The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 38

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“All right, let’s go!”

During swordsmanship practice, I thrust the tip of my wooden sword at Gustav, the Royal Knights’ vice-commander and master swordsman.


Gustav plays it off with ease.


I slid the tip of my sword into Gustav’s wooden sword.

“Fu… I’m here.”


With a wry smile, Gustav declares defeat.

I clench my fists in joy.

“Hahaha! Finally, the time has come for his highness to defeat this one!”

“Ah… My body has finally caught up with my technique…”

I test the sensations in my body by clenching and unclenching my fists.

Yes, it has been a year and a half since the engagement party.

My body has grown in the last year and a half, and my physique is now comparable to Gustav’s.

Gustav, on the other hand, has a medium build. He has the physique of a typical male in the Kingdom.

“No, seriously… Your Highness, you have grown in strength…”

“No, there’s still a long way to go. Most importantly, Gustav has yet to be serious…”

I’ve observed Gustav’s training in the Order for study purposes. Gustav is twin-sworded. He is out of his element with a single sword.

And his fighting style is not the typical clean swordsmanship of a knight, but rather any kind of practical swordplay… He uses ordinary attacks, kicks, and even blinds to attack.

I have a long way to go.

“Hahaha… Your highness, you are extremely greedy. To be honest, if you were that good at your age, you would be more than ready.”

“Of course. My sword is for the protection of my woman…”

“Fufu, Dee-sama, you’re saying something interesting.”

I am interrupted by a woman who approaches me from behind with a chuckle.

It’s Marguerite Friedenreich, the only woman I’ve ever loved.

Naturally, she has matured, and her beauty is becoming more refined.

Not only is she beautiful, but also her intelligence and kindness are impeccable.

As a result, at royal palace parties, male aristocrats stare at Liz from afar with a lecherous eye, and Oscar never stops asking her to dance as many times as he can.

Naturally, she declines all of these offers.

“…Of course, I know Liz is strong, but at the very least, let me act cool.”

“Fufu… mo~ Dee-sama…”

With a happy smile on her face, Liz pinched the sleeve of my training uniform.

But she has a spear twice Liz’s height in her right hand… I’m extremely uneasy.

On the other hand, Liz is so brave and gallant that I can’t help but fall in love with her all over again.

“Hahaha! As usual, you two get along great!”

“Of course. It’s me and Liz, isn’t it?

“Yes, because Dee-sama and I are so close that we can no longer use the word “destiny.”

Gustav shrugs his shoulders and looks distant when Liz and I say that.


“Ahem… Your Highness, Marguerite-sama, and Gustav-sama. It’s time to leave.”

“Hmm… I see.”

“I guess that’s the end of training.”

I hand over the wooden sword and Liz hands over the spear to Gustav.

“I’ll see you later.”


Gustav, who respectfully bowed, saw us off, and we returned to our room.


“Sigh… Liz, after all, is stunning in that way.”

“Fua?! I appreciate your compliments every time I change my clothes, but please be more cautious…”

Liz’s expression is indescribable as she purses her lips in complaint, but her clumsy demeanor, as usual, captures my heart.

Liz’s cuteness knows no bounds, despite the fact that we’ve been engaged for over a year and a half.

“But, more importantly, will Liz be joining us on this inspection tour? Are you certain about that?”

“Of course. I’m always with Dee-sama.”

Liz smiles as she places her hand on her chest.

I can’t tell you how much this smile has meant to me in the last year and a half.

Since I started working on state affairs and formed my faction, His Majesty the King has given me many tasks.

Inspection and surveying of the country—flood control measures—bandit subjugations… I’ve taken the initiative in everything, even minor tasks that aren’t normally performed by royalty.

All of this was done to dispel the notion that I was a “cold-blooded prince” and to demonstrate both inside and outside the country that I am deserving of the throne.

As a result, no one ever refers to me as the “Cold-Blooded Prince anymore.”

except for the Second Prince’s faction.

Oscar has been very active in the last year and a half as well.

In particular, he had a big job—sitting at the diplomatic table with the Carolin Empire, which is exactly what you’d call the King’s deputy (representative).

Even now, he’s on his way to the Carolin Empire with the Foreign Minister, the Marquis of Collengel.

It is to make plans for the Empire’s first princess, Roxanne Du Carolin, to study in our country.

“…I am disappointed that only Prince Oscar has been given such important responsibilities when His Highness Dietrich is clearly more qualified for the position of Crown Prince…”

The chamberlain, Nora, mumbles and bites her lower lip.

“Fufu… Nora, you’re mistaken. His Highness Oscar may appear to be more impressive, but he is only accompanying His Excellency Collengel. On the other hand, what about Dee-sama?”

Liz then gave a meaningful smile.

“Yes, indeed. His Majesty the King makes the final decision on all of my jobs, even the smallest ones. I’m not like Oscar, who only works for the Marquis of Collengel.”

On the surface, Oscar appears to have earned the trust, but it is not a task assigned to him by His Majesty the King.

It’s clear who I, or Oscar, the King trusts from the perspective of the aristocrats in charge of state affairs.

“But that’s not all. It is because of Dee-sama’s kindness that he is willing to take on such minor tasks. Because he has such a noble spirit, he takes the initiative to help those in need, no matter how small.”


Liz’s words made me shudder.

No, no, that’s an exaggeration…

“Yes—In terms of gentleness, I believe your highness is the best in the Kingdom of Estline’s history.

This time, even Hannah…

“I-I got it—that’s pretty much it—Gustav will be waiting for us, so let’s get going.”


I reach out to Liz with a face glowing red, and she places her hand in mine with a smile.

“…Dee-sama, your face is so attractive like that.”

“Huh!? Liz!?”

When she said such a thing, my face became increasingly hot.

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