tongue with mine.


When we parted our lips, the threads extending from our tongues glistened in the moonlight.

“Liz… Don’t worry about tomorrow’s celebration; it will undoubtedly be a success.”

“Yes… Of course we’re not worried. We are just looking forward to your shining moment.”


“Yes,… Nn… Hm… Mmm… Chi~ya… Aaahhh…!”

Liz and I hugged, kissed, and went out of our way to find each other.



I couldn’t help but yawn first thing in the morning.

After all, I couldn’t sleep at all the night before.


“Dee-sama…. Fufu…”

Because I’ve spent the entire night making love with Liz, whom I love.

“Liz… Are you all right?”

“Yes… but it hurts a little…”

“U-Umu…that…I apologize.”

I just apologized to Liz, who was hiding her face behind the sheet out of embarrassment.

“Fufu… But this is evidence of happiness. I’m bursting with joy…”

“Liz, to me… you are the best woman in the world.”


I kissed Liz so many times last night, but it wasn’t enough.

I want to lick her red lips forever.

“Fufu, Chu… But you’d better get ready because Hanna is on her way…”

“…That’s right.”

Today is the celebration, and Hanna will be “preparing” behind the scenes.

I get out of bed and put on the formal attire I’ve planned for today…


“Liz… Stop staring at me like that. It’s embarrassing…”

“Fufu… but Dee-sama’s body is still as muscular as ever.”

I-I can’t keep going like this. Let’s hurry up and get dressed.

Liz came out of the bedroom as I finished putting on my formal attire.

“Fua… Please don’t stare at me too much…”

“What are you on about? How can I not see such a lovely figure in front of my eyes?”


Despite the fact that we’ve spent the night together… I can’t stop staring at her…

She is, without a doubt, more beautiful than even a goddess.

“Uh… I-I’m finished…”

Liz is only dressed in a nightgown because she has a formal gown in her room, but it’s enough to make my heart skip a beat.


“Fua~a…already…Chi~u,N, ffu…”

—Knock, knock, knock


When I heard a knock on the door, Liz and I sped away.

“It’s time for you to… wake up, Your Highness. You’ve already woken up… And Marguerite-sama as well.”

“U-Umu, Hanna, good morning…”

“Hanna, good morning…”

Liz and I exchanged awkward greetings for the first time.

“Well, then, Marguerite-sama needs to change her clothes, so I’ll take her to Nora.”


Hanna bowed reverently, and Liz followed.





Liz’s exclamation rang out throughout the room.

—Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com—

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An early ‘celebration’ huh? Oscar better not fond out about this, he’ll go mad if he does lol

Thx for the translations!

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Well he’s an irrelevant person so it doesn’t matter if he knows

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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Aggregator sites are annoying. I understand why some stop their translation bcs of it😢

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