The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 65

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“… Was it, after all, Lady Collete?”

Liz and I were sitting side by side on a bench in the school courtyard on the night of our return to the Royal Capital.

It’s been a while since we’ve been alone together, but the mood was not good.

“Based on her reaction, Lady Collete is without a doubt Prince Charles’ spy. However, I’m curious as to why she betrayed her childhood friend, Princess Roxanne.”

Lady Collete, according to Princess Roxanne, has been her servant since she was a child, and there must be some feelings for Roxanne.

Despite this, she fell for Prince Charles’s charms. There has to be more to it than that.

“…Being betrayed by someone you trust must be excruciating…”

I mutter to myself as I gaze at the moon.

In my previous life, I never trusted anyone, and no one ever trusted me.

So, even if I had been betrayed, I would have said, “Yeah, I guess so…” It was nothing more than a stroke of common sense.

But… There are now far too many people in whom I have faith.

And I don’t want to let them down.

“Dee-sama… I will never betray Dee-sama under any circumstances—Even if Dee-sama abandons me.”

Liz says this with dignity as she squeezes my hand tightly.

“Me as well. Under any circumstances, I would never betray Liz. Even if Liz abandons me.”

“…I will never abandon you.”

“I see… I’m not going to let you go either.”

I hugged Liz’s slim figure.

She has a small body, but she is filled with love.

My most valuable possession in the world.


“Dee-sama… Chuu…”

Liz and I kissed each other in the moonlight, as if to express our feelings for each other.


“May I speak with you for a moment, Your Highness?”

Hannah came to my room the next morning as I was getting ready after breakfast.

To begin with, it is a general rule in the academy that each student must take care of his/her own personal belongings, so even if one is a royal, he/she cannot have a follower.

As a result, Hanna and I are effectively separated in the dormitory… However, the fact that she came all the way to my room at this time implies…

“…Did you notice any movement?”

“Yes—Yennie reported that Lady Collete spoke with Otto, a servant of His Highness Prince Oscar, last night.”

“All right…”

This demonstrates that if she is related to Oscar, she is also related to Prince Charles.

The Marquis’ son, who pretended to be an assassin, put his life in danger to reveal the truth.

However, given the reason the Marquis dared to come at this time, it is better to believe Princess Roxanne is in imminent danger.

“What’s the latest on Princess Roxanne?”

“Yes. A celebration will be held in a month to commemorate the friendship between the Estline Kingdom and the Carolin Empire. And Her Highness Roxanne will be there as a Carolin Empire representative.”

” I see…”

We now understand what is going on.

In short, the idea is to make Princess Roxanne a dead person and sabotage the celebration.

“… The royal court may summon us as early as today or tomorrow.”

“A summon?”


In response to Hanna’s question, I nod.

First and foremost, Liz and I are Princess Roxanne’s hosts.

Then His Majesty the King will undoubtedly order us to take charge of the anniversary celebration.

When that happens,


I couldn’t stop laughing.

Perhaps neither Oscar nor Lady Collete thought I was aware of their connection.

Then, at the party, I’ll bring Oscar down.


“As you know, there will be a celebration in a month to commemorate the friendship between the Carolin Empire and our Kingdom of Estline. Dietrich, you’ll preside over the celebration.”

I was called from the royal palace by His Majesty the King, who gave me a job in the audience chamber.

Count Reinmayer, who stands next to His Majesty the King, appears irritated.

That’s understandable.

To be in charge of the celebration alongside the great Carolin Empire is to represent the Kingdom of Estonia.

This will demonstrate how His Majesty the King treats me both at home and abroad.

That is, if I complete my mission.

“Yes, sir. I will successfully complete this monumental task.”

I respond by kneeling and bowing my head.

“Yes, I will rely on you…… as my deputy (right hand).”

“”””” What?!”””””

His Majesty the King’s words caused an outcry among those present in the audience hall.

Of course, this includes myself.

So, what I’m saying is, I suppose that’s good.

“Ha! I’ll make it a memorable celebration!”

I replied to His Majesty the King while desperately suppressing my trembling heart.

His Majesty the King nodded his head with a relaxed expression on his face.

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